How to Bet Boxing Online? Guide to Boxing Betting for Filipinos


Boxing betting offers a variety of options beyond simply picking the winner. Let's delve deeper into some additional aspects of boxing betting to help you make informed decisions.

In recent decades, boxing and betting have been a heavyweight combination, with the boxing betting market being particularly huge in the Philippines, given the country's numerous boxing champions. Our top boxing betting website, Sportsbettingph, offers a platform for sports enthusiasts to access various odds and bets for a range of matches, not limited to boxing.

There are many options for sports betting, each requiring different strategies. We will explain how to bet boxing online, break down weight divisions, and help you adjust your bets.

How to Bet Boxing Online? Guide to Boxing Betting for Filipinos

First, Choose a Reliable Boxing Betting Website

There are many trustworthy and reputable boxing betting websites available online. However, the recommended platform for boxing betting is Pinnacle Sports Betting. It is a top-tier online betting website, offering excellent customer service and fast, hassle-free deposit and withdrawal services.

Before into How to Bet Boxing Online, let's first understand boxing

Boxing is one of the few combat sports in the Olympics, where athletes use the speed and power of their fists to strike their opponents, often creating thrilling and passionate moments in the process. Boxing was officially included in the competition program during the 1904 St. Louis Olympics. You can find more information about boxing in online betting platforms dedicated to the sport.

The diverse array of boxing websites, weight divisions, and governing bodies can be overwhelming. However, the sport itself has undergone minimal changes over the years. When betting on boxing matches online, the key is to find good value, as some of the best boxers in their weight classes face minimal competition.

Explanation of Boxing Weight Classes

On the day before the match, boxers engage in trash talk while also weighing in. Amidst the insults, each fighter stands barefoot on the scales wearing only swim trunks and no gloves. Even heavyweight boxers undergo weighing for photo ops, despite this weight class having no weight limit.

Now that you understand boxing, let's officially begin discussing How to Bet Boxing Online.

Before into How to Bet Boxing Online, let's first understand boxing

How to Bet Boxing Online? Moneyline Betting in Boxing

This is the simplest way: Moneyline betting in boxing simply means customers can choose who will win the bout between two boxers in an upcoming match. It's the most straightforward form of boxing betting. Similar to other popular sports, this is a direct bet where you must pick who will win the match and become the outright sports bettor.

A complete boxing card features a variety of moneyline bets, with some big moneyline bets being most suitable for matches where the odds are close to even.

A standard boxing match consists of 12 rounds, each lasting 3 minutes, which is important to note before betting on boxing matches. For instance, in an upcoming match, Fury's odds are -3000 (risking $3,000 to win $100), while his opponent's odds are +1000 (risking $100 to win $1,000), but the smaller name on the same card is closer to even odds (Troy Williamson's moneyline odds are -115, while his opponent's are -110).

If a boxer wins by knockout, TKO, or referee decision, they can win the moneyline bet. Some sports betting operators have different internal rules regarding boxers retiring during matches, so be sure to brush up on the technical details of boxing betting before the boxing night.

The amount paid out for winning bets varies depending on the betting line itself, the odds provided, and the amount you wager.

Method of Victory Betting

Another popular bet among boxing bettors is method of victory betting. This type of bet takes the moneyline further by predicting how a boxer will win a match. If you correctly predict how a fighter will win, rather than just betting on their outright victory, the method of victory betting method can earn you more money.

How to Bet Boxing Online? Total Rounds Betting

Total rounds betting involves sports bettors predicting whether an upcoming boxing match will go over or under a specific duration set by the sportsbook, making it well-suited for the structure of combat sports.

When you bet on the total rounds, you'll see odds listed for specific rounds. You must decide whether the fight will end before or after the specified number.

Group Rounds Betting

Group rounds betting is self-explanatory. You choose a group of rounds and decide which boxer will win those specific rounds.

This type of bet is more common in boxing matches, with professional bouts typically scheduled for a total of 12 rounds. For example, in a match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, you can place a group bet on Tyson Fury to win rounds 6 to 10.

How to Bet Boxing Online? On Points Betting

In boxing, On Points betting is a unique option that allows you to wager on the outcome of a match based on the judges' scorecards rather than a knockout or technical knockout victory.

Round betting offers more opportunities to increase your funds, as you'll encounter boxers winning by boxing scores on the boxing betting lines. This type of bet is particularly appealing when two evenly matched fighters are expected to go the distance in a closely contested match.

This boxing bet requires you to select a boxer to win the match by decision. This means knockout power may not be essential, but pure boxing skills will secure your bet.

Each round, judges award points to the fighters based on their performance. A maximum of 10 points is typically awarded to the fighter who demonstrates superior boxing skills, effective aggression, defense, and ring control, while the opponent receives a lower score for the round. These points are tallied at the end of the match to determine the winner.

When you bet On Points, you're essentially predicting which fighter will be declared the winner by the judges at the end of the scheduled rounds. Unlike other forms of betting where knockout power may be crucial, "On Points" betting emphasizes the boxer's technical skills, defensive prowess, and ability to accumulate points through effective punching and ring generalship.

How to Bet Boxing Online? Round Betting

How to Bet Boxing Online? Round Betting

Round betting is another evolution of the moneyline betting, where you not only bet on a boxer to win but also bet on the same athlete to win in a specific round. While predicting the exact round can be challenging, this betting method offers greater potential rewards.

Boxing matches typically consist of 12 rounds. Occasionally, you may see matches within an 8 or 10 round range, which can affect the betting lines due to potential differences in total match time.

These fights can end by KO/TKO, a decision by the referee, or one side deciding to concede.

Technical decisions and disqualifications also occur in boxing matches. Technical decisions in boxing often happen after accidental head clashes, while a DQ may occur if any other rules are violated during the match.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to considering the boxer's style and overall record, factors such as weight class and referee tendencies should also be taken into account.

  1. Weight Class:
    Heavyweight matches are notorious for their explosive power and often result in knockouts due to the sheer force behind each punch. Fighters in the heavyweight division possess immense strength and punching power, making it more common for matches to end prematurely with a knockout before all scheduled rounds are completed. This adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to heavyweight bouts, as a single well-placed punch can change the course of the fight in an instant.
  2. Boxer's Style and Overall Record:
    Understanding a boxer's style and overall record is crucial when predicting the outcome of a match. Fighters with a history of multiple knockdowns demonstrate their ability to finish fights early, showcasing their aggressiveness and knockout power. For example, Conor McGregor, known for his striking prowess and aggressive fighting style, has often ended fights within the first few rounds by overwhelming his opponents with a barrage of strikes. Recognizing these patterns allows bettors to make more informed decisions when placing bets on the duration of a match.
  3. Referees:
    Referees play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of the fighters during a match. While some referees may intervene quickly to stop a fight if they perceive one fighter to be in significant danger, others may allow the bout to continue, giving fighters more leeway to sustain damage before stepping in. This variability in refereeing styles can influence the outcome of a match and should be taken into account when assessing the likelihood of a fight going the distance. Understanding the tendencies of different referees enables bettors to factor in this variable when making their betting predictions.

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How to Bet Boxing Online? Further Insights

  • Analysis of Boxing Events: Providing analysis and predictions for upcoming boxing events can offer valuable insights into match outcomes and fighter performance.
  • Tactics and Strategies in Boxing Events: Discussing the tactics and strategies employed by boxers helps readers understand the nuances of matches and make more informed betting decisions.
  • Historical Records and Statistics of Boxing Events: Sharing historical records and statistical data of boxing events gives readers a better understanding of fighter performances and event trends.
  • Pre-Match Interviews and Reports of Boxing Events: Including quotes from pre-match interviews and reports adds context to the fighters' mindsets and preparations.
  • Post-Match Reviews and Analysis of Boxing Events: Conducting post-match reviews and analysis allows readers to reflect on match outcomes and fighter performances.

That concludes all the content about How to Bet Boxing Online. Now that you know the basics of boxing, various betting methods, and Pinnacle Sports Betting websites, you can stay informed about boxing-related information in online boxing betting and develop your boxing betting strategy.

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