Top 10 Greatest PBA Players of All Time in History


This blog will list out the greatest PBA players with their short description and their impact on the PBA League. These players have contributed a lot to the popularity and growth of basketball in the Philippines and the young generation of the country look forward to them as their role models and icons.

Top 10 Players in the PBA History

Here is a brief overview of each player included in our list of top 10 Greatest PBA Players.

Top 10 Greatest PBA Players of All Time in History

1. Robert Jaworski

His story still matters today, even though he stopped playing a long time ago. Jaworski was really good at stopping opponents from scoring, and it felt like he was guarding two people at once. 

His determination, cleverness, and having long arms and big hands helped him do this. Even though the numbers on the scoreboard show he did well, what made him special goes beyond that. He wasn't just a player; he led the team and was the heart of every team he played for.

2. Ramon Fernandez

Ramon Fernandez was a special player, doing things before others caught on. Even though he was a tall player, he could do what today's big players do. He was good at dribbling the ball and making plays for his team.

In every game, it felt like he could get a lot of points, assists, and rebounds – like a triple-double. He got the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award four times, which is a big deal. He scored 18,996 points in his career, the most in the league. It seems like no one will beat that record for a long time.

3. Bogs Adornado

The basketball star, a three-time MVP, changed Philippine basketball with his amazing shooting skills. He was the first player to become league MVP. People knew him for making incredible shots from far away, but he was also really good at scoring close to the basket. He got the title of the PBA's top scorer three times.

His special move, the pump fake, fooled many defenders, and he was really good at making free throws. Even after a serious knee injury early in his career, he made a strong comeback, and it was a big success.

4. Alvin Patrimonio

The next player in the list of Greatest PBA Players is Alvin Patrimonio, The Captain was the best power forward of his time, always scoring points easily and making it hard for opponents to stop him. He got the MVP title four times, showing how good he was. He's the third-highest scorer in history, with a total of 15,091 points. 

The Captain was tough, playing in 596 games in a row, a record at that time. But in 2019, guard L.A. Tenorio played in more consecutive games and broke that record.

5. Benjie Paras

Some new players are called "day one starters." Paras is a perfect example of this because he won both Rookie of the Year and MVP in his first season, a big achievement. Known as the Tower of Power, Paras smoothly moved from college to the pros, showing he's really good. 

His strong and athletic skills made it tough for other big players to compete against him, making him a tough opponent on the court.

6. Ricardo Brown

California makes the most PBA players compared to anywhere else. This might not be a shock because California loves basketball and has a lot of people. What's interesting is that California is really far from the Philippines, where the PBA is.

Brown was important in helping Filipino-American players join the league. He's famous for being really good at handling the ball in Philippine basketball.

He showed off a smooth way of shooting and made his teammates play better with his clever passing. His nickname, "The Quick Brown Fox," suits him well because he showed amazing athleticism on the court.

7. Johnny Abarrientos

Johnny Abarrientos is another top rated and greatest PBA Player

 ever to grace the Philippines Basketball. "The Flying A" had a real chance to be the first Filipino in the NBA, especially for the Charlotte Hornets. Even though he wasn't very tall, he had all the skills you want in a point guard.

He was great at making plays and could score on his own. Plus, he was annoying for opponents on defense. It's not surprising that he was really smart about basketball.

8. Allan Caidic

When someone is called "The Triggerman," you know they are an amazing shooter. Caidic is known as the best Filipino sharpshooter ever. In one incredible game, he made an astonishing 17 out of 27 shots from really far away, showing how great he is at shooting.

At one point, he held the record for the most 3-point shots converted at an impressive 1,242. His reputation as a sharpshooter extended beyond local courts, making him a consistent presence on the national team.

9. Junemar Fajardo

Fajardo is the player on this list who could get really good quickly. In the PBA, where tall players are important, Fajardo is special. He's really tall, 6'10, and heavy, 278 pounds. Even though he didn't play for the big college teams, he still got noticed.

Fajardo is really good close to the basket, and it changes how the game goes. Trying to stop him with just one defender is hard. If you use two defenders, it gives his teammates a chance to score easily.

He always gets lots of points and rebounds in games, and he's great at protecting the rim. Fajardo is so good that he won the MVP title six times in a row.

10. James Yap

Yap was really good at scoring and had many different moves. His big hands made it hard for defenders to stop him. As time went on, he got good at defense too. Yap was great in crucial moments, making many memorable shots to win games during his career.

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