Top 4 Fa Chai Fishing Top Picks to Win Real Money

Top 4 Fa Chai Fishing Top Picks to Win Real Money

Tired of shooting fishing? Fa Chai Fishing is thrilling for You, most of the classic fish games are themed around the underwater world, and the targets are marine fish. This is online gambling fishing games support multiple players up to six, gameplay is simple and casual, there are more rich targets for you to choose freely, so it is very popular among young players.

Game Introduction

Fa Chai Fishing Overview, Advantages of Fa Chai Fishing, there are different stories and themes waiting for you to explore, to ensure that every game will have new harvests, Swim into Cash Prizes with Fa Chai Fishing, players must not miss this new chance to win real money.

Advantages of Fa Chai Fishing

Fa Chai has successfully created a fish game utopia with the spirit of innovation. Here, players can enjoy not only the thrill of win real money, but also an extremely rich gameplay. Just dive into the ocean world of Fa Chai Fishing once and you probably will not want to go ashore.

Fa Chai Fishing has designed different tools for each fishing game. In addition to freezing, there are multipliers, trigger mini-games and more. Players will no longer be limited to a fixed way of playing and can use different props to create miracles. It is strongly recommended by Fa Chai Fishing players because of these 3 advantages: special themes, free upgrade guns and unique tools.

Top 4 Fa Chai Fishing Top Picks to Win Real Money

FC Fishing Rare Item

Freeze is the most common tool in the game, and this feature stops all current targets on the screen. While this benefits yourself, you must also share this effect and compete with other players. In a 1:3 situation, how can you ensure that you are at an absolute advantage?

FC Fishing Diverse Gameplay

In the world of Fa Chai Fishing, there are Caribbean, Western and Sci-Fi space, so you can hardly imagine that it is an online fishing game. As it turns out, the theme intertwined with fancy art and interesting story not only satisfies the visual needs of fish playing gamers, but also creates the ultimate immersive environment. Under the special theme, Fa Chai  still thoughtfully retains the elements familiar to players. For new players, they won't get lost; for veteran players, they can also discover something new.

FC Fishing Double-Upgrading Guns

Can guns only be upgraded by spending money? In Fa Chai Fishing, not only can you use money to increase the number number of bullets in your guns, but you can also preemptively kill the big boss, as long as you upgrade your guns by shooting special targets.

Top 4 Fa Chai Fishing Games Review

Top Slots, 4 Fa Chai Best Fishing Games: Bao Chuan Fishing, Monkey King Fishing, Fierce Fishing, Fa Chai Fishing Game.

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Fa Chai Fishing Games Game Features Game Intro
Bao Chuan Fishing
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • 2 mini games
  • 100X gun

Bao Chuan Fishing

Dominate seven seas with Jack Sparrow!
This is a very special fish game, you can even play in the roulette type mini game, if you remember the movie, you must know Magic Compass and Spring water of youth. Use the 100X gun to shoot them down to enter the mini game session!

Monkey King Fishing
  • Journey to the West
  • Free treasure chest reward
  • 40 Free bullets

Monkey King Fishing

The Monkey King of the two time periods is finally reunited in Monkey King Fishing! Each time the player shoots, the SP will be accumulated automatically, and when it is full, you can get a free treasure box. You can also get free bullets to accumulate SP! Although this Monkey King is holding the Golden Band, he can collect Dragon Balls from Dragon King the boss. The more you collect, the higher the prize!

Fierce Fishing
  • Classic fish game
  • 3000X Play Together Grand Prize
  • 2000X boss

Fierce Fishing
A Magic Beans can get up to 250 free spins!
As long as the wild symbol appears 4 at a time in the free game, you can get 15x more!

How to Play Chinese New Year Game
  • Classic fish game
  • Maximum Prize Multiplier 1000X
  • 300X Lucky money turtle

Fa Chai Fishing Game
Tycoon Lobby Fishing Game
"Fa chai" means get rich in Chinese, Lucky red envelopes will be provided to players.

► Fa Chai Fishing Tycoon Lobby Fishing Game


Swim into Cash Prizes

It is very easy to win real money in Online Fishing, as long as you are skilled in Aim mode and upgrade your gun at the right time, you will be able to win most of the time. Do you know the three most important things when playing online fishing games?

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