Round Betting Boxing Details Filipino Bettors Must Know 2024


Betting on boxing fights has always been a point of attraction for bettors and bookies for many decades. However, betting platforms offer different wager types and betting ways on boxing fights that make it more engaging and rewarding for filipino bettors.

EsballPH HaloWin will revolve around the details of round betting boxing and its wagers types and key factors one should consider while betting on Boxing rounds at various betting platforms.

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A General Description of Round Betting:

Round betting in boxing means you need to place bets on specific rounds in a boxing match. It is a type of betting where you predict which round the fight will end in, or if it will go the distance and many more such wagers. This type of betting is more exciting and rewarding than conventional betting on boxing where you have to pick the winner of the fight or way of victory.

In round Betting Boxing, a person has a chance to win big jackpots and rewards because in round boxing the return ratio or you can say odds are very high and if you bet and your guess is right, you can win huge earnings. Therefore, round Betting involves a huge risk because betting on the exact round in which it will end and who will end is way more difficult to predict.

MMA boxing is a punching game and you never know how much a punch can be fatal and the opponent may lose the match in the first or second round. Therefore, stakes and risks are high when predicting the particular round in which the fight will end. That's why before betting make sure you do your homework properly and bet on the rounds.

Boxing Rounds Lengths:

A boxing match round usually lasts up to 3 minutes. It depends on the boxers for how many rounds they want to fight in the ring. If the boxers are young and their weight class is lower, they might choose 3 or 6 rounds for a fight.

On The other hand, professional and high-weight class boxers choose to play a longer fight that usually lasts 12 rounds. So, it is important to know how many boxing rounds a fight will do before round Betting on that particular fight.

Types of Wagers in Round Betting Boxing:

Different wagers types are available during the rounds of boxing. Each type has its own risk and reward level. Betting platforms offer a huge list of wagers types but you will be enticed and interested in the following few wagers types and these are,

  • The way of victory
  • Exact round
  • The exact round and way of victory
  • Over/Under Rounds
  • Number of Rounds and Winner
  • Group round Betting

The Way of Victory:

The most common wager type is to bet how a boxer will win the fight. You have nothing to do with which boxer will win the fight. You only bet on which boxer will win the fight. There are different methods for a victory in boxing. These are,

  • Technical Knockout
  • Knock Out
  • Split Decision
  • Unanimous Decision
  • Majority Decision

So, you have to bet on the exact method through which the boxer is going to win the fight.

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Exact Round of Victory:

Next is Exact round Betting in which a person has the option to bet on the right round number in which the fight will end. Again it's difficult to predict how many rounds the game will last. Before selecting any round make sure, you know the total number of rounds the boxers are willing to play.

The odds of this result are also really high as the closer the winning margin is, the higher the payout rate will be. For example, in a fight between two heavyweight champions, the fight usually goes to 12 rounds or maybe 10. But the odds of winning the fight in the 3rd or 5th round are really high and have a huge payout rate.

But, the chances of the fight concluding in 3 or 5 rounds are very low unless any boxer is knocked out through a powerful jab or punch. Therefore, it's highly risky for round betting boxing on such happenings in the fight.

Exact Round and Way of Victory:

The most highly rewarding wager type is betting on the exact round of fight result and how a boxer will come on top. The probability of predicting both scenarios is very low and thus has the highest winning odds.

Furthermore, various betting platforms allow in-game betting where one can also guess the exact minute of the round in which the fight will end. This wager type is highly risky and chances of winning are very low.

Number of Rounds and the Winner:

In this type of wager, you have to predict whether the fight will go the full scheduled number of rounds or will end early and who is going to win the fight. So, You can bet that the fight will go the distance and Boxer A will win it.

Over/Under Rounds:

Here, you wager on whether the fight will go over or under a certain number of rounds which is set by the betting platform. For example, you can bet that the fight will go under 8.5 rounds.

This type of wager is again quite risky if not the most risky, as predicting the over or under a certain round is again a gamble and you might end up on the losing side. However, the payout odds are quite high in this type of wager.

Grouped Round Betting:

To reduce the high risk involved in the above-mentioned wager types, a new group round Betting was introduced. In this wager type, first of all, the boxing rounds are determined and then they are grouped in a pack of three. Like you have to guess I'm which round group the fight will end.

For example, 12 rounds are converted into 4 groups of 3 rounds each; 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. So, a bettor has to predict in which round group the fight will have a result. In this way, the risk of losing money decreases significantly.

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Important factors to consider while Round Betting:

When it comes to round betting in boxing, there are a few important points to consider. Let us go through some of the key factors one should consider before round betting boxing.

  • You should have vast knowledge about boxing sport and complete understanding of the statistics and scorecard of a match.
  • Furthermore, choose a secure and legal betting forum for placing bets on any boxing bout.
  • Do a through research on the players, their head to head records, their fighting style, weight classes, and previous bout results before doing any type of betting on their fight.