Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, Gypsy King's comeback


There are very few boxers, who have a story as inspiring and incredible as Tyson Fury. The currently undefeated two-time Heavyweight World Champion of the world is a rare individual, who has managed to overcome so many challenges and defied all odds to become one of the best heavyweights in modern boxing.

EsballPH HaloWin Bet's Boxing News detail the story of Tyson Fury which is both inspiring and heartbreaking. It is a true testament to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder to us all that, no matter how high we rise, we are all vulnerable to the ravages of mental illness, and no matter how low we fall, there is always hope for redemption.

Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, Gypsy King's comeback

A Fighter Since Birth: Early Life of Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has been defying the odds since his birth. He was born three months prematurely, and the doctor did not believe that he would even be able to survive the night. He only weighed a pound at the time of his birth and was extremely weak, yet his father saw the fight in his eyes.

It almost seems like his father had some form of foresight, and Despite the doctors' pessimism, Fury’s Father predicted that his son would grow up to be seven feet tall, and become the heavyweight champion of the world.

Defying all odds, Fury survived, and his father named him after Myke Tyson, who was the heavyweight champion at the time of his birth. Fury’s family had a long history of prizefighting, and he started to train when he was only 10 years old.

The Beginning of the journey: Tyson Fury's Amateur career

As his father had predicted, Fury grew up to tower over his peers, and even at the age of 14, he stood 6.5 feet tall. He continued to box and became known as a dangerous contender in the ring. While everyone else in his family was partying, drinking, and having fun, Fury would always be in the gym, hitting the bags, and putting in the work to perfect his craft.

Though his sheer size was enough to intimidate most of his opponents, he was also very technical and fast. As an amateur boxer, he won the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships at the age of 18 and became the ABA Super-heavyweight champion a couple of years later.

Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, Gypsy King's comeback

Tyson Fury Dominating the Professional Ranks

Tyson Fury joined the professional ranks at the age of 20. He stood a massive 6 feet and 9 inches tall, and dominated his first opponent with a first-round TKO. Over the next seven months, Fury fought 6 more times and won all of his fights via knockout or corner stoppage. Within his first year as a professional boxer, He got a chance to fight John McDermott for the British heavyweight world title and won the fight via decision. However, because of controversies surrounding the decision, Fury had to fight McDermott in a rematch, and he won even more impressively in the rematch.

Tyson Fury continues to win fight after fight. He defeated Derek Chisora to win the commonwealth title and later won the Irish and European Heavyweight titles as well. After winning the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight title, Fury got the opportunity to fight the most dangerous boxer of the time, and the undisputed heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko. Tyson won a very technical fight by decision and won the unified WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF, and The Ring Heavyweight titles.

Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, Gypsy King's comeback

Tyson Fury fights the most dangerous opponent

After making it to the top of the division, and becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, it seemed like Tyson Fury had it all. Money, Fame, Success, everything looked great from the outside, but Tyson Fury was fighting a much bigger battle inside his mind.

After winning the world title, Tyson Fury felt a lack of purpose. He was already struggling with anxiety, and depression, and the alcohol addiction and drug abuse only made it worse. Tyson stopped training and spent most of his time partying, drinking, and doing drugs, stuck in a downward spiral into the pits of depression.

Tyson Fury was also stripped of the title as he did not comply with the rematch clause of his contract and defended his title against Klitschko. Fury continued to suffer from his mental illness, he gained a lot of weight, and things got so bad that he would constantly think of ending his own life.

Tyson Fury checked himself into rehab, and with the help of medical professionals and his family, he began the long road to recovery which took him over 2 and a half years. He worked tirelessly to overcome his addiction and get his mental health back on track. He finally decided to step back into the ring, and start training which helped a lot with his recovery.

Though it was a tough battle, Tyson Fury was able to win it, and make a comeback in 2018.

Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury, Gypsy King's comeback

The Comeback of the Gypsy King

The comeback of the Gypsy King was Even more impressive than his world titles. After a long hard battle with mental health issues and addiction, Tyson Fury silenced the doubters and stepped back into the ring in 2018.

After a couple of easy wins against smaller contenders, Fury decided to challenge himself and fight against one of the scariest heavyweights in the division. He faced Deontay Wilder in December of 2018, with the WBC heavyweight title on the line. In Front of 17 thousand fans in the Staples Arena, Fury and wilder put on an amazing fight, that ended in a split draw. Both fighters knocked each other down in the fight, and it was obvious that their rivalry was far from over.

After winning two more fights, Fury had a rematch against Wilder in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. The second fight was filled with activities like the first, however, this time Fury dominated from Start to finish, dropping wilder in the 3rd and 5th rounds. Wilder was bleeding from his ear and his mount, and after he took a flurry of ounces in the seventh round, his corner stopped the fight.

The two titles of the sport fought once again, in a very competitive fight. Wilder knocked down Fury multiple times, but he was able to knock Wilder out in the 11th round and won the fight.

Once again Fury reigned as the king of the Heavyweights and is still undefeated. After winning his most recent fight, he called out Unified WBA, WBO, IBF, and The Ring heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk. If this fight is made, it would be massive for both fighters and give both a chance to become the Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.