10 most popular JILI slot machine real money philippines

10 most popular JILI slot machine real money philippines

JILI SLOT is currently the hit online slot machine real money right now in the PHP. EsballPH HaloWin have organized the Top 10 best slot online game produced by JILI Games. Try these hottest jili slot right away!

Game Introduction

The hottest online slots in 2022! At real money slots are one of the most popular games. Especially JILI slot games, which attracts many Filipino players with its multiple paylines and high bonuses! We have handpicked 10 of the most popular slot demos from the nearly 10,000 slots at EsballPH HaloWin Casino.

We've handpicked 10 of the most popular slot demos from EsballPH HaloWin Casino's nearly 10,000 slot demos that players will love to play. All you need to do is sign up at EsballPH HaloWin Casino to get the signup bonus and try them out right away.

Top 10 JILI Slot Machine Real Money in the Philippines

EsballPH HaloWin Casino offers thousands of JILI slot games and you can play all the demos here. As long as you bet on JILI slot machines, you stand a chance to win exclusive bonuses, can find these promotions in the JILI slot menu. The higher your bet amount, the more bonuses you can unlock! You must try, have fun! Your chances of winning the bonus are also higher.

1. Crazy 777 Slot Game

Crazy 777 slot game a classic image, RTP high to 99%. It is also a slot game with low volatility, which means you have more chances to win. A perfect slot game for those who want to get frequent rewards! Crazy 777 slot game is very simple. As long as there are 3 consecutive patterns online, you can get awards and a bonus of up to 3333 times. There is a special reward plus the carousel on the right, which provides more winning combinations. What's more exciting is, it has a high 99% RTP, which is the highest among all JILI slot machines. Now know why everyone is crazy about JILI slot machines, and the first one will think of Crazy 777!

Crazy 777 Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Crazy 777 Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 99%
  • Highest bonu: 3333x
  • Easy for all level

2.Ali Baba Slot Game

Ali Baba slot game is a thrilling game from JILI slot. This slot is 32,400 paylines and megaways. The game features some impressive graphics which enhance the vibrant Arabian theme, including a thieves, ring, blade, golden coins, dais, princess and number characters.

Ali Baba Slot Machine, Alibaba Bet Slots Games

Ali Baba slot Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 98.62%
  • Highest bonu: 2000x
  • 3 lions scatter symbols can get the free spin
  • get a long sword in the free spin to double the bonus

3.Money Coming Slot Game

Who says that machines with simple gameplay can't make money? Money Coming In can easily turn your imagination upside down and anyone can challenge this lucrative bonus! The image is indeed similar to JILI Slot "777". They are both single line games, but Money Coming is simpler.

Only the number of connections in the Money Coming game corresponds to the number of rewards. When you bet more, you can unlock more rewards, get the SCATTER symbol and you will have the chance to spin the lucky reels in the top left corner, and as soon as you enter the lucky reels, you will definitely get the rewards! The betting limit on Money Comes is not very high, but it has the highest 10,000x prize of all Guinness slots. It also has a jackpot bonus system and a whopping 98.22% RTP, and with the various low volatility features, all players who love this money will need to spend some time waiting patiently for the jackpot to appear.

Money Coming Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Money Coming Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 98.22%
  • Highest bonu: 1000x
  • The maximum bonus is 10,000 times
  • As long as you enter the lucky roulette, you must win the bonus

4.Jungle King Slot Game

The visually sophisticated cinema experience of King of the Jungle slot game will make you feel like you are there. When you see King Kong climbing a skyscraper in free spins, you know the powerful scenes designed by JILI Slot are shocking, no wonder many players love this game. King of the Jungle is an extension of the movie King Kong. What's more eye-catching is that once you enter the free spins, a cinematic scene will appear before the player's eyes.

Jungle King will jump on skyscrapers and your goal is to shoot down the plane. As long as you collect 3 planes, you will not only get double your winnings, but also extra free spins! Its greatest feature is the variety of winning combinations. As long as there are more than 3 scatter symbols, you can enter the free game. You can also collect Silver Stars to make random symbols pop up.

Jungle King Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Jungle King Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97.85%
  • Highest bonu: 2000x
  • Easy free spin: get 3 scatter symbols to enter the free spin
  • Let King Kong hit more planes to get more bonus

5.Charge Buffalo Slot Game

One of JILI Slot most featured games, the wild North America Yellow stone national park. Charge Buffalo has a high volatility rate. As long as it is matched with multiple paylines, the winning rate will also increase. Players can earn buffalo coins as much as they like in the game, in exchange for a large number of free games, like a running buffalo!
Charge Buffalo has a surprising 4096 paylines and no limit free spin. With the wild symbol, you can save countless free spins. You can also get up to 200 free spins when you roll out 6 scatter coins in a row you can get more than 100~200 free spins, as long as you get the super prize, a group of wild animals buffalo will rush out to congrats you, this game is energetic.

Charge Buffalo Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Charge Buffalo Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97.35%
  • Highest bonu: 4000x
  • Up to 200 times free spin

6.Chin Shi Huang Slot Game

If you love constant combos, you must try this Chin Shi Huang slot game! Continuing hitting the combo! This Chin Shi Huang game is based on ancient Chinese background has quite high popularity and evaluation in the community. Players can not only enjoy the thrill of successive victories, but the medium volatility is also a part of the games feature.

Chin Shi Huang slot game not only does it have a large chessboard with 4096 paylines, when the symbol is matched and eliminated, but it will be replaced with a different symbol immediately, and the prize will be re-matched, which is equal to the total number of combos without limit, and when the Great Wall appears in lines 1- 6, you can enter the free spin. When there are golden dragons in the game, each golden dragon can accumulate the number of free games, and the number of rounds and odds can be increased at the same time in the free game, which is quite suitable for small amounts and multiple bets.

Chin Shi Huang Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Chin Shi Huang Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97.23%
  • Highest bonu: 2000x
  • infinity bonus chance
  • 6×4 line, free spin with higher odds

7.Xi Yang Yang Slot Game

Explosive visual image, Light the firecrackers, make the coins rain! Players can look forward to the art scenes and the grand prize. How to 4 ways get free spin: Wild Symbol, Garantte symbol, Bigger prize, Same symbol, which will be triggered randomly in the game.

The Chinese character of Xi Yang Yang is 喜洋洋, which represents the traditional Chinese festive greetings. It means happy (欢喜,) safe (平安,) and auspicious (吉祥.) It has special 3, 5, 5, 5, and 5 reels, and a total of 40 paylines. Besides the different ways to enter free spin, Xi Yang Yang also creates a lively atmosphere. If you win, the two little girls next to you will light up the firecrackers, and the symbols will explode and fall from above.

Xi Yang Yang Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Xi Yang Yang Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97.18%
  • Highest bonu: 888x
  • 4 ways to get the free spin

8.Golden Empire Slot Game

Everyone's dream of adventure can lead you to more treasures as the Golden Empire slot game progresses! Golden Empire has a unique golden frame symbol design, up to 32400 paylines, although the odds are low compared to others, but the number of victories is guaranteed to make you soft.

As long as the golden frame is successfully eliminated, it can be transformed into a wild symbol. The numbers 1 to 4 will be displayed, representing the number of times that it can be eliminated continuously, and as long as you collect 4 scattered SCATTERs, you can get more than 8 free spins. This greatly increases the number of matches. Players can often see the paylines matching successfully as if they have obtained endless treasures in the golden empire!

Golden Empire Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Golden Empire Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97.06%
  • Highest bonu: 2000x
  • Special 32400 payline, 8 free games chances
  • Exclusive golden frame symbol, which can be changed to increase matching opportunities

9.Bubble Beauty Slot Game

Bubble Beauty is most gorgeous slot game from JILI, our mermaid sweetheart is there always, play your slot game with the cute mermaid, her gentle smile seemed to wish you victory.Have a romantic encounter with the beautiful mermaid.

In the game, a lot of bubbles with points will be blown up from the bottom, free spins are replaced by “bubble parties”. As long as you are patient and keep betting, you will have a chance to win a big prize. When the diamond heart accumulates to 3 or more, it will immediately enter more than 10 rounds of free spins, and the diamond love heart will become a fixed wild symbol until the match is gone.

Bubble Beauty Slot Game Must Play Reasons

Bubble Beauty Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 97%
  • Highest bonu: 1000x
  • No free spin here, only Sweet mermaid accompany you through the bubble party!
  • Point count bubble in every round, earn extra bonus

10.War Of Dragons Slot Game

The most creative design in War Of Dragons. Players choose free games by themselves, Players must choose one of the white, red, black, blue, and yellow dragons to get 10~25 free spins, rewards are in 5 different odds.
This game is quite suitable for rookies who just started playing slot machines. whether it is the odds, choice of free spin, and random red envelopes, it gives players a series of surprises and rewards. When 3 scatters appear on the 1~3 reels at the same time, you can enter the free game of Dragon Kingdom. as long as the red envelope appears in the free spin, you can get an extra bonus of up to 2x.

War Of Dragons Slot Game Must Play Reasons

War Of Dragons Must Play Reasons

  • High RTP 96.54%
  • Highest bonu: 2000x
  • 5 kinds of free spin, up to 25 times
  • Extra bonus in the free spin, great odds and prize
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