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Blackjack Odds On Dealer, Player and Payout

Blackjack Odds On Dealer, Player and Payout

In the game of Blackjack, understanding the blackjack odds is one of the key factors for success. Blackjack is a popular card game with simple yet thrilling rules that attract numerous players.

Game Introduction

In the game of Blackjack, understanding the blackjack odds is one of the key factors for success. Blackjack is a popular card game with simple yet thrilling rules that attract numerous players. However, achieving consistent victory in this game is not an easy task. This article will delve into the analysis of Blackjack odds, exploring different card combinations and the casino advantage in the Blackjack game. By understanding the blackjack strategy, you will enhance your gameplay and get closer to winning big prizes.

Blackjack Odds On Dealer, Player and Payout

The Blackjack Odds Chart

The ultimate goal in the Blackjack game is to win with the initial two cards received. While the dealer always has an edge when playing online Blackjack, players can leverage various aspects to their advantage since they play last. One of the most crucial things is the ability to reduce the casino advantage. Learning basic Blackjack strategy can help you understand how to minimize the casino advantage.

Apart from learning or familiarizing yourself with basic Blackjack strategy, there are more advanced techniques, such as card counting, used by experienced players. Employing these techniques will help reduce the casino advantage and further increase the RTP (Return to Player) and player odds. Understanding probabilities and how they affect Blackjack odds and the advantages you have in the game is crucial.

We have created a Blackjack odds table for you below. In this table, we show you the probability of busting if you choose to hit or stand after receiving the initial two cards.

Player Hand Card Point Burst Odd
11 or under 0%
12 31%
13 39%
14 56%
15 58%
16 62%
17 69%
18 77%
19 85%
20 92%
21 100%

Probability of Winning in Blackjack:

The probability of a player winning a Blackjack game is as high as 42.22%. This makes the probability of the dealer winning 49.1%, with a chance of a third tie at 8.48%. Blackjack odds vary depending on the game and specific rules of the platform you are playing, as well as the game variant. If you start playing Blackjack without a blackjack strategy, your chances of winning may decrease compared to players with a good strategy.

Every Blackjack game has random chance factors that always come into play, but Blackjack odds are calculated over a long period and multiple games. Ensure luck is on your side the next time you play Blackjack by devising a solid Blackjack strategy and increasing odds favorable to you. Set a limit for yourself before starting to play and always adhere to that limit.

Blackjack Odds On Dealer, Player and Payout

Blackjack Payout:

As mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal is to win 21 points with the first two cards received. Most reputable online platforms offer a 3:2 payout ratio, but this is not always the case, as some may offer a 6:5 payout ratio, or, in certain situations, an even payout ratio.

This has a significant impact on the platform's advantage. The table below shows the differences in potential Blackjack payouts and their impact on the platform's advantage.

Blackjack Payouts Blackjack Banker Advantage
3:2 0.5%
6:5 1.9%
Even 2.8%

Blackjack Side Bet Payout:

Side bets are optional additional wagers that players can place alongside regular bets at the beginning of a round in a Blackjack game. Side bet wagers are placed in an area next to the main betting box on the Blackjack table. Side bets are purely a game of luck, not skill, requiring players to guess what cards or multiple cards the player or dealer will receive in a specific round. You can use card counting as an advanced blackjack strategy since it can increase the player's advantage and be advantageous.

Below, you will see some typical odds for common side bets in online and physical Blackjack.

Side Bet Blackjack Odds
Insurance 2:1
Perfect Pairs ( Mixed ) 5:1
Perfect Pair ( Color ) 10:1
Perfect Pair ( Perfect) 30:1
21 + 3(Flush) 5:1
21 + 3(Straight) 10:1
21 + 3(3 of a Kind) 30:1
21 + 3(Straight Flush) 40:1
21 + 3(3 of a Kind -Suited) 100:1
Royal Match (Easy) 5:2 至 5:1
Royal Match (Royal) 10 至 25:1
Over/Under 13 1:1
Lucky Sevens (Single) 3:1
Lucky Sevens (Pair) 50:1
Lucky Sevens (Suited) 500:1
Lucky Sevens (Lucky Seven of Hearts) 5,000:1
Lucky Ladies (Queen of Hearts / Dealer Blackjack) 1,000:1
Lucky Ladies (Queen of Hearts) 200:1
Lucky Ladies (Pair) 25:1
Lucky Ladies (Suited) 20:1
Lucky Ladies (Any) 4:1

Dealer Odds in Blackjack:

Dealer odds, also known as dealer advantage, refer to the advantage the dealer has over the player. Dealer advantage is the average return to the casino over a long period, calculated as a percentage. For example, if a game has a 4% dealer advantage, the casino averages a $4 collection for every $100 bet, based on long-term gameplay.

The table below shows the probability of the dealer busting with specific cards after revealing the first card. Probabilities vary based on rules and whether the dealer must stand or hit on 17.

Banker Point Standing on 17 points Odds Hitting on 17 points Odds
Ace 17% 20%
2 35% 26%
3 37% 38%
4 40% 40%
5 42% 42%
6 42% 44%
7 26% 26%
8 24% 24%
9 23% 23%
10 23% 23%

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