Sports Betting Lingo H~L, Betting Terms


Sports Betting Lingo H~L, help you to be a pro on any online gambling site. For those uninitiated, gambling jargon can be confusing. EsballPH HaloWin glossary to sports betting terminology makes familiar phrases, meanings, and gambling slang simple for any bettor to learn. Use it as a reference if you come across an unfamiliar word or phrase while placing bets.

Sports Betting Lingo H

Half ball handicap Soccer betting odds where 0.5 goals, plus or minus, is the point spread.
Half Time Bet Wagers placed on the outcome of just the second half of a competition. Half time bets can be placed during intermission or as live wagers once the second half begins.
Hand The cards a player holds in their hands.
Handicap The spread of a game or event. Also called the point spread.
Handicapper A bettor who researches matchups and then places a bet. Also applies to tipsters who publish predictions on various sporting events.
Handle The total amount of money bet on a particular tournament or group of events.
Hang Cheng The Asian equivalent of a point spread.
Hart Trophy Awarded to the most valuable player during the NHL regular season.
Hedging A type of wager which may be used by a bookie to reduce his losses when receiving a large imbalance of wagering money on one team. Also called a layoff bet. A player may also hedge by using several other strategies.
Heinz A multiple bet that include 57 wagers through 6 selections in different events. This breaks down into 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds, and one 6-fold.
Home Field Advantage The edge that is normally credited to a team playing at their home park or stadium.
Hook A half point added to point spreads and game total odds. A hook guarantees a wager will not be graded as a push. One side will win and one side will lose.
Hoops Slang term used for the game of basketball.
Hot Game A game with a lot of action.

Sports Betting Lingo I

IBF An abbreviation for the International Boxing Federation.
If bet On a two-team if bet, a player applies the stake and/or profit of a winning wager as a bet on a second game if the initial wager is successful.
In and Out Teaser When the bettor chooses the favorite, underdog, over, and under of the same game.
In the Red The odds-on favorite.
Index Betting Simply put, spread betting.

Sports Betting Lingo J

Jackpot A big cash prize.
Joint Favorites Two or more sides posted with the same betting odds on the same event.
Jolly A bookmaker slang term for favorite.
Juice The commission charged by the bookmaker, also known as the 'vig' or 'vigorish.'

Sports Betting Lingo K

Kite A for a cheque (check).
Kentucky Derby First jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Race day is the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sports Betting Lingo L

Larry O'Brien Trophy Awarded annually to the champion of the NBA Finals.
Lay a Bet When a bookie accepts a bet, or when a person places a wager on the favorite.
Lay Odds To give a bet with odds favorable to the other gambler.
Layer Another word for the bookmaker. Also, someone who lays the odds.
Laying the Points A form of spread betting. Betting on a favorite. A wager on Dallas, as a -2.5 point favorite over the LA Rams, is laying 2.5 points. The Cowboys need to win by at least points to cash a winning ticket.
Laying the Price This is slang for a moneyline wager on the favorite in a moneyline event.
Layoff Used by bookmakers and players to reduce risk on a certain market. Parlay bettors may have an option to place a layoff wager on both sides of the last open bet on a ticket to set up a guaranteed profit.
LBO The acronym for a Licensed Betting Office.
Lengthen When lines end up becoming longer over the course of the lead-up to an event. Increases the payoff to the player.
Listed pitchers Appear with daily baseball betting odds. If a listed pitcher doesn’t start the game, bets are usually voided and the original stakes are returned.
Limit Bookmakers set various high and low wagering limits that vary by sport and betting options. As part of a proper bankroll management system, players should set and follow personal betting limits.
Linemaker Same as a bookmaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices.
Lines Odds from a sportsbook. Betting odds posted by a bookmaker.
Live betting Also known as in-play wagering, live betting is offered once a sporting event begins. Spreads, moneylines and totals are adjusted and re-posted as a match plays out. Prop options, like next goalscorer and correct final score, are also available.
Lock A term to signify an almost certain winner or nearly a sure thing.
Long Odds Odds that are generally greater or higher than 10 to 1.
Longshot The team or player who has 'long odds' placed on them. They would be considered an underdog very much unlikely to win.
Lucky 15/31/63 Refers to multiple bets on all possible combinations of 4, 5, and 6 selections.

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