Pragmatic Play Starlight Princess 1000 Slot

Pragmatic Play Starlight Princess 1000 Slot

Starlight Princess 1000 is a 5×6 plaid slot game launched by Pragmatic Play. It utilizes the flip feature to provide a higher chance of winning. RTP 96.5% and jackpots up to 15,000x your stake.

Starlight Princess 1000 Game Introduction

Starlight Princess 1000 is a slot machine game launched by Pragmatic Play. It uses colored gems to fill a 5×6 grid, and the Tumble Feature provides players with a higher chance of winning. The RTP is as high as 96.5%, and the jackpot is as high as 15,000 of your stake.

The game includes three bonus rounds: Tumble Feature, multiplier symbols and a bonus round with a global win multiplier mechanism. Winning symbols are removed and replaced via the rollover mechanism, and this will continue as long as you continue to win.

Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play low paying symbols include five different colored gem symbols. Eight of a kind pays 0.25x-1x the stake. Symbols with higher payouts include stars, moons, hearts and sun symbols.

Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play multiplier symbols (ranging from x2 to x1000) can appear anywhere on the grid during a spin or tumble, increasing potential winnings.

Triggered by landing 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols, the Free Spins round rewards 15 spins with the chance of extra spins and increased multipliers. Players can purchase the bonus round for 100x their stake, giving them immediate access to the free spins feature.

Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play Slot Free Play

Starlight Princess 1000 Background

  • Visual Presentation: Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play maintains the charming visual style of its predecessor, featuring cute animations and a floating princess character. While her constant presence and laughter may become repetitive, the addition of multiplier symbols adds excitement to the gameplay.
  • Theme and Setting: Step into the enchanting world of Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play, an anime-themed slot game set in the realm of the Star Princess who resides among the clouds. The princess gracefully glides across the screen, accompanied by a gentle shower of stars, adding a touch of magic to the game's aesthetics.
  • Game Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere as you spin the reels, accompanied by a tranquil soundtrack that complements the anime theme perfectly. The soothing melodies create a calming ambiance, enhancing the overall gaming experience and providing a delightful backdrop for your spins.

How to Play Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play?

  1. Winning Combination Calculation: In Starlight Princess 1000 slot, winning combinations are determined based on the total number of identical symbols anywhere on the screen at the conclusion of each spin. This means that symbols can pay out from any position on the reels, offering flexibility in forming winning combinations.
  2. SCATTER Symbol and Multipliers: The SCATTER symbol is a key feature in Starlight Princess 1000 slot, appearing on all reels and providing payouts regardless of its position on the screen. Additionally, all wins in the game are multiplied by the base bet, enhancing the potential rewards for players.
  3. Free Spins and Total Win: Upon triggering the free spins round, players are awarded with a set number of spins. The total win accumulated during the free spins is awarded to the player at the conclusion of the round, and this total win is recorded in the game's history. It's important to note that the free spins total win encompasses the entire win from the cycle.
  4. Game Controls and Betting Limits: Players can initiate and stop spins using the SPACE and ENTER buttons on the keyboard, providing convenient control over the gameplay. Furthermore, Starlight Princess 1000 slot offers a range of betting options to accommodate different preferences, with a minimum bet of P1.00 and a maximum bet of P6,250.00.
  5. Malfunction and Game Integrity: As with any game, it's essential to ensure fair play and integrity. In the event of a malfunction, all pays and plays are voided, maintaining the integrity of the gaming experience. This ensures that players can enjoy a reliable and transparent gameplay environment.

Starlight Princess 1000 Slot Tumble Feature:

  • Tumble Feature Overview: In Starlight Princess 1000 Slot , the Tumble Feature adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay. After every spin, winning combinations are paid out, and all winning symbols vanish from the screen. The remaining symbols then cascade downwards, filling in the empty positions with symbols falling from above.
  • Continuous Tumbling Action: Tumbling action continues until no further winning combinations result from the cascade of symbols. Importantly, there's no limit to the number of possible tumbles, offering ample opportunities for players to secure consecutive wins within a single spin.
  • Accumulated Wins and Balance Update: All wins generated from the tumbling sequences are accumulated and added to the player's balance once all tumbles resulting from a base spin have been resolved. This ensures that players can easily track their winnings and enjoy the fruits of their successful spins.
  • Multiplier Symbols in Action: Multiplier symbols play a significant role in enhancing the potential rewards in Starlight Princess 1000 Slot . These symbols can appear randomly on all reels during both base game spins and free spins rounds. Upon hitting, a multiplier symbol selects a random multiplier value ranging from 2x to an impressive 1000x.
  • Variety of Multiplier Values: The multiplier symbols offer a wide range of potential multiplier values, including 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, and 1000x. These diverse multiplier values contribute to the excitement and anticipation of each spin, as players eagerly await the possibility of landing a significant multiplier.
  • Final Multiplier Calculation: At the conclusion of the tumbling sequence, the values of all multiplier symbols present on the screen are tallied together. The total win of the sequence is then multiplied by the final cumulative value of these multiplier symbols, potentially leading to substantial payouts for lucky players.

Starlight Princess 1000 Slot Paytable:

Starlight Princess 1000 Slot Paytable

How to Get Starlight Princess 1000 Free Play?

  1. Triggering Free Spins: In Pragmatic Play Starlight Princess 1000, the Free Spins Feature is activated when players land 4 or more SCATTER symbols anywhere on the screen. This exciting bonus round offers players the chance to boost their winnings without risking additional bets.
  2. Initial Free Spins Allocation: Upon triggering the Free Spins Feature, players are immediately awarded 15 free spins to kickstart the bonus round. These free spins provide ample opportunities to rack up wins and potentially unlock further bonuses.
  3. Accumulating Multipliers: During the Free Spins round, the appearance of a MULTIPLIER symbol alongside a winning spin adds its value to the total multiplier. This accumulated multiplier grows as players progress through the bonus round, enhancing the potential rewards with each successful spin.
  4. Continuous Multiplier Application: Throughout the entire duration of the Free Spins round, any subsequent winning spin that involves a new MULTIPLIER symbol utilizes the total multiplier value accumulated thus far. This ensures that the excitement and potential for big wins persist as the bonus round unfolds.
  5. Additional Free Spins: The thrills of the Free Spins round can be prolonged with the chance to earn additional free spins. Landing 3 or more SCATTER symbols during the Free Spins round triggers an extra reward of 5 additional free spins, providing players with extended gameplay and more opportunities to secure rewards.
  6. Special Reels Enhance Gameplay: To further enhance the excitement and potential rewards during the Free Spins round, special reels come into play. These unique features add an extra layer of complexity and excitement to the bonus round, promising players an unforgettable gaming experience filled with anticipation and excitement.

How to Get Starlight Princess 1000 Free Play

Starlight Princess 1000 Slot ANTE BET Feature:

  • Selecting the Bet Multiplier: In Pragmatic Play Starlight Princess 1000, players have the flexibility to choose their bet multiplier, which directly impacts the game dynamics and potential rewards. Depending on the selected bet, players can unlock various features and opportunities to enhance their gaming experience.
  • Bet Multiplier Options: Two bet multiplier options are available for players to choose from, each offering distinct advantages and gameplay variations. The possible values include:
    • Bet Multiplier 25x: Opting for this multiplier doubles the chances of winning free spins naturally during gameplay. Additionally, more SCATTER symbols are introduced on the reels, heightening the excitement and potential for triggering bonus rounds. However, the FREE SPINS PURCHASE FEATURE is disabled at this multiplier level.
    • Bet Multiplier 20x: Choosing this multiplier grants players the ability to purchase a FREE SPINS ROUND by paying a value equal to 100x the total bet. This option provides an alternative path to accessing the lucrative free spins feature, offering players more control over their gaming experience and potential rewards.

How to Get Starlight Princess 1000 Free Play - 15 FRRE SPINS

Starlight Princess 1000 Slot BUY FREE SPINS:

  • Instant Free Spins Purchase: In Starlight Princess 1000, players have the option to instantly trigger the FREE SPINS ROUND from the base game by purchasing it for 100 times the current total bet. This feature provides a convenient way for players to access the exciting bonus round without waiting for natural triggers during regular gameplay.
  • Impact of 25x Ante Bet Feature: When the 25x ante bet feature is enabled, the BUY FREE SPINS feature becomes disabled. This adjustment ensures game balance and prevents players from accessing the FREE SPINS ROUND through direct purchase while benefiting from the enhanced features of the 25x ante bet.
  • Guaranteed Scatter Symbols: During the purchase of the FREE SPINS feature, players are guaranteed to receive four SCATTER symbols on the triggering spin. This guarantee increases the likelihood of activating the FREE SPINS ROUND, providing players with immediate access to the bonus gameplay and the chance to win lucrative rewards.

How to Get Starlight Princess 1000 Free Play - WIN 19,180

How to Win Starlight Princess 1000 Max Win?

  1. Begin with a Modest Stake: Start your journey into the enchanting realm of Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play with a humble bet of just 5 pesos. This modest stake sets the stage for an adventurous pursuit of victory and riches, allowing you to explore the game's mysteries with excitement and anticipation.
  2. Utilize Proven Strategies: Employ time-tested strategies recommended by seasoned players to enhance your gameplay in Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play. Consistently maintain your betting patterns to increase your chances of securing great rewards and overcoming challenges encountered along the way.
  3. Raise Your Stakes and Activate Ante Bet: Elevate the thrill by increasing your stakes to over 100 pesos and activating the Ante Bet feature in Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play. This unlocks coveted free spins rounds and opportunities to acquire multiplier symbols, intensifying the excitement of your gaming experience.
  4. Celebrate Your Achievements: Pause to acknowledge your accomplishments as you play Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play. Whether you achieve a significant win or reach a milestone, take a moment to relish the glory of your success and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.
  5. Practice Responsible Gambling: Establish clear boundaries between winning and losing and develop responsible gambling habits while playing Starlight Princess 1000 Pragmatic Play. Adhere to a one-third win-lose approach, setting limits for your gameplay to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience while minimizing the risk of potential losses.

How to Win Starlight Princess 1000 Max Win - NICE WIN 2,530

How to Win Starlight Princess 1000 Max Win - MEGA WIN 3,520

How to Win Starlight Princess 1000 Max Win - SENSATIONAL WIN 15,070

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