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Sports Betting Lingo M~P, Betting Terms

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Sports Betting Lingo M~P, help you to be a pro on any online gambling site. For those uninitiated, gambling jargon can be confusing. EsballPH HaloWin glossary to sports betting terminology makes familiar phrases, meanings, and gambling slang simple for any bettor to learn. Use it as a reference if you come across an unfamiliar word or phrase while placing bets.

Sports Betting Lingo M

Margin How much a team or player ends up defeating their competitors by.
Martingale A betting system which doubles the previous bet after each loss and drops back to a single unit wager after each win.
March Madness NCAA college basketball National Championship tournament held annually over three weeks from mid-March to early April.
Masters Tournament First of four major Grand Slam golf tournaments. Held annually in the middle of April at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.
Matchplay Free credit that sportsbooks give to bettors after they have made a deposit.
Middle When a bettor wagers on the underdog on one point spread and the favorite at a different point spread and winning both sides.
MLB Major League Baseball is the world’s top ranked baseball league and consists of teams that are based in the United States and Canada.
MLB Draft Held every June, MLB teams select prospects from colleges, amateur baseball teams and high schools. The MLB draft is five rounds and most of the players selected will be assigned to minor league teams.
MLS Major League Soccer is the top ranked soccer league in North America and consists of teams that are based in the United States and Canada.
Moneyline A type of odds that refers to the amount wagered to make a $100 profit or the amount that a $100 wager would make. In some cases, the money line can be expressed as per $1.
Morning Odds A list or prediction of what the odds be for the following day; usually this comes out very early in the morning.
Move the Line When a bettor pays an extra fee in return an extra half-point or more in their favor on a point spread game.
Multiple bets Same as parlay, multiple bets are a single wager that consists of at least two sides on a single ticket. All sides must win (or push) to cash winning multiple bets.
MVP The acronym used for the Most Valuable Player in certain sports.

Sports Betting Lingo N

Nap Similar to a lock, a nap is a handicappers suggested best bet on a daily betting card.
NBA National Basketball Association is the worlds top ranked basketball league and consists of teams that are based in the United States and Canada.
NFL Draft A seven round event held every April where NFL teams select top college football prospects.
NCAA The National Collegiate Athletic Association.
NFL The National Football League.
NHL National Hockey League is the worlds top ranked hockey league and consists of teams that are based in the United States and Canada.
NHL Draft Held every June, NHL teams select college players, plus pro European prospects, during a seven round draft.
Nickel Line a US slang term for a betting line where the juice is 5%.
No Action When a wager doesn't win or lose a bettor money.
No Limit When a game has no limit on the bet size.
Nosebleed Slang used for when stakes are particularly high.
Novelty bets Prop and special betting options that are wagers beyond standard moneyline, point spread and game total odds. Team and player propositions are the most common novelty bets.

Sports Betting Lingo O

Odds Betting lines set on a variety of events. The line or the chance of a particular team or player winning the game or event. Our odds guide covers this topic in more detail.
Odds Against When the odds are greater than a total of evens, or when one team in considered an underdog.
Odds Compiler The same as an 'oddsmaker.'
Oddsmaker Same as a linemaker, a person or group that sets daily betting lines and prices.
Odds-On When the odds are shorter than evens (1 to 1), 4 to 7 for example.
Off the Board A game or event which has been removed from the rotation; no action will be taken.
Off Track Wagers made away from the site of the actual event.
On the Nose A slang term for wagering on a horse to win.
On the Nose An acronym for Off-Track Betting.
OTB This is the earliest line in sports gambling. Only a select few bettors can bet on this overnight line.
Outsiders Contestants or players not expected to win. They are generally offered (if at all, in some cases) at very long odds.
Over/Under A number posted on how many runs/goals/points will be scored in a match. Bettors need to determine if the combined scores of both teams will go over or remain under the number. Also known as game total odds.
Overlay Generally meaning a good wagering value for the money. When a team or player has a good chance of victory plus high odds.

Sports Betting Lingo P

Parlay Also see accumulator. A multiple event in which all the individual wagers must win for the bet to payoff.
Patent A type of multiple bet with 7 wagers involving 3 selections in different eventssingle wager on each selection, plus 3 doubles and one treble.
Payoff The money a bettor receives after winning.
Payout Percentage The amount of money bet that a casino game returns to a player in the form of winnings. This is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, a game with a payout percentage of 97% means theoretically that for every $1 a player bets, 97¢ will be returned to the player. The remaining 3¢ is kept by the casino as its house edge. Our slots payout percentage guide covers everything you need to know about this statistic.
Permutations All the possible outcomes for the given selections. A way of wagering on every possible outcome. For example, with three selections, (A, B and C) 'perming' all the doubles means having AB, AC, and BC as your individual wagers.
Payout The amount a bettor collects on a winning wager. When a wager is placed, the possible payout on a betting receipt usually includes the original stake.
PGA Championship The second major Grand Slam golf tournament of a PGA season. Held in late May at various courses across the United States.
Picks Wagering or betting selections, perhaps given by an expert.
PK or Pick An even money line or evenly matched teams.
Place To finish in the top three (most common), four or five in a competitive event. Check specific sportsbook rules for further details.
Point Spread Also, the handicap, or the number of points allocated to the underdog to level the playing odds with the favorite.
Post time Scheduled start time of a race. Horses are at the post once all of them are loaded into the starting gate.
Pot Limit A game that has a fixed bet size each round that matches the amount in the pot.
Power Rankings A ranking system that uses a variety of criteria to grade teams, in a specific league, from the best to worst.
Preakness Stakes Second jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Race day is two weeks after the Kentucky Derby, on the third Saturday in May, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.
Press a Bet To contribute winnings from a previous winning bet onto a new wager.
Price Another term for betting odds and/or juice set by a bookmaker. The odds of a game.
Proposition bet Often shortened to prop bet, proposition bets are exotic or special wagers that are offered on most sporting events. NFL Super Bowl prop betting options number in the hundreds.
Proxy A proxy is an individual, or a group of individuals, who place bets for other people. The term is most commonly associated with people who submit picks for non-Las Vegas residents that are involved in season-long sports pools like the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.
Public money Amount wagered by the general public on any betting option.
Pucks Slang term for the game of hockey.
Punter A bettor.
Puppy Another term for the underdog in a game.
Push A game that is tied in relation to the point spread. Typically, this results in the wager being returned, or dropping that selection from the parlay or combination bet.

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