Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire


Filipino boxer Nonito Donaire faced Naoya Inoue in a rematch on June 7, 2022, where Inoue just started the brutal hitting on Donaire at the start of the fight. Inoue was thrilled to take revenge for the first Donaire vs. Inoue match where Donaire defeated Inoue in the 12th round after great punishment.

Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire

Donaire Vs. Inoue Match Result

So, Inoue proved too strong for Nonito and after delivering a lethal combination in the second round, Inoue knocked out Donaire to claim the WBC Bantamweight title to his cabinet.

Naoya started the game with a clinical method and delivered the canvas for the 2nd time after 84 seconds in round 2. Inoue showed great domination against the 39-year-old Donaire, who might have appeared in his final game.

Analysis of Donaire's Skills and Fighting

Nonito Donaire is a highly skilled and fast boxer with a remarkable ability to knock out opponents using either hand.

However, his reliance on power can sometimes lead to issues for him. He may become too fixated on landing the perfect punch rather than utilizing his boxing skills.

Moreover, he has a tendency to enter autopilot mode at times, resulting in unnecessary loss of rounds. During his fight against Guillermo Rigondeaux, Donaire struggled with Rigondeaux's speed and failed to land many punches.

Nevertheless, Donaire still managed to hurt Rigondeaux and would have likely defeated most other opponents that evening.

Evolution of Naoya Inoue Skills & Abilities:

Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire

Strengths in Inoue’s Game

In his training camps, Inoue focuses on bodywork and developing his body punching combinations. Unlike many fighters today, he relies heavily on body punching to defeat his opponents.

His favorite punches include the left uppercut to the solar plexus and the hook to the liver, which he repeatedly throws until his opponents crumple in pain.

Despite this emphasis on body work, Inoue possesses incredible power that can knock out even well-protected opponents. He fearlessly stays in front of his foes and is willing to take punches in order to deliver his trademark power through a non-stop torrent of haymakers from start to finish.

Weak Zones in Inoue’s Game

While it may seem like Inoue is unbeatable with an unblemished professional record, he does have one glaring weakness: he's human.

Although he has a great chin that can withstand heavy shots, Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire was able to hurt him with a counter left hook during their November 2019 fight.

Inoue fought back valiantly in Donaire vs. Inoue fight but was nearly finished late in an action-packed bout. While Donaire ultimately lost by unanimous decision, he provided a blueprint for defeating Inoue - something that had seemed impossible until then.

Donaire Vs. Inoue Match Review

Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire

Let us get into the details of the live wire fight between Donaire and Inoue. Inoue proved to be smarter and more powerful in the ring and defeated Donaire in the second round of the fight.

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis of Donaire & Inoue Fight:

Donaire Vs. Inoue Round 1:

At the start of the Donaire vs. Inoue fight, Donaire unleashes a powerful left hook that had previously caused trouble for Inoue. Inoue takes a defensive approach to analyze his opponent who is also a multiple-weight world champion.

Donaire tries to take control by establishing his jab, but not much happens in the first minute as they feel each other out.

Inoue lands a solid lead hook and follows up with a left hand later on that finds its mark. His jab was also looking sharp and he manages to knock down Donaire with a short, hard right hand just before the end of the round.

Fortunately for Nonito, it happened just before the bell rang.

Inoue narrowly misses with his own lead hook but lands a counter hook after Donaire telegraphs his entry. He then throws an impressive lightning-fast jab followed by an effective right hand that connects cleanly.

Both fighters exchange heavy blows, but neither is seriously hurt. However, Inoue manages to drop Donaire with a huge right hand just seconds before the bell rings - surprisingly it was his first right-handed punch of the fight!

Donaire Vs. Inoue Round 2:

At the beginning of the second round, Donaire appears to be more cautious with his entries. However, he manages to land a powerful left hook that elicits a loud reaction from the spectators.

Despite this setback, Inoue remains undeterred and lands a heavy blow on the Filipino boxer. Donaire is visibly hurt and goes into retreat mode as Inoue relentlessly pursues him.

Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire

Turning point of the Donaire vs. Inoue Match:

Before long, Donaire is knocked down by a vicious combination of a straight right hand and left hook from Inoue.

Although it's uncertain which punch actually caused Donaire to fall, it's clear that Inoue's left hooks are landing with deadly accuracy. Donaire is struggling to defend himself as he continues to absorb punishing blows from his opponent.

The first minute of round two proves to be particularly challenging for the Filipino Flash, who appears wobbly in the center of the ring. Suddenly, another barrage of punches sends Donaire crashing down once again and brings an end to the fight.

What Donaire has to say about the Match:

"At the very first round, I received the left hook from Nonito and that punch made me wake up for the rest of the fight," said Nonito Donaire post-match with the help of a translator. 

Inoue Verdict on the Match:

"It was two years and seven months ago, I fought against Nonito Donaire at the WBSS final and came back here at the same venue," Naoya said after the match. He further added "I saw the video [of the first fight] and I knew this [punch] would be the one,"

Boxing Results: Inoue Clash Outclassed Nonito Donaire


Who won Inoue vs Donaire 2?

In an impressive display of skill, Naoya Inoue secured another "Monster" victory by defeating Nonito Donaire with a second-round TKO. Inoue now sets his sights on becoming an undisputed champion.

Who won the fight between Donaire and Inoue?

The highly acclaimed pound-for-pound superstar Naoya Inoue secured another victory by defeating Nonito Donaire in their rematch with a second-round TKO, adding the WBC title to his already impressive collection of WBA and IBF belts.

When was Donaire vs. Inoue 2?

The fight between Nonito Donaire and Naoya Inoue took place on June 7, 2022.

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