Dragon Tiger Card Counting Trick - Is it Worth to Apply?

Dragon Tiger card counting strategy is to keep track of how many low cards (7 or below) and high cards (8 or above) have been dealt.

Dragon Tiger Card Counting Trick - Is it Worth to Apply?

Dragon Tiger Card Counting Trick Game Introduction

Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular card casino games that is played all around the world. Various strategies have been developed over the years to reduce the risk of loss in this game and earn potential profits. Dragon Tiger card counting is exactly a strategy that helps the players predict the possible outcomes of the cards that are going to be dealt with to some extent.

This blog explores the thorough understanding of the card counting strategy with an example, its potential benefits and limitations, and whether this strategy is effective in the Dragon Tiger game.

Dragon Tiger Card Counting Trick - Is it Worth to Apply?

What is Dragon Tiger Casino Game & How Does it Work?

The Dragon Tiger card counting strategy is a trick used to predict the upcoming cards and increase the chances of winning the bet. In this game, two cards are drawn, one to a "Dragon" and one to a "Tiger." Players bet on which card will be higher or if there will be a tie.

In the Dragon Tiger Casino Game, the betting options are either Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. The Dragon and Tiger bets pay even money, which means if you bet $1, you will win $1 if your bet wins. The Tie bet pays more, usually 8:1, which means if you bet $1, you will win $8 if it's a tie. The probability of a Tie is very low and the house edge is high, therefore, it is riskier to bet on this option.

Dragon Tiger Card Counting Strategy

The actual purpose of this dragon tiger strategy is to keep track of how many low cards (7 or below) and high cards (8 or above) have been dealt. When you have the card counting in your mind, it becomes easier for you to guess what type of cards have been dealt and what are the remaining cards that are more likely to be dealt with. So, you can make an informed decision regarding the upcoming cards and bet accordingly.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Assign Values to Cards:
    You can value the cards 7 or below as -1 and cards 8 or above as +1.
  2. Keep a Running Count:
    When each card is shown one by one, add the value you assigned to it to a running total. You need to start your count at 0 when the deck is shuffled and adjust it with each card shown.
  3. Estimate the Remaining Cards:
    If your count is positive, it means more low cards are left in the deck and higher cards have more chances to come. Similarly, If your count is negative, it means more high cards are left and lower cards are more likely to come next.


Let us understand this Dragon Tiger card counting Strategy through a game where several rounds have already been played, and you have been keeping track of the cards:

  • Round 1: Dragon gets 10 (high), Tiger gets 4 (low). Your count starts at 0 and changes to 0 + 1 - 1 = 0.
  • Round 2: Dragon gets Ace (high), Tiger gets 9 (high). New count = 0 + 1 + 1 = +2.
  • Round 3: Dragon gets 6 (low), Tiger gets 3 (low). New count = +2 - 1 - 1 = 0.

So far, an equal number of high and low cards have been dealt. If your count was very positive or negative, you can bet on Tiger or Dragon respectively by predicting which one is more likely to draw a higher card.

Potential Benefits of Card Counting Dragon Tiger Strategy

1. Reducing the House Edge:

As we have already discussed, through counting cards, you can potentially make more informed bets on whether the next card will be higher or lower. For example:

  • If your count is high (which shows more low cards have been played and more high cards are remaining), betting on either Dragon or Tiger can be more profitable if you predict that a higher card will likely appear next.
  • On the other hand, if the count is low (more high cards have been played), you can predict a lower card is coming next.

2. Strategic Betting:

The ability to adjust your bets based on the count can theoretically increase your chances of winning, especially compared to random betting.

Limitations to Dragon Tiger Card Counting Strategy

1. Volatility:

Dragon Tiger is actually a game of chance with a nearly 50-50 outcome for Dragon or Tiger bets (excluding ties). Therefore, this Dragon Tiger card counting strategy does not change this basic characteristic; it only tries to give a slight edge by predicting probabilities better.

2. Risk of Tie Bets:

While card counting might suggest more or fewer high cards are left, this does not help you with tie bets, which have a high house edge. Therefore, if you focus on Dragon and Tiger bets, it is more straightforward and slightly reduces risk.

Is the Dragon Tiger Card Counting Strategy Worth it?

To be specific, theoretically, it is possible to track the cards being played in Dragon Tiger. However, this information does not provide a real advantage for predicting future outcomes. Even if you know the remaining shoe has more high cards than low cards, both Dragon and Tiger can draw from these cards.

So, it basically cancels out any statistical advantage in predicting the results of future rounds. The card counting strategy in Dragon Tiger can provide a slight edge if you use it properly, but just like any other gambling strategy, it does not guarantee you win and profit.

You can apply this dragon tiger strategy to side bets like Big/Small in Dragon Tiger. However, these optional wagers have a big advantage of over 7%. Even if you are good at card counting strategy, you would not be able to move the odds in your favor. Instead of applying this strategy, if you select the Dragon or Tiger randomly, this is more effective than attempting to use this card knowledge for these side bets.

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