17 Slot Machine Terms New Filipino Players Must Know in 2024

EsballPH HaloWin will provide the details at 17 of the most commonly used slot machine terms and what they actually mean in the context of slot games.

17 Slot Machine Terms New Filipino Players Must Know in 2024

17 Slot Machine Terms Game Introduction

For a beginner who is looking to step into the betting world, there are certain terms that are important to know. The slot machines feature a variety of symbols and gaming elements in their gameplay that need to be understood for a player to play with greater control and confidence.

Therefore, EsballPH HaloWin will provide the details at 17 of the most commonly used slot machine terms and what they actually mean in the context of slot games. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these slot terms.

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17 Basic Slot Machine Terms to Know Before Playing:


This is actually a feature of slot games and works like a personal assistant for your slot game. The autoplay feature lets you sit back and relax while the machine spins the reels for you. You have to click on this option and then sit back. It will spin the coin for you whenever the last spin result is shown on the screen.

Bonus Round:

A bonus round is an exciting part of a slot game that is often given by the game to try your luck for prizes. Bonus rounds usually come with extra prizes, free spins, or different types of mini-games to keep things interesting and engaging for the players.


Most slot games have currency in the form of coins. In slot terms, coins are like your betting currency. You have to buy them with real money. Furthermore, you use them to place your bets and look forward to winning rewards and jackpots.

Double Up:

Double Up is usually used in slot machines to make a little gamble within a gamble. After a win, you can choose to double your prize by guessing the outcome of a simple game. You can call it a double multiplier for your winnings.

Expanding Wild:

The next term among slot machine terms is expanding wilds, which are like normal gaming symbols on the move. However, they are stretchable and cover more positions on the reels. This feature of these wild symbols helps in making winning combinations from different angles, and players can win the prizes.

Free Spins:

Free spins are the most attractive element in the slot gaming world. Every online slot offers different amounts of free spins, either upon joining the game for the first time or during the game, to increase your chances of winning without using your own money. These free spins can also result in a huge jackpot or maximum bonus for a player.

Gamble Feature:

You might come across this feature while playing slot games of various genres. This gambling feature allows a player to multiply, like double or even quadruple, their prize after hitting an awning combination. This gamble can result in multiplying your prize, or it may also end in no prize at all. So, use this feature very carefully while playing slot machines.


In slot machine terms, a "hit" is when you get a winning combination. If a typical combination on the reels can earn you different types of prizes or bonuses, this means you have hit a prize or jackpot.

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This is probably the most used word in the slot machine world, and most people play for this term. A jackpot is winning the highest reward or near the highest reward in a slot machine. This is just like winning the lottery in the slot world. These jackpots can give millions of dollars that can change the lifestyle and fate of a person in just one night.

Line Bet:

Line bet is another important and basic slot machine term, which means the amount of money you want to bet on each individual payline. Because slot games usually have more than one pay line, you have to bet on each pay line, and if any of the winning combinations occur on that particular pay line, it will potentially win you huge rewards and prizes.


A multiplier is a thrilling and risky gaming element that can boost your winnings by a certain factor. For example, a player wins a prize of $100 for hitting a winning combination, but then he has the option to use the multiplier to make this profit even bigger. The 20X multiplier will make his prize 20 times larger, and that $100 will become $2000.

Pay Line:

Pay lines are the lines on the slot machine grid where different combinations are made with the gaming symbols. If the right combination of symbols is made after Asian, it can lead you to a prize or bonus win. For example, if a game has 50 pya lines, it means the game is providing you with 50 different types of winning combinations, and if you end up landing any of the combinations, you will win a prize according to that combination. This is because each pay line is associated with a particular prize reward.


This is the most important term among the slot machine terms that actually determines your fate while playing any slot game. These reels are basically the wheels of fortune that spin when you click on the “Spin” option. After some time, they stop, and different combinations of gaming symbols appear on the screen.

Scatter Symbol:

As the name suggests, these scatter symbols can appear on the reels anywhere and help trigger the bonuses. The online slot itself presents these symbols to give a surprise element to the player and help him win prizes and bonuses.


The RTP of a slot game is the percentage that shows the amount a player will get upon depositing the money and playing that particular game. High RTP games often return a high percentage, like 95% or 96% of the deposited amount.

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Volatility or Variance:

The volatility of a slot game determines the level of risk involved in that game. A highly volatile slot game means high risk, and the reward will also be very high. However, the high risk is due to the lower chances of landing a winning combination because the probability is very low. The same goes for low volatility, where less risk is involved but rewards are also limited in size but more frequently happen.

Wild Symbol:

Wild symbols are actually customizable gaming symbols that can transform into any other symbol that is required to make a winning combination. You can use these symbols when all other symbols are in the right positions and one symbol is not in the right position.

Then this wild symbol will turn that irrelevant symbol into the one you were looking for, thus completing the winning combination.

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