Sic Bo Winning Formula & Tips - Find Best Strategy to Win

Sic Bo winning formulas and tips include; start with normal bet size, understand the gameplay, odds & payouts, and observe patterns while playing the game.

Sic Bo Winning Formula & Tips - Find Best Strategy to Win

Sic Bo Winning Formula Game Introduction

Sic Bo Winning Formula & Tips - Find Best Strategy to Win

Sic Bo Gameplay Description

Sic Bo is an interesting Dice Game that uses three dice to play. When a new round of Sic Bo online starts, it will enter the countdown link. Players have to complete the bet within the time; when the bet is completed, the dice cup on the screen will automatically start rolling the dice.

When the dice cup is stuck, the points combined by the three dice on the screen are the result of the round. When the result is released, the screen will also show the odds and the winning points, the players will clearly see if they will win and how much prize money they will win. These casino beginners guides provide insights into playing the Sic Bo game more efficiently.

Sic Bo Game Side Bets & Odds

A player must know the Sic Bo winning formulas and strategies so that he/she can start making notes from the possibilities of different games. The following is a list of games and odds:

How to play The condition of the roll of three dice Odds
Single The sum of the points is singular 1:1
Double The total points are doubled 1:1
Big The total points are 11 to 17 1:1
Small Total Points are 4 to 10 1:1
Couple Choose one of the points from 1 to 6 and two will be awarded 1:8
Wai Dice A leopard with a specified number of points (that is, the number of points of the three dice are all the same) (Example: all three are thrown with 6 points, called the circumference of six; if the player chooses the circumference of six when placing a bet, he/she wins 1:150
Full Circumference A leopard with any number of points is drawn, which means that one of the numbers from 1 to 6 is thrown directly; players do not need to specify the number of points in advance when placing a bet. 1:24
Single Dice Choose one of the points from 1 to 6
As a result, a dice must be rolled to get the number of points
Double Dice Choose two of the points from 1 to 6
As a result, the two dice must be combined with the specified number of points
Full Dice Choose three points from 1 to 6
The result should be that all the dice are rolled into a specified number of points

Get a good knowledge of the odds first, so you don't have to worry about losing a lot because of a small loss. If you are already an experienced and professional player of Sic Bo online, in addition to betting with the insurance strategy, it is recommended that you also try a game with higher odds.

However, it is important to know that the risk also increases when you use the double-betting method. In addition to controlling the funds, even if you have experienced many battles, you still try to avoid playing dice, so as not to be confused by such high odds.

Sic Bo Winning Formula & Tips

Here are a few casino beginners guides and tips regarding the gameplay of Sic Bo Dice Game.

1. Start with the normal bet size

 Betting on big or small numbers is easy to learn because it is quite simple. This is usually the most appropriate way to get started with Sic Bo and most importantly a great Sic Bo winning formula. When you first contact Sic Bo online, You can study the forms and methods of the game and practice making small or large bets to master the familiarity, after playing a few times, you can do your strength of development step by step.

2. Pay attention to Odds & Payouts

The odds of Sic Bo online vary depending on the gameplay, and different online casinos may offer different odds. Therefore, whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, before the game starts and before placing a bet, you must reconfirm the odds of the game you want to bet on and do a good job of controlling and allocating funds at any time, so as not to cause unnecessary losses loss of money.

3. Observe a pattern

One key Sic Bo winning formula is to look for a particular pattern while playing the game. Even if it is Sic Bo online, in fact, after playing for a long time, you can still see some hidden rules, between the results of each round will be shown. For Example, the sum of the points currently issued is 4 in the order→6-11-8→7→16, that is, the law of small →small →large →small →small →large is presented. Then in the next game, we can consider betting on the "small" to prove that the inferred law is correct.

Sic Bo Winning Formula & Tips

How to accurately Bet on Sic Bo Dice Game?

Here are casino beginners guides and methods to make sure that players can understand to bet properly on the Sic Bo game.

1. Under the number

In the most basic and simple betting strategy, players only need to choose a number from 1 to 6 and bet on the corresponding position. If it matches the result, it wins; and if it appears more times, it gets more bonuses.

2. Next combination

Select the combination you want to bet from the numbers, such as 3 and 6, 4 and 5...etc. If the combination of numbers you want to bet on successfully appears in the end, you win and get the corresponding bonus.

3. Lower size

If the sum of the points of the three dice is 11 to 18, it is "big"; if the sum is between 4 and 10, it is "small". When betting, players only need to guess whether the total of points is big or small and choose a bet As long as it is the same as the final result, they win. However, if three dice hit the same number, it doesn't matter if the bet is big or small, it won't be considered a win.

4. Under the total number

That is, the player must directly guess the sum of the last points of the three dice, and the range of the sum that can be bet is 4 to 17. For example: the sum of the bets is 15, if the sum of the dice points is also 15, the player wins.

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