Boxing News: Irish Magno, Pinay Boxing Olympics Legend


Irish Magno is a Filipino amateur boxer who competes in the flyweight division. She came into the world on July 27, 1991, in Janiuay Iloilo, Philippines. Irish started her boxing career at the age of 16. Since that, she has competed in various national and international tournaments.

She made history by qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics, becoming the first Filipino female boxer to do so in boxing Olympics. She won a gold medal in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games and also represented the Philippines in the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she made it to the round of 16.

Magno is known for her fast and aggressive fighting style and is considered one of the top female boxers in the Philippines. Although she could not bring any gold medal for the Philippines, she managed to advance to the second round for her weight category.

Boxing News: Irish Magno, Pinay Boxing Olympics Legend

Professional Career of Irish Magno:

Irish Magno began her boxing career at the very young age of 16. She used to watch many amateur boxers training hard back in her hometown. After recognizing her potential and interest in the game, a coach motivated her to start playing boxing game.

Despite initially thinking boxing was only for men, she took part in the National Open, Youth and Women's Amateur Boxing Championship, but she faced elimination in the very first round.

However, the Philippine national boxing team asked her to join them. After that, she migrated to Manila to support her family financially through boxing as her parents had modest jobs and her sister was pursuing her studies.

Magno won her first international gold medal at the 2012 Taipei Open in Taiwan. She participated in different competitions like Southeast Asian Games and put the flag of the Philippines on her shirt in different editions of this championship like in 2013, 2015, and 2019. She also won her first Silver medal in the 2019 Asian games where she was defeated by Vietnam's boxer Nguyen Thi Tam in the finale.

Boxing News: Irish Magno, Pinay Boxing Olympics Legend

Irish Magno Career Achievements:

In the 2018 Asian Games that were held in Jakarta–Palembang, Magno participated in this competition in the bantamweight division.

She also booked her qualification for the 2020 Summer Olympics after competing in the Asia/Oceania qualifiers. These competitions were held in Jordan, and after this, she made the record of the first female boxer from the Philippines to qualify for the Olympics.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a delay in the boxing Olympics which moved to next year. Therefore, Magno used to train on live video calls with her national coaches and other staff from her hometown in Janiuay Iloilo.

2013 SouthEast Asian Games Bronze Medal in Bantamweight (Nypyidaw, Vietnam)
2015 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Flyweight (Expo Hall, Singapore)
2019 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Flyweight (International Convention Forum, Pasay, Philippines)
2021 SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medal in Flyweight (Bac Ninh Gymnasium, Vietnam)

Irish Magno Physical appearance

Height 5ft 2in (1.57 meters)
Weight 51 Kg (112.43 lbs)
Stance Orthodox
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Irish MagnoUnique Fighting Stances & Skills

Irish Magno is a skilled boxer with many techniques and skills that she uses in the ring. Magno is popular because of her aggressive fighting style. She keeps constantly pressuring her opponent with fast and powerful punches. She also has good footwork and foot movement.

Her footwork allows her to move quickly around the ring and avoid her opponent's punches while finding openings for her own. However, there are a few instances where she could not use her foot movement for her gain.

Magno's counterpunching skill is also commendable. Again she is not that expert in counterpunching and misses out on different opportunities in the match. But she uses the opponent's aggression to some extent against them by waiting for them to throw a punch and then quickly countering with her own.

Magno is also very skillful and experienced at targeting her opponent's body with punches. She can wear down the opponent and set up opportunities for headshots. In terms of defensive Skills, Magno is equally good at blocking and dodging punches while staying in a position to counterattack.

Boxing News: Irish Magno, Pinay Boxing Olympics Legend

Social and Personal Life of Irish Magno:

Magno's dedication to boxing is driven by her desire to support her family financially. She also aims to be a role model for young girls who may have misconceptions about boxing being exclusively for men.

In addition to her boxing career, Magno set up a boxing clinic and gym in her hometown to give back to her community. She teaches boxing to the students and young blood. During the Pandemic period, she opened this clinic and said in an interview,

"I cannot accept more than 10 students because we have to observe social distancing in the gym and of course other protocols like no contact, disinfection, and wearing of face masks, Her personal life is quite private, and she never reveals her personal relationship with the public. But there is a report that she has a girlfriend whose name is Erny Ann Micau.

Recent Boxing News of Irish Magno:

In her last match, Irish Magno faced her familiar opponent Nguyen Thi Tam in Sea Games 2022. This was a match between Vietnam and the Philippines.

Magno represented her country, the Philippines, and Nguyen Thi Tam played for her country Vietnam. Magno was defeated in this fight and ended up her run in the Sea games 2022 with a silver medal. Nguyen Thi Tam was a tough opponent, and Magno was unable to break her defense.

What Next for Irish Magno:

Currently, there is no exact information about when and in which competition she is going to take part. Magno has served her country for many years and won different medals.

Unfortunately, she could not win any gold medal for her country, but in the next championships and boxing Olympics, she can make a strong comeback and bring glory by winning a Gold Medal for her country.