FC FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Demo

We offer a risk-free FC Chinese New Year 2 Slot Demo for players to practice before making money. Fachai free 100 no deposit bonus related casino activities are also available.

FC FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Demo

Chinese New Year 2 Game Introduction

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Demo

Chinese New Year 2 Slot by Fa Chai Gaming is a slot game themed around Chinese folklore. According to the Chinese Lunar New Year, a ferocious creature known as the "Nian Beast" appears during the winter and is notorious for breaking into homes in the middle of the night and devouring humans. In order to drive away this beast, people light campfires and set off firecrackers in front of their homes.

Chinese New Year 2 features a 5x3 layout, 243 paylines and a betting range from ₱0.6 to ₱600. The game has a maximum win potential of x16,800, offering exciting possibilities.

When firecracker symbols line up on all 5 reels, a free game is triggered! Players can enjoy free spins with multipliers and extra spins, a bonus bet feature and wild symbols to increase your chances of winning big.

Additionally, the game offers the option to play in chinese new year 2 demo mode on our website, allowing players to explore its features risk-free before starting real-life operations. Players can take advantage of fachai free 100 no deposit bonus promotion at EsballPH online casino when playing the real money version of Chinese New Year 2 Slot. This promotion provides players with a chance to receive a free bonus of ₱100 without the need to make a deposit. By utilizing this bonus, players can extend their gaming session and potentially increase their winnings without risking their own funds. Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize your gaming experience and win big with Chinese New Year 2 Slot at EsballPH online casino!

How to Get FaChai Free 100 no Deposit Bonus?

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FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Machine Game info

  • Slot Providers: Fa Chai (FC)
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Game Volatility: High
  • Max Win: 16800X
  • Betways: 243 Ways
  • Pay Lines: 5 reels, 3 rows

Chinese New Year 2 Slot, Get FaChai Free 100 Slot Bonus

How to Play Chinese New Year 2 Slot Machine?

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Paytable:

Item Odds Item Odds Item Odds Item Odds
chinese-new-year 5 x 500
4 x 150
3 x 50
chinese-new-year 5 x 200
4 x 80
3 x 40
chinese-new-year 5 x 175
4 x 60
3 x 30
chinese-new-year 5 x 125
4 x 40
3 x 25
chinese-new-year 5 x 100
4 x 20
3 x 10
chinese-new-year 5 x 90
4 x 15
3 x 8
chinese-new-year 5 x 80
4 x 12
3 x 6
chinese-new-year 5 x 70
4 x 10
3 x 5

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Extra Bet Function:

  • Extra Bet is 1.5 X the original bet. Upon activation, the chance of entering FREE GAME will be increased by 100%.
  • The system starts automatically if it is disconnected or no operation has been made over 10 seconds when it is in auto status.

How to Get FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Free Game?

  1. Triggering FREE GAME: When SCATTER icons appear on all five reels, players can activate the FREE GAME feature and choose from various bonus options.
  2. Selecting Bonus Multipliers: Players have the opportunity to receive additional multipliers during FREE GAME rounds. They can choose from different game options, such as 18 FREE GAME 2X all wins, 13 FREE GAME 3X all wins, 8 FREE GAME 6X all wins, 5 FREE GAME 9X all wins, and 3 FREE GAME 18X all wins. When triggering more than 5 FREE GAMES, the minimum multiplier is 3, and the maximum multiplier is 72.
  3. Increasing Free Games: In FREE GAME mode, when five or more SCATTER symbols appear, players can receive more than 13 free games.
  4. Multiple Free Game Rounds: Players can trigger FREE GAMES multiple times, potentially earning up to 100 free games.
  5. Maintaining Multiplier Consistency: When the FREE GAME feature is triggered again, the multiplier remains the same as when it was initially triggered.
  6. Automatic Gameplay Feature: In the automatic gameplay state, if the game line is disconnected or there is no player input for more than 10 seconds, the system will automatically resume play.
FREE GAME Options Retrigger Maximum Multiple Retrigger Highest Number of Games
18 FREE 2X All WINS 8X 100 GAMES
13 FREE 3X All WINS 12X
8 FREE 6X All WINS 24X
5 FREE 9X All WINS 36X
3 FREE 18X All WINS 72X

How to Play FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Free Game

How to Win FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Tricks?

  1. Start with a Recommended Bet: Initiate your FaChai Chinese New Year 2 slot experience with a recommended bet of 0.9 pesos. This not only triggers additional betting mechanics but also offers an opportunity for potential quick wins in a fair play setting.
  2. Set and Stick to Your Initial Bet: Decide on your bet amount before starting your FaChai Chinese New Year 2 slot session and avoid changing it. Consistency with your initial bet can increase your chances of winning and help avoid unnecessary losses, as spending more time on the same bet tends to yield larger wins.
  3. Optimize Free Spins: Triggering free spins in FaChai Chinese New Year 2 slot is straightforward. Maintain a consistent bet size throughout the game to maximize your chances of launching free spins frequently, leading to valuable bonuses.
  4. Take Breaks after Big Wins: If you achieve a significant win on the FaChai Chinese New Year 2 slot, consider taking a break. Slot machines tend to offer minimum rewards after substantial wins, and free spins become less frequent. Taking breaks after big wins can help maximize your overall winning potential.
  5. Set Win-Loss Limits: Establish clear boundaries for your gaming session by setting win and loss limits. Whenever you attain a substantial bonus (30% increase or more), consider pausing your gameplay. Additionally, if you lose one-third of your available gaming account funds, it's advisable to conclude the gaming session.
  6. Participate in Promotions and get Bonuses: Make the most of bonuses and promotions provided by EsballPH online casino. These may consist of welcome bonuses, FaChai free 100 no deposit bonus, and loyalty rewards, all of which can contribute to increasing your funds and prolonging your gaming experience.

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Big Win Bonus:

How to Win FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Game

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Big Win Bonus

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Payline Rule:

  • Combining neighboring patterns from left to right on the roller results in a combo bonus.
  • If any game result can’t be determined due to any failure, the game will not hold.

FaChai Chinese New Year 2 Slot Payline Rule

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