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3 Blackjack Game Strategy to Booth Up Your Win Rate

3 Blackjack Game Strategy to Booth Up Your Win Rate

Today we will be talking about the advanced blackjack game strategy to bring up your A game! Below are the detail explanation for our 3 blackjack game strategy, learn it to make your profit higher!

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Game Introduction

Today we will be talking about the advanced blackjack game strategy to bring up your A game!

There are 3 bullet point in this article

  • Basic Blackjack Game Strategy Chart
  • Blackjack Odds and Probabilities
  • Card Counting Blackjack Game Strategy

Below are the detail explanation for our 3 blackjack game strategy, learn it to make your profit higher!

3 Blackjack Game Strategy to Booth Up Your Win Rate

Basic Blackjack Game Strategy

This is the most basic strategy chart that can be used in all blackjack games, regardless of rules combination.

Some minor adjustments can be made for certain combinations of rules, but it gets complicated with multiple charts to remember.

We'll provide a brief section explaining these adjustments later for dedicated players.

The dealer's card is listed at the top. Your hand card is listed in the first column on the left. 

Just go down the left column to find your hand card, then move laterally to the column with the dealer's cards to find the best way to play.

Basic strategies are usually presented in tabular form. At the top of the table are the possible cards for the dealer: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ace. This makes up 10 columns.

"Rows" are made up of a player's total possible hand card. These are divided into hard numbers, soft numbers and pairs.

Basic Blackjack Game Strategy Chart

Basic Blackjack Game Strategy Chart

By cross-referencing your point total with the dealer's open hand card, you can decide whether to double, claim, split, or stand in any situation.

If you look closely at the basic strategy table, you'll notice that there seems to be a dividing line between 6 and 7.

This is because when the dealer's hand totals 6 or less, it is more likely to be a hard hand - the dealer is more likely to bust.

You'll find that when the dealer's up cards are 2 to 6, the correct move is more often to stand.

But if the dealer's up card is a 7 or higher, the correct move is more often to ask for the card.

Suppose the total number of cards in your hand is 16, and the dealer's opened hand card is 5. In this case, you would choose to ask for a card because you want to increase your score to get closer to 21.

However, if the total number of points in your hand is 17 or higher, and the dealer's opened hand card is still 5, then you will choose to stand because you already have a higher point and do not want to risk drawing another card and causing a bust.

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Blackjack Odds and Probabilities

In blackjack, the house edge usually fluctuates between 0.5% and 1%, making it one of the best games in the casino for smart players.

This number indicates that the casino expects you to lose that amount on average on each bet, so its important to learn the odds and probability before you learn other Blackjack Game Strategy.

If you bet $100 per hand on a casino blackjack table and the casino has a 1% edge, they expect you to lose an average of $1 per hand with lots of repetition.

Of course, this is an average taken over thousands of hands. If you bet $100 on a hand of blackjack, it is impossible to lose just 1 dollar. You could lose $100, win $100, win $150, or some other number that matches your bet size.

Only after subtracting the sum of all wins and losses can you find the average loss per hand.

This number is also an assumption. It assumes you are playing according to a perfect basic strategy.

If you make a lot of mistakes while playing, the house edge can be as high as 5%. (Maybe even higher, but we assume you have at least a little bit of poker skill.)

One of the more interesting aspects of probability related to blackjack is that the game has a memory effect, in that the results of previous hands can affect future hands as long as they are played with the same deck of cards.

Suppose you are playing a single-deck blackjack game and all the aces have been dealt.

The chance of being dealt a natural blackjack and getting a payout of 3 to 2 is now 0.

There is no natural blackjack without an ace.

Since all the aces have been dealt, it is impossible to get blackjack.

This is why card counting Blackjack Game Strategy works.

Card Counting Blackjack Game Strategy

If you've seen the movie "Rain Man," you might think that a card counter would memorize an entire deck of cards. Most people probably wouldn't be able to count cards if this was what was needed.

In the real world (not in the movies), counting cards means tracking the ratio of high- and low-value cards in a deck. 

A deck with a higher proportion of high-value cards is to the player's advantage.

Here's why Card Counting Blackjack Game Strategy works:

  • If you get blackjack, the odds are 3 to 2. Since blackjack is made up of Aces and Tens, you are more likely to be dealt Blackjack when there is a higher proportion of these cards in the deck.
  • If you bet higher when there are many aces and tens in the deck and lower your bet when there are not many aces and tens in the deck, you can gain an advantage over the casino.
  • The card counting system works by assigning values to cards and then tracking the ratio. Each time a card is dealt, the count increases or decreases.
  • The most basic card counting system simply adds or subtracts 1 to the count based on the card dealt. The value of the lower value card is +1, and the value of the higher value card is -1.

As long as you utilize the card counting system properly, you can not only adjust your bets based on the high or low count, but you can also make different basic strategic decisions when the deck is rich in high-value cards.

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