Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Fight Result & Bout Analysis


The Ghanaian Star boxer Richard Commey and American boxer Jose Ramirez took on each other for the WBC super lightweight title eliminator on 25 March 2023. Jose showed no mercy in the match knocking down Richard Commey in the eleventh round of the fight at the Save Mart Arena, California.

This blog will discuss the Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey fight summary, a quick comparison of the two boxers, analysis of the bout, and the boxers' views and statements before and after the fight.

Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Fight Result & Bout Analysis

Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Match Summary

Jose Ramirez and Richard Commey faced each other in a tense fight on 25 March 2023 at the Save Mart Arena, Fresno, USA. Jose Ramirez clearly dominated the fight from the start, he delivered heavy pouches and jabs in different rounds and ended up knocking out Richard Commey in the 11th round of the fight. The final score of the fight was 100-90.

Jose Ramirez & Richard Commey Comparison

Jose Carlos Ramirez Vs Richard Commey
31 Age 36
5 Feet 10 Inches (178 cm) Height 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm)
Jaguar Alias RC
57.27 (126 lbs) Weight 58 Kg (127.86lbs)
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
72 Inches (183 Inches) Reach 71 Inches (180)
29-28-1-0 Boxing Record 36-30-5-1
18 Knockout Wins 27
super lightweight Division super lightweight
With Jose Pedraza
On March 4, 2022
At Save Mart Arena, Fresno, U.S
Win By Unanimous Decision
Last Fight With Jose Pedraza
On August 27, 2022
At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, USA
Draw By Split Decision

Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Match Summary

Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Match Review

Let us go through the descriptive analysis of the fight between Richard Commey & Jose Ramirez.

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

As soon as the fight started, Commey went straight at Ramirez, and they started to deliver punches to each other. Ramirez was really quick and hit Commey a lot with strong punches to the head. Commey tried to fight back and landed a good right hand, but the round mostly belonged to Ramirez.

In the second round, Ramirez again kept attacking non-stop and Commey could only manage to land a few right hands, but every time he threw a punch, Ramirez hit him hard in the body. Commey really wanted to land a big punch to change the game, but every time he tried, Ramirez pushed him to the ropes.

In round four of the Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey fight, Commey tried something different. He got close to Ramirez and started stopping his punches and landing some good shots. But Ramirez fought back and again pushed Commey to the ropes and hit him with body shots.

In round Five, In round five, Ramirez felt pumped up by the cheers and kept hitting Commey with his right hand. But Commey stood strong, took a hit, and then punched back with some quick body shots.

In Round six,  both boxers were just jabbing at each other. Ramirez tried a strong punch near the ropes, but Commey took charge in the centre of the ring. Ramirez adjusted and gave some good uppercuts.

Round seven slowed down a bit after the tough first half. Ramirez had some good moments at the end. In Round eight, Commey used his long jab, and Ramirez threw punches in short intervals. Not much happened until Ramirez scored with a combination.

Later, no major fights or pouches were observed in the 8th, 9th, and 10th rounds of the fight.

Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey Match Review

Clutch Moment in the final round of the bout:

Then came in round eleven when Ramirez hit Commey with a strong left. Commey could not make himself steady and fell down. The referee counted to eight and checked if Commey was okay so that the fight could continue. However, Commey became stable a bit and stood up again to continue the fight. Again, Ramirez dodged a punch and landed a hard left to Commey's body and fell on his knee. Commey couldn't get up before the count of ten, and Ramirez won the fight.

What Richard Commey has to say about the Match

Richard Commey before the fight said in an online interview; 'I really want to fight for a world title again so this fight is a big opportunity. I came through the toughest [life] in Ghana. Nothing was ever given to me. I've always been the B-side. I know a lot of people who write me off - which is very good! Less pressure on me.”

“I need to prove to people I'm much more than what you've seen so far. I've still got a lot more in me. I want to be a two-time world champion.”

He further stated “ I used to Puch Brick, I used to break them with my fist. 'If you don't kill me, I'll keep coming!'

After the fight, he did not respond to any media questions or give his view about the fight on social media.

What Richard Commey has to say about the Match

Jose Ramirez Verdict on the Match

After the successful Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey fight, Ramirez told the media, “It's always hard after a layoff, but mentally I had to go back to being my old self and start strong. There came a point in my career where I got too comfortable. But this time, I started with that rhythm of being active with my punches throughout the round. And I went back to my old self.”

“I hurt him in the first round. But he's a tough guy. Big shoutout to Commey and his team. He's a good warrior. He took some good shots. And he picked it up in the middle of the fight, too. I heard his team motivating him, but I wanted to make a statement and show that I'm the stronger guy in there.”

“I want any world champion. If Regis Prograis is serious about fighting, we can sit down and negotiate. Let's sit down and make the fight.”