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Sevens Themed Slots Machine, 777 Slots Online Free

Sevens Themed Slots Machine, 777 Slots Online Free

Number 7 is very popular in slot machines, why is 7 a popular number in slot machines? we stop to think a bit, the number 7 is everywhere, 7 days a week, 7 deadly sins, there are 7 colours in rainbow and 7 wonders of the world, but if you pronounce "seven" in this language it sounds like life.

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Game Introduction

777 online casino philippines, 777 slots are among the most popular themed titles for slotheads across the globe. You will find that these types of slots have a 777 icon on one of the reels. In most cases, it is usually a sign of some great rewards ahead if you happen to land on it in your symbol arrangement.

To give you more insight into the associated titles, this is review will take a look at all the interesting details that you will find in the highest rated 777 slots online. We’ll also give you pointers on the best online casinos where you can play free 777 slots and even spend some real money for a chance at some solid rewards.

Play Free Jackpot 777 Themed Slots Machine

  1. Crazy 777 Slot Machine
  2. Star 97II Slot Machine
  3. Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine
  4. Super Shot Slot Machine
  5. Fantasy 777 Slot Machine
Crazy 777 Slot Machine
Jili Crazy 777 Slot Machine
BB Star 97II Slot Machine
BB Star 97II Slot Machine
Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine
KA Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine
Super Shot Slot Machine
KA Super Shot Slot Machine
Fantasy 777 Slot Machine
KA Fantasy 777 Slot Machine

The number 7 is very popular in China, because if you pronounce "seven" in this language it sounds like "life", but if we stop to think a bit, the number 7 is everywhere, 7 days a week, 7 deadly sins, there are 7 colours in a rainbow and 7 wonders of the world, so why is 7 a popular number in slot machines? Apart from being known as a lucky number, it is believed that it came from other casino games, like if you roll a 7 in a dice game it is classed as winning. So when casino slot machines appeared, it made sense to use the number 7 in this new style of betting. The number 7 is a symbol that is classed as traditional and often appears alongside the other traditional symbols of bars, cherries, bells and 777 that are found on retro/traditional slots that have one or three paylines, and you can play them for free.

1.Crazy 777 Slot Machine

Crazy 777 is a unique online slot game created by Jili Games inspired by classic slot games and the slot game is equipped with 3 reels and has 1 payline. You will find fun visuals including big icons in bright colors, white reels, a paytable above the matrix, and an abstract background image with orangey squares.

Jili Crazy 777 Slot Machine

How To Play Crazy 777 Slot Machine

  • Crazy 777 has special symbols that offer high payout rates . But the symbol that will give the highest payout rate is the three 777 numbers.
  • The expensive three 777 symbol is the hardest of all the symbols available in the game. The prize money is equal to the player's chosen bet in each round multiplied by the player's equity. Players must collect all 3 items.

2.Star 97II Slot Machine Game

Star 97II slot machine game (3 Reels, 8 Paylines). 777 is a three-reel, it has eight paylines. STAR 97II has its popularity not only because of the high 0% payout.

Super Bonus Mania Slot Machine

How to Play STAR 97II slot

Choose your bet size using the arrows or in the settings. For STAR 97II slot the minimum bet is 0 in the currency of your casino game account, and the maximum bet is 0. Now click spin or choose the auto spin feature, which allows you to spin the reel without your constant involvement. And pressing play again activates turbo spin mode. 

  • PS: If "7" appears, it is the winner.
  • FEVERStar 97II slot game oddsandimage:When the FEVER graph or the result has shown Cherry or Copper bells 3 in a line, the figure will be deducted by 1; and when the figure has been deducted to 0, a free game is available with a chance of jackpot in occurrence.

3.Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine

Bonus Mania Deluxe is an online slot game and is simply a modified version of classic fruit slot machines where you can expect to find retro symbols. There's no deep background story. As for the visuals, you can expect a bunch of colorful visual elements, white and green reels, a payout table above the reels and an abstract purple background image. This slot has such features as Free Spins and Scatter symbols. The bets vary from 6 to 1,500 considering the maximum win in 500,000.

Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine

How To Play Bonus Mania Deluxe Slot Machine

There are 3 reels and 1 payline in Bonus Mania Deluxe. However, there's the fourth reel in play that has three different multipliers x2, x5 and x10. Whenever you create a winning line with three symbols, it will be multiplied with the multiplier indicated at the fourth reel. This game has five basic symbols – a single bar, a double bar, a single red seven, a double red seven and a triple red seven symbol. Getting three matching symbols on a line will provide a prize. Any mix of three different icons also provides a prize. Finally, any three sevens or bars provide cash rewards.

4.Super 777 Shot Slot Machine

Super Shot Slot Machine has 20 paylines with a five-three grid layout and a max win of 200,000x. Features include bonus symbols and scatter symbols. The RTP is 96.04% and the volatility is medium. Seven regular symbols make up the paytable in the game. Super Shot is a 777 slot game and a firm favourite for fans of traditional casino or pub slot machines. The symbols are as old school as you would expect, featuring the single, double and triple Bars, the $, the red lucky number 7 and a Flaming 7.

Super 777 Shot Slot Machine

How To Play Super Shot Slot Machine

Super Shot has many bells but no whistles and follows the classic slot theme. Simplistic yet classy in its design, Super Shot’s gold and red rimmed game reel sits on a patterned deep blue and black background. The symbols are old-fashioned but have a timeless quality about them that will appeal to fans of classic slot games.

The soundtrack features a tight and funky instrumental groove that makes you feel like a winner just listening to it. However, KA Gaming like to interrupt their soundtracks with the game win noises. Their soundtrack also pauses after each spin, so it may be best to play in autospin mode.

5.Fantasy 777 Slot Machine

Fantasy 777 Slot Machine is a classic 3-reel, 20-payline slot games developed by KA Gaming. The machine attracts new and experienced online casino players with its simple and straightforward rules that allow receiving payouts with multipliers of up to x2000 per spin. Classic slot games with no extras are still very popular among experienced slot players. If you are into this kind of slots, you should check Fantasy 777. This online slot game made by KA Gaming comes with decent visuals including familiar symbols in specific colors, dark reels and abstract background in dark purple color.

Fantasy 777 Slot Machine

How To Play Fantasy 777 Slot Machine

There is only one changeable parameter in the Fantasy 777 video slot. Before starting the game, users can adjust the total bet by pressing the New Bet button and selecting the amount of 20, 100, 200, 500, or 2000 credits. All 20 paylines are active at any time during the game, and their number cannot be changed. Once they launch the slot in demo mode, players are automatically awarded 5,000 credits to their game balance. When they have run out of credits, the user can simply restart the slot to resume the game.

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