Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Result & Bout Analysis


Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were head to head in a cruiserweight fight that happened on February 26, 2023, at the Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, won a split-decision fight against Jake Paul who is a Youtuber turned boxer. Renowned Celebrities of the sporting world like Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo attended the fight.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Result & Bout Analysis

This blog will discuss the overall match summary, a quick comparison of both boxers, a round-wise analysis of the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight, and the boxers' views and statements before and after the fight. The fight was billed as "The Truth," has been delayed twice, with Fury pulling out due to a bacterial infection and broken rib. Then, they rescheduled this match for August 2022 in the United States but again Fury stepped back due to visa issues.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Summary

Tommy Fury dominated the fight with Paul as Paul had no clue how to answer Fury's strong pouches and work on his body by Fury through combinations and hooks. Jake could come out on top in just 2 rounds and the remaining rounds were dominated by Fury. However, In the final round, Fury was knocked out by Paul. Finally, Fury claimed the victory by split decision and the final scorecard was (76–73, 76-73, and 75–74).

The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight was a highly anticipated boxing match, but it was not on the same level as some of the most high-profile boxing matches in recent years. Both boxers are not up to the standards of high-profile boxers and their level of skill, experience, or reputation is a bit low at present.

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Jake Paul & Tommy Fury Comparison

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury
26 Age 24
6 Feet 1 Inch (185 cm) Height 6 Feet (183 cm)
The Problem Child Alias TNT
83 kg (183.6 lb) Weight 84 kg (184.5 lb)
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
76 Inches (193 cm) Reach 80 inches (203 cm)
9- 8- 1- 0 Boxing Record 10- 0- 0
5 Knockout Wins 4
Cruiserweight Division Cruiserweight
With Andre August On December 15, 2023 At Caribe Royale Orlando, USA Win By Knockout Last Fight With Olajide William Olatunji On October 14, 2023 At Manchester Arena, United Kingdom Win By Unanimous Decision

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Review

Let us go through the descriptive analysis of the fight between Tommy Fury & Jake Paul.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Result & Bout Analysis

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

In round one, they started throwing jabs, but Fury rushed in too close. Paul tried hitting the body, but the distance wasn't right. Fury landed clean jabs and finished with a solid left hook.

Round two saw Paul reaching for the body, but Fury looked more relaxed and landed better shots. Fury's guard lowered, but he caught Paul with a long right.

In round three, Paul swung for power punches and hit Fury's body. Then he gave his left hook at Fury and It was Paul's best round so far in the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight.

Round four had some trash talk from Paul during the break. Fury started well and punished Paul with a right hook. Paul came back with a solid left hook, but Fury hit him on the back of the head in the final exchange.

Round five had unexpected scenes as the referee deducted a point from Paul for hitting behind the head. Fury's right hook hit home hard, waking Paul up. Fury fired off a rapid one-two.

Round six had Paul lunging in with a left, catching Fury. The referee stepped in and deducted a point from Fury for holding. Fury ended the round hitting Paul on the back of the head.

In round seven, Fury picked up a cut on his left eye. Both looked rough at times, and the fight got messy.

Round 8: Paul scored a dubious knockdown and Fury was off balance with a jab as he stepped in. Fury claimed it was a slip, and it did look like it could have been as only one glove touched the mat, and he was back on his feet within seconds.

But either way, it was a one-sided fight. Paul spent most of it hugging Fury as soon as he got hit with anything and ate almost every punch thrown at him.

Final Scorecard

ROUND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TOTAL
Jake Paul 9 9 10 9 9 9 9 10 74
Tommy Fury 10 10 9 10 9 9 10 8 75

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What Tommy Fury says to Jake Paul after the Match

After winning the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight against Jake Paul, Tommy Fury was all respect for his opponent and he was recorded saying;

'You're a tough man. You've come a long way.

'You started a few years ago, I started when I was six. I've got nothing but love and respect for you brother.'

Then, Fury said to the media: 'It was a great build-up, a great fight. Thank you very much.'

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Result & Bout Analysis

Jake Paul's Verdict on the Match

Jake Paul also responded in a manner of respect and was all praise for his opponent Tommy. He said;

"All respect to Tommy, he won. Don't judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. "I'll come back and I think we deserve the rematch. It was a great fight, a close fight. I don't know if I agree with the judges. I got a 10-8 round twice. It is what it is but I've already won in life. I've won in every single way, I have amazing family, amazing friends, and an amazing work ethic."

"Honestly, I felt flat, I got sick really bad twice in this camp and injured my arm," added Paul as boos rang around the Diriyah Arena. "But I lost, I'm not making excuses. It wasn't my best performance."

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Result & Bout Analysis