Naoya Inoue vs Tapales Boxing Round Analysis & Results


Naoya Inoue and Marlon Tapales took part in a boxing bout in the Super Bantamweight division and 122-pound weight category on 26 December 2023 at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Naoya Inoue defeated Marlon Tapales via knockout in the 10th round to retain the WBC and WBO and win the IBF and WBA super bantamweight titles.

This blog will discuss the overall match summary, a quick comparison of both boxers, a round-wise analysis of the Inoue vs Tapales fight, and the boxers' views and statements after the fight.

Naoya Inoue vs Tapales Fight Summary:

Naoya Inoue Was dominant from round 1 and did not let Marlon Tapales free his arms at him. However, Tapales didn't hold back and kept replying to Inouse with powerful jabs and combinations. The Monster’s sharpness and physical strength were quite obvious in the ring from the half, Inoue dominated the later half of the bout with exceptional boxing skills and knocked down Marlon Tapales in the 10th round of thesis scheduled bout. He is currently the unified Super Bantamweight WBA, IBF, WBO, and WBC champion.

Naoya Inoue vs Tapales Boxing Round Analysis & Results

Naoya Inoue & Marlon Tapales Tale of the Tape:

Naoya Inoue Vs Marlon Tapales
30 Age 31
5 Feet 5 Inches (165 cm) Height 5 Feet 4 Inches (163 cm)
The Monster Alias Nightmare
55 Kg (122 lbs) Weight 55 Kg (121.25lbs)
Orthodox Stance Southpaw
67 ½ Inches (171 cm) Reach 65 Inches (165 cm)
26 - 0 - 0 Boxing Record 41 - 37 - 4 - 0
23 Knockout Wins 19
Super Bantamweight Division Super Bantamweight
With Stephan Fulton
On July 25, 2023
At Ariake Arena, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
Win By Technical Knockout
Last Fight With Murodjon Akhmadaliev
On April 8, 2023
At Boeing Center at Tech Port, San Antonio, USA
Win By Split Decision

Naoya Inoue vs Tapales Fight Review:

Let us go through the descriptive analysis of the fight between Naoya Inoue & Marlon Tapales.

Boxing Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

  • Round One:
    Inoue starts with a heavy right uppercut to Tapales' body. A one-two by Inoue is blocked. Tapales responds with a southpaw jab to the body. Inoue lands a lovely step-back uppercut. Tapales lunges with a jab to the body.
  • Round Two:
    Tapales backs up Inoue, and a counter jab drops Tapales to a knee. Ruled a slip, but it looked like a knockdown. Inoue lands a one-two to Tapales' body and a counter flurry. Tapales blocks a hard right cross. Inoue counters with an uppercut and more short punches.
  • Round Three:
    Tapales blocks varied heavy shots from Inoue. Tapales fires a southpaw cross to the mid-section. Inoue fights back with jabs. Inoue lands a right hook to the body. Tapales counters to the body and blocks a right hook. A good round for Tapales.
  • Round Four:
    Both fighters exchange powerful hooks to the body and head. Inoue lands a left hook that hurts Tapales. Inoue keeps giving on shots, and Tapales goes down against the ropes. Tapales beats the count.
  • Round Five:
    Inoue aggressively punches Tapales and lands a hammer left hook on Taaples’ body. Tapales fights back with right hooks and it causes Inoue to be off balance. Inoue fights back with uppercuts and lands clean shots on Tapales.
  • Round Six:
    Inoue uses short straight shots. Tapales corners Inoue, and they exchange hooks to the body and head. Inoue lands right crosses and varies his offense. Both fighters display incredible skills in this Inoue vs Tapales bout.
  • Round Seven:
    Tapales lands a clean jab, but Inoue responds with brutal hooks to the cheeks. Tapales holds and burrows left hooks into Inoue's midriff. Inoue retaliates with double jabs and right hands.
  • Round Eight:
    Inoue lands a hard right cross and a counter jab. Tapales holds and delivers a left hook to Inoue's body. Inoue lunges with right hooks and adds a left hand. Inoue showcases a variety of punches.
  • Round Nine:
    Inoue throws right crosses in different ways, landing one. Tapales catches Inoue with a slick jab. Inoue continues slinging right straights more frequently.
  • Round 10:
    Tapales lands a clean left cross and a heavy uppercut to Inoue's body. Inoue counters with a mean right cross, partially blocked, and Tapales falls to his knees. Tapales can't beat the count. It's over.

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What Naoya Inoue has to say about the fight:

After winning the bout against the Naoya Inoue gave a statement to the media;

"He never showed me fatigue or the damage from hits," he said. "I couldn't see from his face so I was quite surprised when he nearly made it to the end of the 10th round. It was one such very intensive fight that I have ever had before, probably. But my corner kept me very focused throughout the bout."

"I think the people already know about the rumor of the upcoming fight in May but I can't say much about this yet because we are under negotiation," Inoue said, regarding his future."

Marlon Tapales Verdict on the fight:

Marlon Tapales,  after the Naoya Inoue vs Tapales Fight, gave his verdict on the fight;

“I did not win, but I gave it all,” said Tapales in Filipino. “Inoue is skillful and fast. He is too quick and I cannot catch him.”