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CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game, Luck Knock The Door – Jackpot Hit The Floor

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game, Luck Knock The Door – Jackpot Hit The Floor

Great Lion is a new-year-themed online slot game powered by CQ9 Gaming. Embrace the happiness and great fortune come at your door with masses of x4,000 Jackpot!

Great Lion Game Introduction

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game – Game Intro

Embrace the great luck as happiness and fortune come at your door! The featuered WILD symbol expands for easier scoring. Regular 3rd reel unfolding with WILD symbol displayed in free spins will award you at max. 4000x perks! You're bound for overflowing luck and the masses of prize money!

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 1

Say goodbye to the old year with firecrackers, worry is gone, treasure is coming!

Since ancient times, the lion symbolizes the status of the king, giving people prosperity and auspiciousness. Once the dragon and lion dance, which represents China’s classic cultural tradition appears, wealth and peace will follow. Just as the WILD feature in the game, the function will definitely bring you unique joy!

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 2

 “Great Lion” is a game that is suitable for you to play at anytime and anywhere, which makes sure that fortune will always follow you!

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game – How To Play?

Main Game

  • Great Lion is a 20-icon matching slot game featured with WILD.
  • According to the matching rules, more than three icons appear continuously from left to right on the roller, the matching will be triggered to win the lottery.

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 3

  • The game is themed at the traditional art of lion dance in Chinese culture. The icons are filled with various musical instruments such as war drums, gongs, firecrackers and so on.
  • With each rotation of the roller, you can feel the strong Chinese style and the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the New Year. Through this game, this beautiful treasure of Chinese culture will be presented to players with blessings.
  • The dancing lion is the used as the WILD icon and the WILD function is also the soul of the game.
  • The ear-splitting gong is used as the Free Game icon. When more than 3 icons are matching, up to 10 times the bet reward can be obtained.

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 4

Game Features

  • When the WILD icon with lion dance pattern appear on the 2, 3 and 4 rollers are matched and connected, the lion dance will open the New Year couplets and cover the whole roller with the matching patterns for the second matching score.
  • When the Free Game icon appears at least 3 times, you can get up to 12 free games, accumulating up to 100 games.

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 5

Free Game

  • In Free Games, the extended WILD icon stays fixed to the third roller, giving the player more opportunities to match and connect the icons with each wheel spinning.
  • Wild appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and can expand to award additional winning combinations.
  • 3, 4 Free Game bonus symbols appears anywhere on reels 1, 2, 4, 5 trigger 8, 12 Free Spins. Players can retrigger Free Game mutilple times, with maximum of 100 rounds.
  • During Free Game, bonus triggered will be equal to the betting amount.

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 6

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game – Payouts

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 7

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game – Big Win

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 8

CQ9 Great Lion Slot Game 9

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