Learn How to Play Basketball Quarter Betting and Win Big


Online betting platforms keep bettors engaged with different types of betting during basketball matches. One of them is betting by quarters; it allows the wagers to put their money on the result of the next quarter based on the previous quarter’s performance. Betting platforms calculate the odds in real-time and facilitate the players with updated odds and return on the bet size.

This blog will explore how to play PBA basketball quarter betting and win big. Furthermore, the discussion includes the complete method of placing bets within a specific quarter of a game and useful tips to follow when you are wagering during the quarter break of a basketball match.

Learn How to Play Basketball Quarter Betting and Win Big

What is Quarters Betting?

Quarter betting in basketball is when you place bets at the end of each quarter of a basketball game. While betting on each quarter of a PBA match, You have the option to bet on different scenarios like which PBA team will score more points at the end of the next quarter, which player will score more point, etc. even if your favorite team lose the match, you can still win bet on a certain quarter.

Whether it is the first, second, third, or fourth quarter, you have the opportunity to bet on the team leading the quarter. This betting by quarters provides an extra thrill to your overall basketball betting experience.

You can choose your bets by considering the teams' and players' performances in the earlier quarters. Essentially, it's a method to modify your wagers based on how the game has progressed in the preceding quarters.

3 Types of Quarter Bets:

There are three major types of betting available betting by quarters on the PBA games at different betting platforms.

  • Quarter Winner: You can place a bet on which PBA team will come on top after a particular quarter.
  • Quarter Handicap: You can bet on a specific team winning the quarter when Handicap betting is applied to that quarter.
  • Quarter Total Points: You can bet how many points will be scored over or under a line, in a quarter by both teams or a single team.

Besides these types of quarter betting, many other options of betting are available. One must know the basic rules and instructions of this betting before he/she wagers his money on matches.

How to bet on Quarters of PBA Matches?

One can bet on each quarter of a PBA game as betting platforms provide the opportunity to make good money from each quarter.

one can bet which team will have more points at the end of the quarter, individual player's points, and how many points a team will score in one quarter.

The odds are calculated keeping in mind the team's strength, player's performance, and ranking in the points table.

Quarter Betting provides more chances of winning with 4 quarters in a game where one does not focus on who will win the game but rather on who will win the specific quarter.

However, many aspects of the game need to be counted and different tips can be useful for a bettor while placing bets on quarter scores of the PBA teams.

So, if you bet on the losing team in the first half to win the match, you can make huge money from your bet. But some certain tips and tricks can help you make informed decisions while halftime betting on a PBA match.

5 Effective Tips to make Quarter Betting more Rewarding

5 Effective Tips to make Quarter Betting more Rewarding:

Let us now go through the brief description of each tip and instruction that one should follow before betting for quarter-wise winners and more point scorers.

Choose the Right Betting Platform:

1. Use the Live Betting option effectively:

Live betting is a thrilling choice for basketball lovers, letting you wager on a quarter's outcome as the game goes on. Quick decisions are key due to rapidly changing odds. So, you should select a reliable sportsbook with fair odds and timely updates.

Early payout on the betting platforms provides an extra element of excitement. It also allows you to collect winnings before the game ends. However, there are certain conditions for that like a halftime lead. Therefore, you should check the terms and conditions of the platform because they keep varying by sportsbook and game.

2. Quarter-Wise Records of the Teams:

An important tip for betting by quarter is to analyze the performances of the teams in a particular quarter of the game. Each team has certain plans for every quarter and players are usually substituted in different quarters. Therefore, keep a close eye on the performance of the team in each quarter.

3. Recent Performances of Teams and Players of Both Teams:

Besides this, a bettor should track the recent performances of both teams. The team combination, players' impact, and especially the result of their previous matches respectively. It gives a general idea about the team’s possible performance in the upcoming match.

4. Match Conditions & Head-to-Head Records:

Furthermore, the condition of the match either home or away has a significant impact on the outcome of a match. In a match between two PBA teams, one would definitely be playing in home conditions and this gives the team an edge over the opponents.

Similarly, head-to-head records of the teams play a crucial role in determining which team will come on top after the match.

5.Focus on Quarter Results Only:

While betting, you need to focus only on the quarter's performance. The starting lineup and recent performance of the teams will help you understand which team will score more points in the first quarter.

Next, the performance of the teams in the first quarter will determine the results of the next three quarters. While quarter betting, make sure you do not bet on a single team to win all quarters rather watch the game closely and bet on the team to win a quarter not the whole match.

In this way, you can make good money if your team wins or loses the match.