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UnionBank Payment Gateway

UnionBank Payment Gateway

What is UnionBank? Is It a Popular Payment Gateway in the Philippines?

UnionBank is one of the largest and most innovative banks in the Philippines. It is a commercial bank that provides various financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, and treasury services. UnionBank is known for its commitment to innovation and technology in the banking sector. Here's an introduction to UnionBank:

  • Digital Banking: UnionBank is at the forefront of digital banking in the Philippines, offering a range of online and mobile banking services. This includes account management, fund transfers, and bill payments.
  • Blockchain Initiatives: UnionBank has been a pioneer in adopting blockchain technology for various financial applications. They have explored blockchain solutions to improve efficiency and security in financial transactions.
  • Fintech Partnerships: The bank actively engages in partnerships with fintech companies to integrate innovative solutions into its banking services. This approach allows UnionBank to stay competitive in the evolving financial landscape.
  • Mobile App: The UnionBank mobile app provides customers with a convenient way to access their accounts, perform transactions, and manage finances on the go. The app may include features like mobile check deposit and account alerts.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: UnionBank places importance on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their business practices.
  • Corporate Banking Services: UnionBank offers a range of services tailored to corporate clients, including business loans, treasury and cash management, trade finance, and other financial solutions.
  • Investment Banking: The bank may provide investment banking services, including underwriting, advisory, and capital market transactions.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: UnionBank emphasizes a customer-centric approach, aiming to provide personalized and efficient services to its clients.
  • Awards and Recognition: UnionBank has received recognition and awards for its innovative banking solutions and commitment to excellence in the financial industry.
  • Security Measures: Established banks like UnionBank implement robust security measures to safeguard customer information and transactions.

What is UnionBank? Is It a Popular Payment Gateway in the Philippines

UnionBank Payment Gateway Advantages

We can provide general insights into the potential advantages that a bank like UnionBank might offer for Filipino online casino enthusiasts:

Online Secure Transactions

Established banks typically prioritize security measures, providing a secure environment for online transactions, including deposits and withdrawals related to online casinos.

Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal

UnionBank may offer convenient online banking services, allowing users to manage their transactions easily from the comfort of their homes.

Widely Accepted in the Philippines

A major bank like UnionBank is likely to be widely accepted by online casinos. This can ensure that users have a variety of options when choosing where to play.

General and Cryptocurrency Support

UnionBank may support Philippine Peso (PHP) transactions, reducing the need for currency conversion and associated fees when participating in online casinos that accept PHP.

UnionBank is one of the first financial institutions in the Philippines to adopt cryptocurrency, and was the first local lender to release its own stablecoin in 2019, named PHX, which gives rural banks easier access to remittance and payments.

In 2019, the bank also launched crypto ATMs that allow its account holders with crypto wallets to withdraw cash that is converted from crypto as well as trade on the spot.

Customer Support

Reputable banks often provide responsive customer support, which can be beneficial if users encounter any issues with online casino transactions.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Using a well-established bank ensures that your transactions comply with local laws and regulations, contributing to a secure and legal online gaming experience.

Digital Banking Features

If UnionBank offers advanced digital banking features, users may benefit from real-time transaction updates, spending insights, and other tools to manage their finances efficiently.

ATM Network

Access to a wide network of ATMs can be advantageous for withdrawing cash from online casino winnings or managing day-to-day expenses.

UnionBank Payment Gateway Advantages

How to Register UnionBank Account at Online Casino

Register UnionBank Account Steps

  1. Click Open An Account
  2. Select Savings Account With Debit Card and Tap i
  3. Click Continue
  4. Choose debit card type and Click Choose This Card
  5. Contact information and authorize via OTP
  6. Click Customer Declaration
  7. Click I Agree
  8. Tick Data Privacy Policy and Debit Card Program, Terms & Conditions
  9. Click Next
  10. Reminder to ensure details are correct
  11. ID Selection and note for Optimal Character Recognition to be used for autofill
  12. ID Reminders and Tips to take a proper picture.
  13. Sample ID changes based on ID selected
  14. Allow Camera Access
  15. Add a Front ID Picture
  16. Add a Back ID Picture
  17. OCR Autofill for Name based on ID details
  18. Enter Birthdate
  19. Enter Email
  20. Nationality, Place of Birth, Civil Status
  21. Mother’s Maiden Name, US Citizenship
  22. Add a Selfie
  23. Profile Creation
  24. Enter Address
  25. Enter Employment status
  26. Occupation, Business industry, Company/Business Name
  27. Source of Funds, Purpose of the account, estimated monthly transaction
  28. Signature XXXXX
  29. Submission
  30. If account is approved, activation code will be sent to the nominated email address

UnionBank Payment Gateway FAQs

  • A: What is the phone number for UnionBank Philippines?
    Q: (02) 841-8600
  • A: How can I complain to UnionBank Philippines?
    Q: Trunkline: (02)667-6388. You can also email us via customer.
  • A: How do I know if my UnionBank account is active?
    Q: Until the account is activated, it will not be able to receive or send funds via UnionBank Online. Will I get a notification once the account is activated? Yes, a notification will be sent to your app indicating the account is activated and ready for use.

UnionBank Payment Gateway FAQs

How to Use UnionBank Payment Gateway To Deposit

7 Steps Manual Deposit at Online Casino EsballPH

  1. Click "deposit"
  2. Click [VIP] Manual Deposit
  3. Choose your deposit account
  4. Click copy then input to bank app and double check bank account holder and amount number
  5. Input the time and deposit amount
  6. Upload the bank receipt
  7. Click submit

How to Use UnionBank Payment Gateway To Deposit at Online Casino Philippines

How to Use UnionBank Payment Gateway To Deposit at Online Casino Philippines

Advantages of Using UnionBank Payment Gateway To Deposit

  1. Won't be restricted by GCash or Maya limit.
  2. Can set our account to favorite bank, transfer directly.
  3. Can send to CS directly to handle deposit

UnionBank Payment Gateway To Deposit FAQs

  • A: How do I deposit money into my UnionBank account?
    Q: Deposit Service via 7-Eleven, ECPay Partners and PeraHub
  • A: Where can I deposit money to UnionBank Philippines?
    Q: 3 UnionBank Philippines deposit partners are provided below, along with deposit limits per transaction for each partner.
    • 7-Eleven: PHP 100 - PHP 10,000 per transaction. Maximum of PHP50,000 cash deposit per Account per Day.
    • ECPay Partners: PHP 100 - PHP 40,000 per transaction. No limit on the number of transactions.
    • PeraHub: PHP 100 - PHP 25,000 per transaction. Maximum of PHP 50,000 per branch per account per day.
  • A: How much can you deposit in UnionBank Philippines?
    Q:Transaction Limits for Digitally Opened Accounts
    Transaction Transaction Type Transaction Limit Daily Limit
    Outward To Own PHP 500,000 No Limit
    Same Bank PHP 500,000 PHP 1,000,000
    via Pesonet PHP 500,000
    via Instapay PHP 50,000 PHP 500,000
    to e-wallets PHP 100,000
    (Gcash,PayMaya,, GrabPay)
    Inward OTC/Cash Acceptance X PHP 5,000,000
    Deposit via 7-Eleven PHP 10,000 PHP 50,000
    Deposit via ECPay PHP 40,000 X
    Deposit via PeraHub PHP 25,000 PHP 50,000
    Other Transactions Cash-Out Subject to limits of the partner remittance center
    Cebuana Lhuillier PHP 20,000
    Palawan Express PHP 50,000
    LBC PHP 20,000
    PeraHub PHP 10,000 PHP 20,000
    ATM Withdrawal via UB ATMs PHP 10,000 PHP 20,000
    ATM Withdrawal Subject to Acquirer Bank’s Limits PHP 100,000
    Debit Card Transactions PHP 100,000
    Cardless Withdrawal PHP 10,000 PHP 20,000
  • A: How much is the initial deposit in UnionBank Philippines?
    Q: There is no required amount to open an account. Are there any additional fees? Each savings account has annual fees which are waived for the first year. If you maintain PHP 10,000 in your ADB, we'll waive the fees for the succeeding year.
  • A: What is the minimum balance for UnionBank savings account Philippines?
    Q: Personal Savings Annual Fee: PHP 350. Waived for the first year. What is the maintaining balance requirement? There is no required amount to maintain your account however, for Savings+ you need to maintain PHP 25,000 to be qualified for insurance coverage.

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