Handicap Betting Explained:Types & Strategies to Make Profit


Handicap betting was introduced to give the bettor an edge while betting on basketball matches. As we know, the stronger team has very high odds of winning but a low return Reward. So, the Handicap Market is a solution to this problem. You can say it is a virtual benefit or a drawback that helps in balancing the scales between two contenders.

Therefore, this blog will cover all the details of a handicap bet, how it helps in earning big profits and how this type of betting solves the problem of low rewards through spreads.

Handicap Betting Explained:Types & Strategies to Make Profit

What is a Handicap in Betting?

As we discuss, this is a virtual benefit or a drawback, handicap betting is a type of betting that removes the perceived imbalances between the two teams. This betting works on the principle of introducing a handicap or point differential to the scores of each team before the game starts. This is done to ensure that no team starts the match as favourites and to win the bet, the teams have to win or lose by a certain margin.

Let's understand by an example, Magnolia Hotshots is a stronger team while TNT is struggling to win a single match, when there is a match between these two teams, the betting platforms will add a "handicap" to Magnolia's score before the game starts.

For example, if Magnolia has a -5 handicap, they start the game with 5 points down. On the other hand, TNT will get a +5 handicap, which means that they will start the game with 5 points up. Now, our concern is not who wins or loses the match, but which team wins when you factor in the handicap.

So, if you bet on Magnolia with a -5 handicap, they have to win by more than 5 points for you to win the money. If you back TNT with a +5 handicap, they can either win or lose by less than 5 points for you to win your bet.

Types of Handicap Betting

There are two different types of Handicap market betting. Here is a brief description of both types.

Functional Handicap:

In fractional handicap betting for basketball, you either win or lose and no in-between situation. This is because the handicaps come in halves. As we know, basketball scores are whole numbers, there is no chance of a tie, so it is a win-or-lose situation.

For Example, Magnolia Hotshots wins 80-77, and you bet on the TNT with a +2.5 handicap. So, you lose the bet because, when you add the handicap, TNT does not score enough points. So, with fractional handicaps, only two scenarios either you win or lose, with no room for a draw or refunds.

Integer Handicap:

In this type of betting handicap, 3-way betting is introduced where three possible outcomes are possible with a chance to get your money back.

Considering the example that we discussed earlier, if you go for TNT with a +3.0 points handicap and Magnolia Hotshots wins 80-77, your bet will end up as a tie.

So, if you bet on Magnolia Hotshots to win, they have to win by more than 3 points. If they only win by 2 points, you will lose your bet. It means this is more like predicting the score difference, and if it doesn't match up, you might lose your bet on the match.

Types of Handicap Betting

What is In-Play Handicap Betting?

Various platforms offer In-Play Handicap bet options where you need to be very active while the game progresses, As you have to make the decisions on spots and make your move fast. In this IN-Play betting, money lines on the betting platform change rapidly and you have to bet on what is going to happen in the next moments of the match. Here Are a few tips to follow while betting on the In-Play mode of a PBA game.

  • Watch the game closely and analyze the player's performance.
  • Closely monitor the momentum shift in the game,
  • Bet on the team which has higher odds of winning at halftime. Because betting platforms offer a higher return percentage when the team is chasing a score.
  • Ou should trust the betting platform that accepts short bets,

6 Profitable Handicap Betting Strategies

Here are the basic strategies one should develop before making a handicap bet on a particular PBA match.

1. Go for a Trusted Betting Platform

Always choose a trusted and secure betting platform that offers a variety of handicap betting options. So, you need to make sure your money is safe while depositing and you get instant withdrawal after winning the bet. Furthermore, the platform should offer integer, fractional and in-play handicap bet options to help you win more money.

2. Try to Use Half-Point Handicaps

Try to do a fractional handicap bet, as there is no draw scenario in this situation and the favourite advantage of the team is also nullified due to the handicaps. Therefore, you get an equal opportunity to win big no matter what the result of the game is.

3. Closely Observe Moving Lines on the Platform

While the game is going on, keep a close eye on the money lines. These lines keep changing during the game and you will get an opportunity to bet on certain money lines according to your analysis of teams, make sure you take full advantage of that opportunity.

4. Do an extensive Research on Teams Performances

You need to do extensive research on the teams' performances throughout the last few games. This analysis will guide you about the winning or losing odds of a game. Furthermore, previous head-to-head records will also give a hint about the result of the match and make informed decisions for handicap bets.

6 Profitable Handicap Betting Strategies

5. Evaluate the Playing Conditions & Squads

Before the game starts, make sure which team is playing at home or away court. This will help you understand which team will get home conditions and crowd advantage. This will add to their winning odds. Furthermore, the starting line and injuries of a team will also impact the outcome of the match. So, bet according to the squad's strength and match conditions.

6. Effective Budget Management and Do Not Chase Loss

You should first decide how much money you're going to bet on a PBA match, Therefore, you can afford to lose this amount of money. Unfortunately, if you lose your money, then do not put money into betting for any other match to chase your losses. In this way, you may end up losing more money than you cannot afford to lose.