Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis Fight Result & Bout Analysis


This thrilling bout between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Both boxers faced off against each other in a highly anticipated match on Saturday, April 22, 2023, in a Premier Boxing Champions Event. Tank Davis knocked out Ryan Garcia in the 7th round to walk away with the victory.

This blog will discuss the overall match summary, a quick comparison of both boxers, a round-wise analysis of the Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis fight, and the boxers' views and statements before and after the fight.

Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis Fight Result & Bout Analysis

Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis Fight Summary:

Tank Davis and Ryan Garcia locked horns in a thrilling bout after all the build-up to the fight. Both were desperate to win the fight but it was all Tank Davis night as he smacked Garcia in the second round. But Garcia fought back and took the lead in the third round. However, The Tank did not hold back in the following rounds and worked on the body of Garcia with a number of jabs and combinations that finally led to a knockout in the 7th round. 

Tank Davis & Ryan Garcia Comparison:

Tank Davis Vs Ryan Garcia
29 Age 25
5 Feet 5 ½ Inches (166cm) Height 5 Feet 10 Inches (174 cm)
Tank Alias King Ry
83 kg (183.6 lb) Weight 61 kg (135.5 lb)
Southpaw Stance Orthodox
67 ½  Inches (171 cm) Reach 70 inches (178 cm)
29- 0- 0 Boxing Record 24– 1–0
27 Knockout Wins 23
Lightweight Division Super Lightweight
With Hector Garcia
On January 7, 2023
At Capital One Arena,
ashington, USA
Win By Technical Knockout
Last Fight With Oscar Duarte Jurade
On December 2, 2023
At Toyota Center,
Houston, USA
Win By Knockout

Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis Fight Review:

Let us go through the descriptive analysis of the fight between Ryan Garcia & Tank Davis.

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

Round One:

Garcia starts with jabs and a hook, Tank circling away. Garcia is assertive, landing a body hook. Tank jabs back. Both fighters show respect. Garcia's left hook connects after jabs. Tank struggles to get inside, feeling out the first round.

  • Score: 10-9 Garcia

Round Two:

Garcia continues pressing, giving a jab. A big Garcia combination lands and a powerful left hook has Tank holding on. The tank remains composed, avoiding further damage. Garcia pushes hard, but Tank counters with an uppercut, dropping Garcia. The crowd erupts. The tank finishes strong.

  • Score: 10-8 Davis (19-18 Davis)

Round Three:

Garcia presses again, Tank moving forward, narrowly missing a left. Left to the body by Garcia. Both fighters miss big punches. Garcia takes the 3rd round of Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis fight.

  • Score: 10-9 Garcia (28-28)

Round Four:

Garcia jabs, Tank patient. Garcia scores with a left to the body. Tank responds with a right hand. Tank lands a body shot. Tough round to score.

  • Score: 10-9 Davis (38-37 Davis)

Round Five:

Garcia pursues, jabbing. Tank looks for a pull counter. Tank controls, making Garcia react. Left to the body by Tank. Tank has Garcia a bit shaken.

  • Score: 10-9 Davis (48-46 Davis)

Round Six:

Garcia needs to take risks. Hard right hands by Garcia, but Tank handles them well. Tank works the body. The crowd cheers. Garcia opens up, it is a good round for him.

  • Score: 10-9 Garcia (57-56 Davis)

Round Seven:

Garcia lands a combination, but Tank responds with a hard right hand. Another Garcia combination. Tank lands a right hook and body shot, dropping Garcia. The fight is over.

Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis Fight Result & Bout Analysis

Final Scorecard:

ROUND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL
Tank Davis 9 10 10 10 10 9 TKO - - - - - 58
Ryan Garcia 10 8 9 9 9 10 - - - - - - 55

What Ryan Garcia has to say about his loss against Davis:

After a brutal loss from Gervonta Davis in Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis bout, Ryan shared his thoughts with the media.

“I thought I had him pretty hurt, to be honest,” Garcia said. “But that’s what I get. I was impatient and I got caught. I ran into an overhand left.”

“I couldn’t breathe,” “I don’t want to make no excuses in here. I just couldn’t recover and that’s it. He caught me with a good body shot, snuck underneath and he caught me good.”

“I know we talked a lot of trash leading into the fight, but [Davis] knows what it is,” said Garcia. “It’s all love at the end of the day. I was honored to be in the ring with a great fighter and I respect him a lot.”

Tank Davis's statement after the Match:

Gervonta Davis was geared up after the resounding win over Ryan Garcia. He took to the media and said;

“I didn’t think that body shot would end it, but I saw his facial expression and that’s what made me take it to him,". "It was a good shot, for sure. I thought he was going to get up but I like to play mind games, so when he was looking at me, I was looking at him trying to tell him, ‘Get up!’. And he just shook his head, no."

“The reality definitely matches the dream,” Davis said. “But the job is never done until I retire so I’m going to keep my head down, stay humble and continue to work.”