9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies to Increase Winning Rate


In a Basketball game, there are three possible outcomes considering the game is not a knockout. However, a knockout match has a result in which one team wins and the other loses. 2 Way bet is wagering on the outcome of the games that can be either win or loss. A bettor can place a bet on the win it loss of a team through this betting option.

This blog will discuss different aspects of 2-way betting, betting odds in this type of wagering, a combination of 2-way bets, and strategies to bear in mind while placing 2-way bet on PBA matches.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies to Increase Winning Rate

What is a 2 Way Bet?

A 2 way bet is considered the simplest form of betting in which a bettor places his bet on the Win or Loss of a team. This type of betting is only applicable on games that have typical two results like tennis, baseball, or other sports but during knockout stages.

Similarly, different betting platforms also offer betting odds for such games after analyzing different aspects of those teams. In a 2-way bet, the chances of winning the bet are 50%, and the lesser the outcome scenarios, the lesser be Return to Bet value.

How to take part in 2-Way Bet on the PBA Matches?

For example, in a knockout PBA match between Hotshots and Talk N Text, the result will either TNT win or lose the match. Betting odds are 2.1 for TNT and 1.7 for Hotshots. So, if you place a bet of 10$ on Talk N Text win, You would get 21$ in return. Similarly, You would have gotten $ 17 for placing a bet on the Hotshots team win.

These betting odds were calculated after analyzing the head-to-head records, the team's recent performance in the PBA competition, individual players' Performances, and squad strength. The team that has more chances of winning has a lower return ratio like Hotshots in the given example. A team has a higher return ratio like TNT, It means that if TNT wins the match, you will get a higher return to your initial bet size.

Can Anyone place bets on both outcomes of the PBA match?

Yes, one can place bets on both outcomes of a match. But to ensure profit in this scenario is somehow a bit difficult. As you have to go through different betting platforms to know their betting odds for the same match.

To make a profit from both outcomes is possible if there is a huge gap between the odds given by different betting platforms and it is impossible to find. You might end up losing money while placing bets on both scenarios of a PBA match.

How to take part in 2-Way Bet on the PBA Matches?

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies on the PBA Match

Here are some of the basic strategies, tips, and tricks to keep in mind when you are placing bets on a PBA.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 1. Make Sure it's a Knockout PBA Game

For 2-way betting, the possible outcome of a match is only two either win or lose. So, whenever, you are up to 2-way betting, make sure the PBA game is knockout that will only have two outcomes. Because the group stage matches of PBA can also result in a draw with a win or loss option.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 2. Teams Analysis

One should do thorough research on the teams that are taking part in the knockout game. This research will include parameters like teams' recent performances, head-to-head clashes, and any key player injuries or absences. This will help you understand a team's strengths and weaknesses and make the right decision for betting.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 3. Quarter Wise Performance of the Teams

If you are considering a 2-way bet for a particular quarter, you need to analyze how teams perform in that quarter. Because there are some teams that usually start strong in the match, while there are other teams that have a better record in the second half or later halves of the game.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 4. Keeping an eye on the In-Game Momentum of the Team

Different betting platforms allow you to modify your bet after each quarter and halftime. Therefore, keep a close eye on the momentum of teams while they are playing. If a team is performing well as their forwards are scoring points and guards are blocking the shots of opponents, this will help you make better decisions. Therefore, momentum can play a key role in basketball.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 5. Take advantage of Live Betting Opportunities

You need to take advantage of live betting options You closely watch the PBA game and if you notice a sudden shift in momentum or performance of a particular team, you can find better odds and opportunities for a 2 way bet.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 6. Individual Player Recent Form & Performance

Individual player performance matters a lot during the knockout games, especially in the knockout stages of the PBA competitions. Therefore, one should analyze the current form of key players because a single performance can change the course of the game and heavily impact the result of a game.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies on the PBA Match

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 7. Checking Home and Away Performance & Records of Teams

The home and away matches play a key role in the performance of a team. Teams usually perform differently at home and away. So, you should check the previous data of the teams to see if there is a major difference in teams' performances when they play in home or away venues.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 8. Understand the Spread on Betting Platforms

In a 2 way bet, there can be a point spread on the betting platforms. Therefore, you should consider whether the team you are betting on needs to win by a certain margin or if they just need to win by any margin.

9 Basics 2 Way Betting Strategies: 9. Manage Your Budget Effectively & DO NOT Chase Loss

You should stick to your budget while betting on the PBA matches. First of all, set an amount of money that you want to put on betting, and upon losing it, do not chase your loss by betting with extra money.

These were the basic tips and tricks that one must follow and they would help you a lot in winning a good amount of money through 2 way betting.