Sic Bo Game Tricks, Rules & Winning Strategy Online

The most effective Sic Bo game tricks; choosing smart bet combinations, betting on Small/Big, Avoiding triple number bets & betting on Single Number, etc.

Sic Bo Game Tricks, Rules & Winning Strategy Online

Sic Bo Game Tricks Game Introduction

Sic Bo is an interactive and fun casino game that features three dice. The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of the dice roll. This game has its origin in ancient China. While playing Sic Bo, the players can bet on different combinations, like the total sum of the dice or specific numbers appearing.

This casino beginners guides discusses the gameplay of the Sic Bo game, exciting features that enhance the gaming experience, betting odds, and Sic Bo game tricks and tips for effective betting. However, one thing is sure this game is majorly based on luck and no specific strategy can guarantee you winnings and rewards.

Sic Bo Game Tricks, Rules & Winning Strategy Online

How to Play Sic Bo Game?

The game involves betting, rolling dice, determining payouts, and handling void rounds. Here is a brief description:

  • Place a Bet: Select a chip value and bet on different outcomes such as total dice points or specific combinations.
  • Roll the Dice: After betting, the dice will be rolled, which will dictate the outcome.
  • Determine Payouts: The dealer or software will calculate the bet winners based on the outcome of the dice.
  • Void Rounds: Rounds with inconclusive dice results are canceled, and bets are refunded.

Features that Enhance the Sic Bo Game Experience

Following are a few exciting features of the Sic Bo casino game that make it a popular choice among all other casino games.

  • Good Betting Options
    Sic Bo offers a variety of betting options that can suit different playing styles. A player gets the option to bet from estimating total dice points to specific numbers. Each bet option has its unique odds, probabilities, and payout ratio.
  • Realistic and Fun Gameplay
    Sic Bo is fun, whether it's in a land-based casino or online. Online Sic Bo game Providers like Esball PH in the Philippines have high-quality graphics, light animations, and sound that really enhance the casino experience of a player.
  • Live Dealer Fun
    For real casino fun, choose live dealer Sic Bo. Professional hosts interact with players in real time via live video streams. This gives the players an ultimate gaming adventure and makes this game more enjoyable.
  • Mobile Compatibility
    One amazing thing about this casino game is that it has multiple device compatibility options. Many online casinos offer a mobile version of Sic Bo, optimized for touchscreen devices, sure to provide a great gaming experience.

Sic Bo Game Tricks and Tips to Win

You can easily get success in Live Sic Bo games by following our recommended 5 methods, Bet Small or Big, Smart Bet Combinations, Understanding Payout Odds and House Edge, and more.

1. Bet on Small or Big

One of the most important Sic Bo game tricks is to choose “Small” or “Large” bets, which specify dice sums in certain ranges, excluding triple numbers. Big and small bets in sic bo each have a 48.6% chance of winning, with a house edge of 2.78%.

If you roll triple 1s or 6s, you lose your bet, but don't let that stop you from playing. The key to winning sic bo is playing for the long haul and sticking to big and small bets. This strategy shows why sic bo is one of the best dice games.

2. Smart Bet Combinations

You should multiply the odds by combining Small/Large bets with number bets. This will significantly improve the chances of winning on different outcomes.

3. Understanding Payout Odds and House Edge

A player must have a complete understanding of the payout structure and house edge stats of this Sic Bo casino game. This really helps the player to make informed betting decisions like favoring bets with lower house edges that have higher chances of winnings.

Sic Bo Game Tricks and Tips to Win

4. Beware of Triple Number Bets

It is common in the betting world that the outcome having a high payout & reward ratio usually has a very low probability. Therefore, it is a useful trick among the Sic Bo game tricks to avoid bets with low probability such as triple number bets in particular, and choose better bets. Here are the

5. Effective Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is a universal tip that every gambler and bettor must know. The same goes with the Sic Bo casino game which a player should plan well in handling money by setting budgets. He/She must avoid chasing losses, and divide the bankroll for better control and prolong gaming experience.

6. Bet on Single Numbers

Useful casino beginners guides for Sic Bo game suggest adopting a slow-play format in the game while betting on single numbers. While you won't win every time, you can bet on safer numbers. Since you have three dice in Sic Bo, there are many possible outcomes, which adds an element of chance to the game.

These Sic Bo game tricks and tips are known as 'positive growth strategies.' They usually give good results over the long term but should only be used if you are confident in your betting. You likely won't earn a million dollars using such tips and strategies, but you also won't lose more than you plan to. In the best-case scenario, you can leave the casino with more money than you started with.

Introduction to Sic Bo Betting Odds

The casino beginners guides for Sic Bo game is understanding the complex odds and payouts. Here is a quick overview of the Sic Bo live game bet options, payouts, winning combinations, probability, and return rates.

Bet Pays Winning Combinations Probability Return
Small, Big 1 105 0.486111 -0.027778
4, 17 60 3 0.013889 -0.152778
5, 16 30 6 0.027778 -0.138889
6, 15 17 10 0.046296 -0.166667
7, 14 12 15 0.069444 -0.097222
8, 13 8 21 0.097222 -0.125
9, 12 6 25 0.115741 -0.189815
10, 11 6 27 0.125000 -0.125000
Triple 180 1 0.004630 -0.162037
Any triple 30 6 0.027778 -0.138889
Double 10 16 0.074074 -0.185185
Domino 5 30 0.138889 -0.166667
Any number 1,2,3 75,15,1 0.421296 -0.078704
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