Jackpot Fishing JILI Fishing Game

We will introduce you to Jackpot Fishing JILI. Included is the JILI Jackpot Fishing paytable, bonuses and how to play and win at Jackpot Fishing. We provide Jackpot Fishing Demo to help you improve.

Jackpot Fishing JILI Fishing Game

Jackpot Fishing Game Introduction

JILI Jackpot Fishing Demo

Jackpot Fishing Special torpedo weapons can instantly knock down your opponents! Whether it is a special event Or that the refund of the game They are all interesting. Jackpot Fishing game is a game with a special feature, a jackpot added In which players can win prizes at 3 levels together, the jackpot prize depends on the total stake.There are more special bonus double species waiting for you to defeat!

Do you love fishing but don't want to brave the outdoors? Well, now you can cast your line without leaving the comfort of your home! So grab your rod and reel and get ready to have some fun!

Jackpot Fishing Game Features

Jackpot Fishing experience the thrill of fishing with online multi-players at the same time. With plenty of reward fish and the ultimate big Boss waiting for you to challenge, get ready to get rich quick with the wide range of fish that comes with their own prizes!Enjoy the new and innovative game all round level upgrade.
Target and lockdown your winning fish and get even more powerful prizes! such as 10K cannon rates to kill the ultimate Boss, and tons of grand rewards awaiting!

How to Play Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

  • Pleasure room, stake limit 0.1 - 50
  • King Room Stake Limit 1 - 100
  • King Room (VIP) stake limit 1 - 100

Special weapon function For this game there are 2 types to choose from as follows

  • Torpedoes are weapons of mass destruction. Suitable for hunting large fish. If pressed, you will be charged 6 times your current bet.
  • Electric guns are special weapons that are free to use. From the accumulation of energy based on the stakes that we have spent When fully accumulated, it can be used 1 time. The gun has strong power and can kill fish in the pond at once.

Game rewards or cashback bonuses The details are as follows

  • Shoot fish refund There are 18 levels to choose from, with the game returning from $ 30 up to $ 50,000, the level you get depends on the amount we use to bet.
  • There are 3 levels of cashback rewards: Copper Treasure Chest, Silver Treasure Chest, Golden Treasure Chest. As for the prize money is different as follows: 1-50 / 10-500 / 50-2,500 The conditions for receiving the prize are Players will have to accumulate points. The score comes from the money we use to bet.
  • Weekly cashback Is the accumulation of points that come from betting If you complete the game, you can receive rewards.

The menu window is a selection of the following game systems.

  • Room change button It is in the top left corner of the game. It is used to change rooms to increase the bet limit.
  • Game data to view game features and payout rates.
  • Sound On / Off Button Player can deactivate game sound.
  • Activities are special events organized by the game. We can check the time to join.
  • Betting information Can check bets that we have played how much

Automatic function We can choose which fish to fire by having the gun fire automatically. And can choose how many baht to shoot In addition, more than one type of fish to be shot is also selected. And the gun will fire itself in a random pattern.

Target lock function You can choose the fish you want to shoot. And the gun will automatically fire itself until the fish is dead. Or that the fish could swim away from the pond.

Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots Functions

Jackpot Fishing Game PayTable

In addition to the fish with small bonuses, Jackpot Fishing also has various bonus types such as sharks, squids, and turtles.

Jackpot Fishing Game PayTable

Jackpot Fishing Game Special Features

  • High-Speed Fishing Game!
  • Kill different fish species to accumulate prizes, place the full bet to raise the Max Jackpot!
  • Combos hit Special fish, receive 5x super prize!

Various functions, usage window And the system to facilitate players of the game JACKPOT FISHING are as follows

Jackpot Fishing Game PayTable


Click on the Torpedo to switch to the Torpedo Artillery, and the torpedoes will be able to inflict greater damage to the large fish, 6 times the current bet is deduced for each torpedo.

Treasure Bowl

When the Treasure Bowl appears on the scense you have a chance to consecutively win the Small Prize (3x), or the Critical Hit Jackpot by shooting.

Jackpot System Chance to win Jackpot

Jackpot Fish and Jackpot Dragon have higher chance of winning Jackpots

  • Jackpot Dragon
  • Jackpot Fish
  • Treasure Bowl
  • Immortal Ocean King (King Squid, Golden Shark)
  • Special fish species(Armored Fish, Anglerfish, Fortune Terrapin)

Rules for getting Jackpots: The higher the bet, higher the Jackpot.

  • JILI Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 5.more than 10 for multiplied Jackpots, more than 80 for re-multiplied Jackpots.
  • Lucky Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.8 and have a chance to win, more than 2 for multiplied Jackpots.
  • Speed Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.2 and have a chance to win, more than 0.6 for multiplied Jackpots.

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Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jili Jackpot Fishing Game How to Easy Play win Fishing Online

Introducing Jili Jackpot Fishing Game online fishing game that lets you catch virtual fish and win an amazing 5X Super Prize.

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

Jackpot Fishing Jili Arcade Fishing Gameplay Big Wins

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