Step-by-Step Guide to Boxing Online Betting & Wager Types


Online betting on different sports especially on boxing has added an exciting flair to this sport. It is not only the boxers who are excited, but all the bookies and bettors are looking forward to boxing matches to place bets and win amazing prizes.

Here in this blog, we will analyze how one can place a bet on a sportsbook, different wager types for boxing fights, and advanced strategies for Boxing online betting.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boxing Online Betting & Wager Types

How to Bet on Boxing Online Betting Fights?

When it comes to boxing betting, sportsbooks keep introducing new markets for major fights. It's a smart move to explore different options and find the best prices for the bets you prefer. This involves comparing various online sportsbooks available in your market and making the most of the variations between them.

If you're planning to bet on boxing, it's a good idea to sign up for multiple sportsbooks to benefit from the various bonuses and promotions each betting app provides. This way, you can make the most of the different offers available.

  1. Sign Up or Register your account
    First of all, you need to sign up on the betting platform and for that purpose, you can “join” or “Create Account” option on their homepage.
  2. Enter your credentials
    For registration, you may have to provide necessary information such as your name, address, email, and password. This step can only take a couple of minutes.
  3. Deposit Money
    After successful registration, you can deposit your money into your sportsbook account. Each sportsbook provides options to attach your bank card or other accounts to transfer funds to your account for betting. You can visit the 'Deposit' section, choose a deposit method, and add some money to your account.
  4. Explore Boxing Markets
    Now, you can explore the betting platform and look for the different boxing betting markets. Here you will see a boxing icon, click on it and you will see upcoming fights available for betting.
  5. Place Your Bet
    Finally, you can select a fight and the market you want to bet on. Enter your stake, place the bet, and then wait to see if you win.
    This is how you can place your bet on a boxing fight on any sportsbook of your choice.

Types of Wager in Boxing Betting:

Let us discuss some of the major wager types that are usually available in all sportsbooks including the Esball Eu.

  1. Outright Winner
    The outright winner market is the simplest boxing bet. You just guess which fighter you think will win the match, without considering how or when the fight ends. If your chosen fighter wins, you get a payout based on the Moneyline odds given by your sportsbook when you made the bet.
    Example: Choose who you think will win a match. If you pick Fighter A and they win, you win your bet.
  2. Total Rounds Betting
    Total rounds betting is about guessing if the match will go on for more rounds (over) or fewer rounds (under) than a number set by the sportsbook. Unlike other boxing bets, it doesn't involve predicting the winner of the match.
    Example: Predict if a match will have more or fewer rounds than a set number, like 5.5 rounds. If you bet on "over 5.5 rounds" and the match goes beyond that, you win.
  3. Winning Method
    Method of victory betting means predicting how the fight will be won. To do this, you need to look at the fighters' strengths and weaknesses. The choices include winning by Knockout (KO), Technical Knockout (TKO), or Judges' decision (which can be Unanimous or Split – UD or SD).
    Example: Decide how a fighter will win - by decision, knockout, TKO, or DQ. If you bet on Fighter A to win by knockout and they do, you win.
  4. Knockdown Betting
    Knockdown betting is another type of wager for boxing online betting where you predict which fighter will score a knockdown in the match. It's important to know that the fighter doesn't have to win the whole fight because your bet is settled based on knockdowns, no matter what happens in later rounds.
    Example: You bet on Fighter A to score a knockdown in the fight, no matter whether he wins or loses, if he scores a knockdown, you win the bet.
  5. Rounds Betting
    In round betting, you guess the exact round when the match will finish or which fighter will win a specific round. This type of bet can make you a lot of money because it's very specific.
    Example: Predict the specific round a fighter will win. If you bet on Fighter C to win in the 3rd round and they do, you win your bet.
  6. Going the Distance Bet
    This boxing bet is about guessing if the fight will go on for the full scheduled rounds or if it will end early due to a knockout or stoppage. You don't have to choose a winner for this type of bet.
    Example: You place the bet on the match that it will last until its scheduled rounds either 12 or 8. If the match goes till the last round and the winner is decided by the referees, you win the bet.

Experience the thrill of online boxing betting. Predict rounds and explore diverse markets for an immersive and exciting betting experience.

Advanced Strategies to Apply While Boxing Online Betting

Now, we will explore some of the advanced strategies

  1. Hedging and arbitrage betting
    Hedging and arbitrage betting means the bettor places bets on different outcomes with different sportsbooks. The goal is to make sure you either profit or limit losses, no matter what happens in the match. It involves careful timing and understanding the differences in odds.
    For instance, betting on Boxer A with one sportsbook and at the same time betting on Boxer B with another sportsbook could guarantee a profit, no matter who wins the fight.
  2. Parlay betting
    Parlay betting is when you combine different bets, like predicting a fighter's win and also making an over/under total rounds bet. It can give you bigger payouts, but you need to understand the matchups and the sport well. Whether it's SGPs or parlay betting on a whole fight night card, these keep bettors interested.
    For instance, you might bet on Boxer A to win by knockout and also bet on the fight ending under a specific total round number.
  3. Analyze the Fighters’ form & mental strength
    Another advanced tip for effective boxing online betting is analyzing the recent performances, emotional states, and mental attitudes of both fighters. Momentum and psychological factors can strongly influence the fight's result. This requires thorough research and a deep understanding of the sport and the fighters in your bet.
    For instance, if a fighter has been winning a lot lately and seems really confident, they might have an edge over an opponent who is less confident.