Crazy Time Strategy Guide - How to Play & Win

A detailed Crazy Time strategy guide, strategies like matching with bets, bet on all strategies, Martingale strategy, and bonus bonanza strategy.

Crazy Time Strategy Guide - How to Play & Win

Crazy Time Strategy Guide Game Introduction

This blog will introduce you to the Crazy Time casino game, how it is played, and detailed Crazy Time strategy and casino beginners guides that can be helpful in playing this game.

Crazy Time Strategy Guide - How to Play & Win

What is a Crazy Time Game?

Crazy Time is an exciting live game show with a lot of elements to keep players engaged. The gameplay of Crazy Time basically revolves around a large wheel that is divided into 54 segments and offers a variety of betting options.

Wheel Segments:

The wheel has 54 segments and each segment represents different betting options. These include:

  • 4 numbered bets, each with specific payouts and varying numbers of segments.
  • 4 unique bonus games that give chances to more potential winnings.

Numbered Bets:

There are 4 numbered bets on the wheel and each one has its own number of segments and their respective payouts. Players can bet on these numbers for a chance to win based on where the wheel stops.

Bonus Games:

Besides these numbered bets, there are 4 special bonus games in "Crazy Time".

Top Slot Feature:

This feature involves spinning two additional reels alongside the main wheel. These reels can add win multipliers to the numbered bets or upgrade one of the bonus games.

How to Play Crazy Time?

In Crazy Time, players start by selecting their chip size and placing bets on the 8 available spaces during the betting period. These spaces include 4 numbered bets and 4 bonus game spaces.

After the betting period ends, the "Top Slot" feature is activated. Once it is activated, two additional reels are spun to reveal a multiplier that will apply to all wins for the landed space on the main wheel.

Next, the main wheel is spun, and the winning space is determined by where the wheel stops. If your bet corresponds to the winning space, you receive winnings based on the payout for that space, with any applicable multipliers from the Top Slot feature applied.

If you place a bet on one of the 4 bonus game spaces and it wins, you are then taken to the corresponding bonus game. In the bonus game, you have the opportunity to play for real cash prizes or additional bet multipliers.

Crazy Time Strategy to Minimize the Loss

Let us now discuss some of the practical strategies and casino beginners guides that can help the players play the game with a better understanding and enhance their chances of securing big profits.

1. Bonus Game Bonanza

Your top priority in playing Crazy Time is to focus just on the 4 bonus games available: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. You need to adjust your betting amounts based on how often each bonus game appears on the wheel.

For example, since Coin Flip occurs the most frequently (4 times), you should place smaller bets on it. On the other hand, because Crazy Time only appears once, you should try to place larger bets on this game to maximize your chances of winning big when it lands.

2. Betting on Spaces

Another key Crazy Time Strategy is that instead of focusing on bonus game spaces, you should bet on the numbered spaces on the wheel. This is considered a safer approach because numbered spaces comprise the majority of the wheel segments.

  • There are 45 numbered spaces out of a total of 54 segments on the wheel.
  • One number alone (let's say number 1) occupies 21 segments on the wheel.

3. Crazy Time Martingale's strategy

In the casino beginners guides, The Martingale strategy is an actually popular approach that can be used in Crazy Time. Here's how it works:

  • First of all, you decide on your initial bet amount.
  • If you lose a bet, instead of changing your betting behavior, you double your next bet.
  • The idea behind this strategy is that when you eventually win, the winnings will cover your previous losses due to the increased bet amount.

Let us understand it with an example, if you start with a $10 bet and lose, your next bet would be $20. If you lose again, your next bet would be $40, and so on. The strategy depends on the assumption that after all, you'll win a bet large enough to recover all previous losses.

This strategy can be risky as it requires increasing bet sizes, and it's important to consider your budget and the table limits before using it.

4. Bet On All Strategy

If you want to maximize your chances of winning and always qualify for bonus games, you need to place bets on all available spaces on the wheel. Basically, this Crazy Time strategy will spread your bets across the board, and this will increase the chances of hitting a winning segment. You have two options for applying this strategy:

  1. Equal Bets on All Spaces:
    Place the same bet value on every available space on the wheel. In this way, you cover up all the possible outcomes and have a chance to win no matter what the outcome is.
  2. Mix and Match Bet Value:
    The other method is to change your bet amounts on the basis of which outcomes are occurring quite often in the game. For example, if certain numbers or colors have been hitting in a regular pattern, you can place larger bets on those specific spaces.

Matching the Bets with Odds

In this strategy, a player needs to adjust his/her bet amounts based on the payout ratio of each number on the wheel. Here's how it works:

1. Understanding Payout Ratios:

Each number on the wheel in Crazy Time has a different payout ratio. For example:

  • Number 1 has a payout ratio of 1:1.
  • Number 2 has a payout ratio of 2:1.
  • Higher numbers like 5 or 10 typically have higher payout ratios.

2. Matching Bet Amounts to Odds:

Place a bet amount corresponding to the payout ratio of each number. For instance:

  • If you bet $1 on number 1 (which pays out 1:1), you win $1 if number 1 hits.
  • If you bet $2 on number 2 (which pays out 2:1), you win $4 (your $2 bet plus $2 profit) if number 2 hits.

3. Maximizing Payouts:

This Crazy Time strategy is riskier than others because you're betting more on numbers with higher payout ratios (like 5 or 10). If these higher-value numbers hit, you'll receive larger payouts compared to lower-value numbers.

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