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Valentine's Event Cash Tree Bonus Specific Slot Games

2023/02/21 Register Earn Bonus
Valentine's Event Cash Tree Bonus Specific Slot Games

How to Get Valentines Event Cash Tree Bonus Specific Slot Games

Target:HaloWin All Members.

Event Time: Starting from 12:00P.M. (PHT) Tuesday, February 21th 2023 to 12:00P.M. (PHT) Wednesday, March 15nd, 2023.

Event Details:

Even if you may still be single in this precious Valentine day, you still have HaloWin’s love and my heart to warm you up.

Play on HALOWIN SLOT Specific Games and shake up the bonus to cheer you up, make sure you are not alone during this time!

  • This event is available for all HaloWin members who places at least ₱1+ on Specific games that are mentioned in the table.
  • Cash Tree Patterns will show up on Specific Games with different awards
    • Coin Tree needs 10 Cash Tree Patterns
    • Red Envelope Tree needs 30 Cash Tree Patterns
    • Gold Ingot Tree needs 50 Cash Tree Patterns
  • How to claim Click the qualified Cash Tree on the left side of the game and you will get bonus.

Valentines Event Cash Tree Bonus Specific Games

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Valentine's Event Cash Tree Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • If member is offline, the number of Cash Tree patterns you get will be retained till the event is over.
  • During the event, member can claim bonus and check the event rules by clicking the Cash Tree pattern on the left side of the game. 
  • Once the event is over, member cannot claim bonus. Bonus will be expired and overdue.
  • In case of special circumstances, HaloWin reserves the right to revise, change or cancel the event.
  • In order to avoid the misunderstanding of words or any problems of this event. HaloWin reserves the final interpretation.
  • Only the specific games (mentioned in the table) are available for this event. 
  • Bets amount will be counted depends on the differences of the game.(Grand / Major / Minor / Mini) Only Valid Bet Amount will be counted as total 
  • Bets will not be calculated as valid bets if the bet does not payout or it is tie, canceled, invalidate. 
  • This promotion is only applicable for same member, devices, address, IP address.
  • Any illegal betting behavior or risk-free bets will be dismissed from service and disqualified from receiving the bonus. 
  • HaloWin reserves the right to enforce the cancellation of the promotion or membership due to fraudulent behavior. 
  • HaloWin reserves the right to enforce, correct, explain, and terminate this activity. 

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