Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy & Tips to Read Scorecards

The best Dragon Tiger betting strategy involves betting on the bet types that have higher probabilities like Dragon or Tiger, avoiding betting on Tie Bet type.

Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy & Tips to Read Scorecards

Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy Game Introduction

Dragon Tiger is an exciting casino live game that features amazing rewards and offers simpler gameplay. This game is quite identical to baccarat Live but has different rules and house edge, odds, and probabilities.

This blog will discuss the math behind Live Dragon Tiger to deliver a winning tip, gameplay, odds, payout structure, and a useful Dragon Tiger betting strategy.

Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy & Tips to Read Scorecards

Dragon Tiger Game Introduction

The Dragon Tiger game is a two-card version of baccarat provided at EsballPH Casino by EVO Live Gaming. It's a fast game without the complicated baccarat rules that make the third card rule especially confusing.

In Dragon Tiger, you have to choose which of two positions - Dragon and Tiger, will be dealt with by a higher card. There are serious side bets and game payout variations, each affecting the game's probabilities and odds.

Dragon Tiger Basic Gameplay

There are three possible outcomes of each round - either the Dragon or Tiger entity wins with the higher card, or the round ends in a tie if the cards are of similar rank.

The ace is the lowest value card, while the king is the highest, compared to baccarat, where these games have no value.

The dealer will deal one card in each position, face up, so the betting round ends immediately, making the game fast.

Live Dragon Tiger is played with eight decks in a shoe, shuffled after the cut card is dealt, which happens long before all the cards are dealt, making card counting impossible.

Dragon Tiger House Edge, Odds, and Possibilities

The game even offers cash payouts for both Dragon and Tiger positions. The theoretical return-to-player ratio for basic bets is 96.27%, which puts the house edge at just 3.73%, slightly higher than the house edge in baccarat.

Thanks to the tie option, the probability of either the Dragon or the Tiger getting the higher card is 46.26%.

The tie bet offers an 11:1 payout but with an 89.64% RTP. The house edge for a tie is 10.36%, putting the odds of winning the bet at just 7.46%. Another side bet available in Live Dragon Tiger is the suited tie.

Dragon Tiger Bet Type RTP
Dragon/Tiger 96.72%
Suited Tie 86.02%
Tie 89.64%

It's a win that the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in both suit and rank. This bet pays 50:1, making it the most profitable of wagers. However, the house edge for this bet is 13.98%, so the probability of winning is only 1.68%.

Main Bets Payout Side Bets Payout
Dragon 1:1 Big or Small 1:1
Tiger 1:1 Odd or Even 1:1
Tie 11:1 Red or Black 1:1
Suited Tie 50:1 One Red & One Black 1:1
x Two Red or Two Black 3:1
Suit 3:1

The Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

Given the simplicity of the game, you might think that there isn't much strategy around it. However, that's where you'd be wrong. The best Dragon Tiger betting strategy is centered around arrow odds.

These numbers change into a viable betting option - bets on either Dragon or Tiger. This means you should skip betting on a tie whenever possible.

Of the 86,320 hand combinations in total, 39,936 would result in a win for the Tiger and another 39,936 in a win for the Dragon, leaving only 6,448 possible combinations for a tie.

Event Pay Combinations Return Probability
Win 1 39,936 0.4626 0.4626
Loss -1 39,936 0.4626 0.4626
Tie -0.5 6,448 -0.037 0.074
Total - 86,320 -0.037 1.0

You should look carefully and closely at the trends in the scorecards as it is a good Dragon Tiger strategy. Following the Bead Road, the Big Road, and other pictorial representations will give you a good indication of the shoe's statistics, which will help you place a winning bet.

However, the shoe's stats change with the shoe, so you need to keep an eye on the cut card, which will indicate a shoe change.

If you follow the trends and have a losing bet, you should double your next bet. In this way, you will compensate for losses thanks to an even cash payout. The transition light looks familiar cause the base in the Martingale Dragon Tiger betting strategy. However, tread carefully here as doubling normal bets can burn through your bankroll quickly, so it's only a warily Dragon Tiger strategy if the wins are fast or if you're a big roller.

Reading Scorecards: How to Predict the outcome of the Next Round

Dragon Tiger scorecards help you predict the outcome of the next round and spot trends which is an effective Dragon Tiger betting strategy. The Bead Road and the Big Road are there to show the results of previous rounds, while the Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road show patterns that are central to the Big Road.

The Bead Road represents the result of all previous rounds, where each cell marks an outcome. The result of the very first round is recorded in the upper left corner of the graph.

Follow the column down to the bottom and then to the next column to read the results. A red cell designates a win for the Dragon position, while a yellow one indicates a Tiger win. A green cell represents a tie.

The Big Road can be useful because it creates a new column every time a winning streak changes to a Dragon or Tiger favorite, so you can easily spot trends. This is an excellent Dragon Tiger strategy to predict the possible outcome in next rounds.

Finally, you have the Big Eye Road, Little Road, and Cockroach Road representations, known as derivative roads. The outlined circles represent the Big Eye Road, the solid circle stands for the Little Road, and the slashes represent the Cockroach Road.

They do not represent the results of the rounds but the striking pattern. The red entry in the graph does not stand for Dragon wins, but father the possible repetition, while the yellow entries are an indication for you that you are dealing with a more uneven shoe.

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