Everything to know about 3 Way Bet: 5 Best Tips to Win


A normal game of basketball usually has 3 possible outcomes. A Team can either win, or lose, or the match can end up in a draw. Therefore, bettors and gamblers can bet on a team's win or loss; the third option is to place a bet on a draw basketball match.

This blog will explore the betting opportunities on a PBA game and a bettor can benefit from a 3 way bet on a particular match. Besides this, the discussion will include topics like strategies to follow while 3-way betting and different types of betting options available on a PBA match at different betting and gambling platforms.

Everything to know about 3 Way Bet: 5 Best Tips to Win

What is a 3 Way Bet?

In PBA betting, a 3-way bet means you can bet on three different scenarios of a match, either a team wins, loses or the match is tied with equal points. As the three results of the match are possible, the chances of each result occurring are 33.3%, and the chances of a possible win-or-lose scenario are 66.6%.

According to this scenario, the odds are calculated and the tie situation has lesser chances, this option gets the highest return reward ratio. Various betting platforms offer 3-way betting options during matches in all PBA competitions.

How to make a 3 way Bet?

Let us understand this with an example. In the PBA match between Meralco and Rain or Shine, a 3-way bet is like choosing either team Meralco is winning, Team Rain or Shine is winning, or the game may end in a tie.

Now, if the Meralco team is the favourite to win the match due to their stronger team and on a winning streak from the last few matches, the betting odds will be in favour of winning the match. But the return on reward for this win will be low.

As the Rain or Shine Team is weak, they have low winning chances and Return to Reward will be higher for them. In this case, the money line shows that for Merlco, 1.2 and for Rain Or Shine it can be 2.5. This means for every 10$ you bet, Meraclo wins, and you will get 2$ profit. However, if you put the same $10 on Rain or Shine win, you will get a $15 profit.

Here comes the twist: if the match ends in a drawn, which has a 33.3% probability, the return to reward in this case will be a lot higher. Consider the same example, a match between Meralco and Rain Or Shine, the Draw has odds like 5.0, which means for every $10 you bet on the match to be drawn, you will get 40$ profit.

So, this 3 way bet adds an element of excitement and possible opportunity for the bettors to make a good profit by just betting on the PBA match.

How to make a 3 way Bet?

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips for PBA Match

Let us go through some of the necessary tips and strategies one should follow before placing a bet on a PBA match.

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips: 1. Choosing the right platform for betting

The most important tip for betting on a basketball match is selecting the right online betting platform. Once you have selected a platform, register and sign in with your credentials. The platform might offer some bonus for you. You can verify the legitimacy of the betting platform through the reviews

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips: 2. Try to make maximum use of Bonuses

Make maximum use of the sign-up bonus and try to bet on the match using that bonus amount. These bonuses can be deposit bonuses or no-deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are awarded when a bettor deposits some amount of money in that betting platform and in return gets a percentage of the deposited amount as a Bonus. At the same time, the no-deposit bonus is credited to your account upon registering on the betting platform.

Similarly, the right and secure betting platform offers to modify your bet as the game progresses till a certain time period. Therefore, you need to watch the game closely and how events like player substitutions, and performances unfold and this will help you to modify your bet and save yourself from any potential loss.

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips: 3. Analyse the PBA Team & Players Performances

Now, after selecting the match on which you are going to bet, take a deeper look in the performances of those teams. Do a quick research on the team's previous few match results, go through the stats of the individual players and how they contribute to the result of the matches for their respective teams.

Individual player's performance plays a key role in deciding the outcome of a PBA match. A team with a decent win record and superstars of the game in its squad definitely would have more odds of winning the match. Therefore, bet on the team that has your betting investment covered.

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips for PBA Match

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips: 4. Understand the Match Conditions Teams Head to Head Record

The next thing you should look forward to is where the match is going to be held. The Home team will have a slight edge over the opponents while playing on their court because of crowd support and relevance with the home conditions.

Next, roll down through the head-to-head record of both teams when they last met how the matches unfolded and the players that outshined in those matches. This would help you make an informed decision while placing a bet on a team.

5 Best 3 Way Betting Tips: 5. Try to bet on a team win or loss

However, in the case of 3 way bet, 3 outcomes are possible and the probability of any outcome happening is 33.3%. However, a draw usually occurs rarely in basketball games, either a team wins or loses. But the betting platform does not go along the probability but on the practical scenarios and therefore, the odds of a match being drawn are very low therefore, the rewarding percentage on a draw result is very high.

So, if you are looking to bag a huge jackpot, then you should go for the draw result otherwise, secure your investment by placing the bets on the stronger team winning the game.