9 Slot Machine Terms Jargon Phrases, That Every Player must understand

Here, EsballPH HaloWin lists the Paying online slots in the Slot Machine Terms 9 Jargon Phrases and what you should look for to maximize your own payouts no matter what game you're playing.

9 Slot Machine Terms Jargon Phrases, That Every Player must understand

Game Introduction

Have you ever found yourself playing Slot Machine Terms that you might not even fully understand?

Knowing and understanding these terms will make your gaming sessions much more enjoyable, regardless if you're playing online or in a real land-based casino. Here are the most important terms that every slot player should know.

Players choose which slots to play based on different criteria, but many people want to play the Highest Paying Slots. With so many options, it can be hard to find the games you want straight away, and which are the Highest Paying slot games take up too much of your time compared to the time you actually spend playing them. Check out this list of slot machine terms and learn the slot lingo to avoid costly mistakes Slot machines are extremely easy to learn and don’t require too much skill to play. This makes them a prevalent feature in all casinos worldwide. With that in mind, like any other casino game in the world, slot games come with their terminology.

Best Paying Online Slots Description, How Slot Payout Rates Are Determined

Payout rates for online slots are measured using something called RTP, or Return to Player. This is a number that represents how much of game wagers are returned to players in the form of winnings and payouts on average.

For example, an RTP rate of 95% means that for every ₱100 a player bets on a particular slot machine, it pays out an average of ₱95. This means that out of this 100 euros, 5 euros will go to the house, which gives us a 5% house edge. The slots banker advantage and RTP percentage always add up to 100.

This tells us that maximizing the RTP will have the same effect as minimizing the banker advantage, which is the goal of many players who want to have the best chance of winning and prevailing in their sessions.

9 Jargon Phrases to Play Slot Machine Games

Whether it is a physical slot machine or an online slot machine, new players playing original online slot games will definitely be exposed to a lot of slot machine terms, and if they do not understand the meaning of these terms, the player gaming experience will naturally be greatly reduced.

  • RTP
  • Jackpot
  • Feature Game
  • Pay Table
  • Win Lines
  • Bonus Symbol
  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • Multipliers

1. Slot Machine Terms - RTP

RTP is the acronym for return to player and is one of the most important indicators for playing slot machines. The higher the figure, the better it is for the player. The RTP of a common slot machine game falls between 85% and 98%.

In addition, many people confuse the meaning of RTP and HF (hit rate, winning probability), mistakenly believing that an RTP of 95% means a high probability of winning 95%.

2. Slot Machine Terms - Jackpot

Jackpot translates to a progressive jackpot or jackpot. This term is not only used in slot machine games, but also in the lottery industry. But the Jackpot has nothing to do with slots or lotteries in the first place but originates from an old poker gambling game. The rules of the game are as follows: each player is dealt five face-down concealed cards and can swap a certain number of cards after the first call. However, no one can start calling until they have two Jacks, and before calling, each player must bet a certain amount of money to form the pot for the hand. After a few rounds of calling, the bets will accumulate and the final winner will receive all the money. Jackpot is a combination of the words Jack and pot.

Slot games with Jackpot are also known as Progressive Jackpot Slot (or just Progressive Slot) and are divided into two categories: single machine progressive (sap) and multi-machine progressive (lap), which can be subdivided into more different types of progressive and payout mechanisms. This type of slot machine takes a certain amount of the player's money and puts it into the progressive jackpot, creating a huge jackpot. Jackpot jackpots are generally limited to three chips, so players should not play progressive slots if they are only betting one chip at a time.

3. Slot Machine Terms - Feature Game

Usually, online slot machine designers and developers are more likely to come across these two terms, but it's best for the average player to understand the difference between them. A Feature Game, also known as the Main Game, is a game where the player pays to press the Spin button each time they spin the reels, while a Feature Game is a game that will only run when the player touches certain conditions.

Feature games can generally be divided into two categories: free games and bonus games. Free games mean that players get one or several chances to play the main game for free. This online casino is full of sincerity.

There are many kinds of bonus games, which are unlocked through various winning combinations or a specific number of bonus symbols during the game. I've seen card draws, roulette wheels, bets on size, and even RPG-like mini-games, and there are really a lot of them. After completing tasks in the bonus games, players can get multipliers (Multipliers, more on what multipliers are later), free games, or additional bonuses. However, these bonus games are triggered randomly, purely by luck and without any skill.

4. Slot Machine Terms - Pay Table

Also known as the pay table, slot games come in a variety of styles and there are no specific rules when it comes to calculating payouts. The first thing a player should do before placing a bet to improve the odds and win an attractive jackpot is to check the pay table that comes with the game. The pay table will definitely list the value of the various symbols for the player to see, and another more important piece of information is the Win Lines, which are described below.

5. Slot Machine Terms - Win Lines

Paylines, or winning lines, or payout lines, are one or more lines across the reels of a slot machine where a winning symbol appears and a prize is awarded, or simply put, a specified winning combination, which is the basic feature of the slot machine.

Players can choose to bet on a single or multiple paylines, or they can bet for the entire spin, or even both at the same time. Generally, a horizontal line from left to right is used as a winning guideline, while there are some paylines that count on both ends, doubling the odds of winning. Simple winning lines are combinations that run directly across the reels, or there are more complex ones, such as the zigzag lines pictured below.

Most online slots have a minimum of 20, if not over 1,000 paylines, with the most common number of multiple lines being 243 on five reels, i.e. 3x3x3x3x3=243, meaning that all possible reel positions with the same symbol, regardless of the top and middle, will trigger a win. The number of paylines determines the way to win, however, only one win is possible on the same payline, and only one bonus will be paid out in the same line even if the same symbols reach the mark and extra bonus symbols appear. Each line selected requires an additional bet, so the more lines you select, the bigger the bet.

6. Slot Machine Terms - Bonus Symbol

Bonus symbols, as opposed to the usual regular symbols, are the ones that trigger additional free games or bonus games. The common bonus symbols are Scatter, Wild and Free Spins, with Free Spins being the free games (free spins) mentioned earlier, while Scatter and Wild are slightly more complicated, so we'll pull them out separately to explain in detail.

7. Slot Machine Terms - Scatter

Scatter is an important key to unlocking the slot. It does not need to be in a continuous line or appear on a payline to be considered a win. It can appear in any position on the reels and can open up free games or other bonus features, and is one of the Highest Paying symbols available in slots.

8. Slot Machine Terms - Wild

Wild is a multi-line game wild that replaces all symbols except Scatter and automatically imitates other symbols when it appears. As the development of video slots has become more and more varied, developers have started to make more creative breakthroughs with the traditional Wild symbols, giving rise to various variations of the same symbols and thus creating multiple winning combinations.

Among them is the popular Expanding Wild, which, when it appears on a scroll, expands across the scroll as a universal symbol, covering whatever symbol appears. Sticky Wild, which usually appears in the free game session, functions like the standard Wild. After the first appearance, it remains on the reels even after several spins until the end of the free session.

Similar to the Sticky Wild, the Shifting Wild does not disappear when it appears, but will move from reel to reel when it spins again, combining with the newly appearing symbols to create new winning lines until all the Wild are fully activated. Some games have a Stacked Wild, which is usually a group of 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols that can cover some or all of the reels. Random Wild is also a function that converts other symbols, but in a random way.

9. Slot Machine Terms - Multipliers

Multipliers, or "multiples", multiply all winnings by a specific number, e.g. x2 will double the winnings and x3 will triple them, and are one of the features of slot games.

In addition, there is a slot machine called EsballPH HaloWin Slot, where the jackpot is proportional to the amount of chips the player has wagered. For example, if there is a winning line, betting 1 coin wins 10 coins, betting 2 coins wins 20 coins, betting 3 coins wins 30 coins and so on. This slot will not lower your odds of winning by betting only one coin at a time, so it is suitable for players who prefer to bet only one coin at a time.

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