CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – Dollar Signs Provide Grant Jackpot

Mr. Rich is a upper-class-themed online slot game made by CQ9 Gaming. Become his friend, live his fancy life, own his Dollar Signs and get Grant Jackpot up to x3,000!

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – Dollar Signs Provide Grant Jackpot

Mr. Rich Game Introduction

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – Game Intro

Private jet, fancy yacht and luxurious mansion? Get specific amount of Scatters in free spins for a chance to win the maximum of 100 free spins plus 1500x tops perks! Be the next Mr. Rich and live the posh life!

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 1

Still dreaming of becoming a millionaire? Just wake up! Mr. Rich will bring you to make a big fortune so that you’ll get mansions, private planes, yachts, luxury cars in real life!

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 2

Mr. Rich is one of the best game masters, follow him, the top prize 1,500 times of bet is at your fingertips! Not only that, he will also share the treasure he owns with you. As long as you are as bold as him and bet with courage, you can become his friends and enjoy wealth and honor.

Start you inexhaustible plutocrat life from Mr. Rich and become a millionaire on your own!

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – How To Play?

Main Game

  • Rich is a kind of high-multiple 1024-road slot machine game.
  • In the 1024-road game, you can get the big lottery as long as the icon on the roller appears from left to right for more than 3 consecutive times.

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 3

  • Rich is a game designed themed at Billionaire carrying the dream of becoming rich at childhood.
  • Here, you can also follow the master of our game - Mr. Rich to grab and accumulate the wealth step by step to realize the dream of being rich!

Game Features

  • There are a lot of stacked Big Prize icons in the roller so that the player can match five same icons to score up to 500 points.
  • When there is 3 or 4 or 5 Free Game icons appear in the roller, the player can get 10, 15 or 25 rounds of Free Games and obtain at most 10 times of betting amount as award.

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 4

Free Game

  • In a Free Game, when three or more Mr. Rich "Free Game icons" appears again, players can continue to accumulate Free Games up to a maximum of 100 rounds!
  • And when the “WILD icon” of the Treasury pattern appears on the score line, the score of the matching will be multiplied by an additional multiple, up to five times as much.

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 5

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – Payouts

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 6

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game – Big Win

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 7

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 8

CQ9 Mr. Rich Slot Game 9

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