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How to Use Blackjack Calculator, Detailed Online Teaching

How to Use Blackjack Calculator, Detailed Online Teaching

How to Use Blackjack Calculator? Its easy to use a Blackjack Calculator, just enter your hand card and the dealer’s card, you can get your win rate immediately.

Game Introduction

How to Use Blackjack Calculator, Detailed Online Teaching

What is Blackjack Calculator

Its easy to use a Blackjack Calculator, just enter your hand card and the dealer's card, you can get your win rate immediately.


How to Use Blackjack Calculator

  1. Choose your Blackjack game mode
  2. Enter your hand card and dealers hand card
  3. Send out and you can get the win rate

First Choose Your Blackjack Game Mode

When playing Blackjack, the game will ask you if you can take Surrender mode, and if the dealer can either stop or keep asking for more cards when they get a soft 17.

If your game platform doesnt have this option, it means that this Blackjack game mode does not allow Surrender, and it stops when the dealer got a soft 17 (most of the time).

Set Dealer's Card, then Your Hand Card

Next, set up the dealer's hand card at the top of the blank area, click on the "+" under the word "dealer", and choose the hand card.

After that, click on the "+" under the word "Card 1" to choose the first card you get, and then  click on the "+" under the word "Card 2" to choose your second card you get, if you get up to the third card, repeat the same thing until you record all your cards.

Blackjack Calculator Calculates the Best Strategy 

Blackjack Calculator Calculates the Best Strategy 

The best part of using a Blackjack Calculator is that it can help you to reduce the maximum advantage for the dealer!

First I will need to explain to you what are the Blackjack terms we can hear during the Blackjack game, and what they stand for.

On the EsballPH HaloWin information website, I have provided a large number of articles on Best Blackjack Strategy in Online Blackjack Philippines, whether you are a novice player who has just started to contact blackjack, or an experienced player who wants to know more about blackjack betting strategies. , we can satisfy you. In addition, on the EsballPH HaloWin platform, you can place bets and play online blackjack provided by well-known video game platforms such as evo.

Click the red "Sign Up" button immediately to go.

Ask (Hit)

When you hit, the dealer will deal you another card. Simply enter the cards you're dealt into the calculator to determine your next move.


Stand means that you will not receive any more cards and your hand is determined.


Split means your two cards will be split into two separate hands. Just click "Deal Again" on the strategy calculator and calculate each of your starter hands individually.

You can then restart the game with the two hands you received after splitting.


Double means you will only be dealt one more card. Then your hand is determined. Sometimes you may have more than one option for your next move.

This is because the rules of blackjack may be different. If allowed, the first option is always selected (in the example below, this is double), if not, the second option is selected.


If your card point exceeds 21, the calculator will tell you that you busted the hand and the hand is over.


When the dealer gets an Ace, you may be asked if you need insurance. Remember, please reject this option, because taking out insurance will not increase our winning rate!

Why use a Blackjack Calculator

Why use a Blackjack Calculator

If you want to beat online blackjack dealers, it's important to understand their strengths and odds. Because like other card games, the dealer usually has a slight advantage over the players (but not much).

Although players often overlook the house edge, there are some best strategies you can use to minimize it, and this blackjack calculator will help you solve this problem.

We can use mathematical probability to calculate what our best action is, especially in online blackjack games, which can be used together with the games open at the same time to increase the winning rate.

Our blackjack calculator will calculate your best odds for winning and tell you what to do next. It will help you learn how to play blackjack smartly and avoid potential mistakes.

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