Bac Bo Strategy & Methods to Play Effectively & Win Big

Bac Bo strategy and tips; choose a betting model, avoid betting on Tie wager, manage bankroll, apply classic betting techniques & Know when to quit the game.

Bac Bo Strategy & Methods to Play Effectively & Win Big

Bac Bo Strategy Game Introduction

Bac Bo is an exciting addition to the casino gaming world. This dice game is actually a fusion of Baccarat and Sic Bo game as its name suggests. The user interface of this game is highly inspired by the Sic Bo casino game while its gameplay is based on the concept of a baccarat card game.

This Casino Beginners Guides will discuss the gameplay of the Bac Bo game, rules to play, odds and probabilities, Bac Bo side bet options, Payout structure, and Bac Bo strategy and tips to win profits.

Bac Bo Strategy & Methods to Play Effectively & Win Big

How to play the Bac Bo casino game?

  1. Place Your Bet: Before the dice are rolled, you need to place your bet. You have three options:
    • Player: You think the Player's dice will have a higher total score.
    • Banker: You think the Banker's dice will have a higher total score.
    • Tie: You think both the Player's and Banker's dice will have the same total score.
  2. Rolling the Dice:
    The dealer rolls the dice – two for the Player and two for the Banker.
  3. Adding the Scores:
    • Add the numbers on the two Player dice to get the Player's total score.
    • Add the numbers on the two Banker dice to get the Banker's total score.
  4. Comparing the Scores:
    • If the Player's total is higher than the Banker's, the Player bet wins.
    • If the Banker's total is higher than the Player's, the Banker bet wins.
    • If both totals are the same, the Tie bet wins.

Bac Bo Side Bets

Let us discuss the side bets available on the Bac Bo game in our casino beginners guides.

Tie Bet

The Tie bet in Bac Bo is betting that the Player and Banker dice will have the same number. Even if you do not place a Tie Bet, you will still get a reward if there is a tie. However, wagering on this option is the most profitable strategy to play.

The probability of a Tie bet going through is low, but it is just one chance to win the 88x optimum. The payment value changes according to the combined results of both dice.

For example, if both the gambler and the banker get a result of 2, you will receive the maximum payment of 88x. This is different from when the result is 6, which gives the minimum payout of 4 to 1.

Bac Bo Live Dealer Bet

In Bac Bo, the Live Dealer rarely gets involved in the actual gameplay. Typically, a woman in a simple but elegant red outfit with floral details hosts the game. Her role is to announce the results of each round and make the game interactive. While she doesn't handle the dice, she chats with players and keeps things entertaining during the betting.

The Dice Shaker

The dice used to play this live game are set in four different positions on the table with automatic shakers. On the left is the blue pair of dice, while the red pair for the Banker is on the right. Typically, the dice vibrate throughout the 15-second betting window that we just discussed.

Once the betting period closes, the dice begin to vibrate less frequently until they stop. To add to the tension as you wait to see results, the dice don’t stop vibrating simultaneously. The first blue Player die stops first, followed by the first red Banker die. Next, the die color with the highest value after the first shake stops, then the last die.

Betting Odds & Payout Rates

Bet Type Result Payout
Player Bet Player Wins 1 to 1
Player Bet Tie 0.9 to 1
Banker Bet Banker Wins 1 to 1
Banker Bet Tie 0.9 to 1
Tie Bet 2 or 12 88 to 1
Tie Bet 3 or 11 25 to 1
Tie Bet 4 or 10 10 to 1
Tie Bet 5 or 9 6 to 1
Tie Bet 6, 7, or 8 4 to 1

Bac Bo Strategy & Tips to Win

Here are a few casino beginners guides and strategies that will significantly enhance your chances of winning the Bac Bo game.

Bet on the Player or the Banker.

The payouts for the player and the banker sides in Bac Bo are both 1:1. It means that you can freely choose any side without compromising the RTP.

Avoid Betting on a Tie

A bet on a tie attracts a considerable payout of up to 88:1, but be careful. As in traditional baccarat, the tie bet is the least profitable for the Bac Bo player. Where else would the house edge of 1.13% come from?

What’s more, when betting on the player or the banker, in the event of a tie, you get a return of 90% of your bet. So this outcome is still favorable for you, even if you do not bet on a tie. Of course, you can take a risk and play a couple of rounds with the tie bets, but this approach has nothing to do with the optimal Bac Bo strategy.

Choose a Betting Model

You can check the history of previous rounds and try to figure out some pattern to place bets on that basis. However, the history does not really determine anything since the result of each new round is completely random.

You can also continuously bet on one side or change them after each round. Select the approach that suits you the most because the expected value for betting on the player and the banker is exactly the same.

Manage your Bankroll

It is crucial not only to follow the strategy but also to manage your bankroll properly. If your balance is enough for only 1-2 bets, you can lose quickly. The influence of randomness will be too great, which we are trying to reduce with the Bac Bo strategy.

It all depends on the player’s personal preferences, but for live games like Bac Bo, a balance of at least 20-30 bets is considered optimal. It allows you to extend your time at the table and take advantage of the strategy.

Consider Classic Betting Strategies

The most common Bac Bo strategy is the Martingale strategy. According to this system, you should double your bet after each loss. This approach allows you to recapture all previous losses with the first win.

However, you need to stay mindful because the bet size can get out of control at full tilt in the case of a long losing streak. This category also includes the Anti-Martingale strategy, Oscar’s grind strategy, and the Paroli system.

Know when to end the Game

A winning streak can be tricky, so it’s better to decide in advance how much you want to win before leaving the table. Remember that an endless game always ends in a complete loss of money. Similarly, it is worth setting a loss limit.

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