PG Soft Wild Bandito Slot

PG Soft Wild Bandito Slot

PG Soft Wild Bandito slot is an exciting 5x4 video slot game with features like wild symbol transformations and free spins for increased multipliers, with top prizes up to 25,000x your current stake.

Wild Bandito Game Introduction

Experience the excitement of the Wild West in PG Slot Games' Wild Bandito, a captivating 5-reel, 4-row video slot that promises exciting gameplay filled with free spins, gold-framed symbols and ever-increasing multipliers. With its Mexican-inspired theme and immersive gameplay, this slot is sure to appeal to fans of Western adventure.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West and enjoy symbols such as Tequila, Bandit Scatter, Gold Box, Cactus and Guitar. The game's thematic elements combined with engaging graphics ensure an unforgettable gaming experience that is reminiscent of Mexican culture and Western adventure.

Embrace the thrill of golden frames, a common feature of PG Soft games, with random symbol locations decorated with colored borders at the start of each spin. If a winning combination contains one or more box positions, they convert into wild symbols on subsequent spins. As winning combinations are removed from the reels, the multiplier value increases by 1x, making it possible to win huge prizes. There is no limit to how high the multiplier can climb - just keep winning and watch it soar. Trigger the Free Spins feature to get 12 free spins, during which the multiplier does not reset between spins. This feature provides the opportunity to reach higher multiplier values and maximize your winnings.

With a top prize of up to 25,000x your current stake, Wild Bandito gives you a chance to share in the riches of the Wild West. Saddle up and team up with Wild Bandito for an unforgettable adventure. With its exciting features, immersive theme and chance to win big, this slot is a must-play for fans of Western-themed games and slot machine enthusiasts. Spin the reels, outwit the robbers, and seize the riches of the Wild West!

Wild Bandito Slot, PG Soft Wild Bandito Game

Wild Bandito Background

Águila, meaning "Eagle," is a three-man Mexican gangster active on the Mexican border. They tour disguised as a mariachi band, performing from city to city during the day. At night, they would rob gold mines and sell the gold, making huge amounts of money. It is said that they are like an elf, moving so fast and quietly that no one can see their movements, and all the gold disappears in the blink of an eye.

The governor of Mexico offered a $30 million reward for Aguila's capture, dead or alive. However, this does not stop them as no one knows where they are hiding. People in the town used to say that when you heard the guitar player and vivela music at night, it meant the aguila was moving. Music will lead you to them! If you can capture them all, the 30 million cash reward is yours!

How to Play Wild Bandito Slot?

  1. Wild Bandito Slot Overview: Wild Bandito is a thrilling 5-reel, 4-row video slot game boasting features like Wild symbol transformation and free spins with an increasing multiplier, promising an exhilarating gaming experience.
  2. Gameplay Details: The game entails a 20 base bet for 1,024 fixed ways, offering flexibility with bet levels ranging from 1 to 10 and bet sizes from 0.03 to 0.90.
  3. Bet Configuration: Players can adjust the bet size, bet level, and bet amount using designated selectors, with the "Cash Wallet" displaying available funds for wagering.
  4. Automatic Spinning: Utilize the "Auto Spin" feature to automate gameplay for a predetermined number of rounds, enhancing convenience during extended gaming sessions.
  5. Paytable and Payouts: Winning combinations and payouts adhere to the comprehensive "Paytable," with cash winnings calculated by multiplying the bet size and level by the value indicated in the Paytable.
  6. Winning Mechanics: Wins are achieved when matching symbols align successively from the leftmost reel, with the total number of winning bet ways determined by adjacent winning symbols on each reel.
  7. Cascading Wins: After each round's payout, winning symbols explode, allowing symbols above to cascade down for new opportunities, potentially leading to additional winning combinations.
  8. Symbol Substitution: The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all symbols except the Scatter symbol, enhancing the likelihood of forming winning combinations.
  9. Gold Framed Symbols: Special Gold Framed symbols exclusively appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, offering unique rewards and enhancing gameplay excitement.
  10. Free Spins Feature: During the Free Spins Feature, triggered by specific conditions, gameplay occurs at the same bet size and level as the activating spin, offering consistent gaming dynamics and potential rewards.

PG Speed Winner Slot Game Basic Info

  • Provider: PG Soft
  • Session Volatility: Medium
  • RTP: 96.73%
  • Max Win: x25000

Wild Bandito Slot WILD, SCATTER and GOLD FRAMED Symbol

  • Wild Symbol's Power: Discover the remarkable ability of the Wild symbol in Wild Bandito Slot as it stands in for all symbols except the Scatter symbol. This versatile symbol holds the key to unlocking winning combinations and maximizing your chances of landing lucrative payouts.
  • Glittering Gold Framed Symbols: Keep an eye out for the exclusive Gold Framed symbols, which make their appearance solely on reels 2, 3, and 4 in Wild Bandito Slot. These shimmering symbols add a touch of opulence to your reels, hinting at the potential for exciting bonus features and substantial rewards.
  • Enigmatic Gold Framed Symbols: During each spin in Wild Bandito Slot, anticipate the appearance of Gold Framed symbols on reels 2, 3, and/or 4. These enigmatic symbols, excluding the Wild and Scatter symbols, captivate players with their allure and potential for rewarding outcomes.
  • Transformative Gold Framed Symbols: Experience the thrill of transformation as the Gold Framed symbols in Wild Bandito Slot evolve into Wild symbols. After every cascade of new symbols in a round, any Gold Framed symbol involved in a winning combination from the previous round undergoes a magical metamorphosis. Watch as these symbols turn into Wild symbols, paving the way for enhanced winning opportunities and an electrifying gameplay experience.

Wild Bandito Slot Payout Values Info

Wild Bandito Slot Payout Values Info

Wild Bandito Slot Multiplier Mechanism

  • Incremental win multiplier: Witness the exciting rise of the win multiplier in Wild Bandito slot, boosted with every winning spin. Whenever a winning symbol appears on the reels on any spin, the win multiplier increases by 1, guaranteeing ever-increasing rewards and higher levels of excitement with each consecutive win.
  • Initial win multiplier: Start your Wild Bandito slot adventure with win multipliers set at an auspicious x1. As you delve into the main game and spin the reels, this modest multiplier becomes the starting point for your journey to potentially huge payouts and exciting gameplay.

How to Get PG Soft Wild Bandito Free Play?

  1. Triggering Free Spins: Experience the thrill of Wild Bandito Slot's Free Spins Feature by landing 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, initiating a generous reward of 12 free spins. Furthermore, each additional Scatter symbol during the triggering spin will bestow an extra 2 free spins upon you, extending the excitement and potential for big wins.
  2. Enhanced Symbols in Free Spins: Enter the realm of free spins in Wild Bandito Slot to behold the mesmerizing transformation of symbols on reel 3. During this feature, all symbols, except the Wild and Scatter symbols, adorning reel 3 will gleam with golden frames, promising enhanced opportunities for lucrative wins and riveting gameplay.
  3. Initial Win Multiplier: Embark on your free spin adventure in Wild Bandito Slot with the win multiplier set at a promising x1. As you revel in the exhilarating rounds of free spins, this multiplier serves as the starting point for your journey towards amplified rewards and thrilling gameplay.
  4. Incremental Win Multiplier: Thrill as the win multiplier escalates with each winning spin during the Free Spins Feature of Wild Bandito Slot. Following any spin where winning symbols grace the reels, watch as the win multiplier surges ahead by 1, promising escalating rewards and heightened excitement with every consecutive win.
  5. Retriggering Free Spins: The excitement doesn't end with the initial batch of free spins in Wild Bandito Slot. With the potential for retriggering, your free spin adventure can extend even further. Keep your eyes peeled for additional Scatter symbols during the free spins round, as each one will grant you the opportunity to retrigger the feature, prolonging the excitement and enhancing your chances of securing substantial rewards.

How to Get PG Soft Wild Bandito Free Play?

How to Win Wild Bandito PG Soft?

  1. Recommended Starting Bankroll: Start your adventure in the PG Soft Wild Bandito slot with a recommended bankroll of ₱108. This initial stake sets the stage for chasing huge jackpots and unlocking extra spins throughout your gameplay journey.
  2. Stick with Your Initial Bet: Decide on your maximum risk tolerance before diving into the PG Soft Wild Bandito slot, and stick with it. Consistency is key, as maintaining your initial bet size increases your chances of winning big and prevents unnecessary losses.
  3. Increase Bet for Free Spins: Boost your chances of triggering free spins on the PG Soft Wild Bandito slot by increasing your stake. Elevating your bet size enhances the likelihood of landing the three scatter symbols necessary to unlock the thrilling bonus rounds.
  4. Take Breaks after Jackpot Wins: After securing a substantial jackpot win on the PG Soft Wild Bandito slot, consider taking a break. Slot games often provide smaller payouts and fewer bonus spins following significant wins, so stepping away temporarily can refresh your luck and increase your overall success.
  5. Set Win-Loss Limits: Safeguard your bankroll by establishing win-loss limits while playing the PG Soft Wild Bandito slot. If you achieve a significant win, such as a thirty percent or higher boost, contemplate exiting the game. Additionally, consider ending your gameplay session after depleting one-third of your virtual wallet funds to mitigate potential losses and maintain responsible gambling habits.

How to Win Wild Bandito PG Soft?

Introducing 1,024 Ways to Win in Wild Bandito Slot

  1. Betting method determined: In Wild Bandito slot, winning combinations are determined by the arrangement of symbols from the leftmost reel to the right. Only those symbols that form a continuous sequence in this direction contribute to the winning way of betting, thus increasing your chances of winning a big win.
  2. Calculation of winning bets: The total number of winning bets is carefully calculated for each symbol in the Wild Bandito slot. This calculation involves multiplying the number of adjacent winning symbols on each symbol, starting with the leftmost reel and moving to the right, ensuring a full assessment of potential winning combinations.
  3. Illustrative example: Let's illustrate this calculation with an example: Let's say there is a winning combination of 1 symbol on the first reel, 3 symbols on the second reel and 2 symbols on the third reel. The total number of winning bets will be calculated as 1x3x2, resulting in 6 potential winning combinations.
  4. Payout multiple: Once a winning bet has been determined, the payout of the winning symbol will be multiplied by the total number of winning bets. This ensures that players receive appropriate rewards for each winning combination, reflecting their level of success.
  5. Total bonus calculation: Taking the example mentioned earlier, if the payout for each winning combination is 10, the total prize will be calculated as 10 multiplied by the total number of winning bets (in this case 6), giving a final prize total of 60.
  6. A series of victory symbols: At the end of each pay round in Wild Bandito slot, all winning symbols will excitedly explode from the reels. This mesmerizing cascade of symbols creates space for new symbols to drop from above, setting the stage for potential extra wins in the next round.
  7. Extra win statistics: The excitement didn't end with the initial winning combination. In Wild Bandito slot, there is a chance for additional wins every round, as new symbols continue to drop and new winning combinations may be formed. This process continues until no more winning combinations can be calculated, maximizing your winning potential.
  8. Victory introduction: In Wild Bandito slot, all wins are clearly displayed in cash form, providing players with transparency and clarity on their earnings. This simple presentation ensures players can easily track their progress and enjoy the rewards they deserve.

Introducing 1,024 Ways to Win in Wild Bandito Slot

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