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JILI Bonus Hunter Slot

JILI Bonus Hunter Slot

This blog will introduce you to the Bonus Hunter Slot Machine. The content includes Bonus Hunter JILI Game Paytable, Demo, and Bonus and how to play and win JILI Bonus Hunter Game.

Bonus Hunter Game Introduction

Free Play Online JILI Bonus Hunter Slot Machine from JILI Slot Games, with the highest multiplier reaching an incredible 2000X!

Go now! Win JILI Bonus Hunter Slot and register as a new member to get FREE 100 Pesos PayMaya or FREE 100 Pesos GCash casino bonus. We also offer matching deposit bonuses for online payments to Filipino players. Such as "Deposit Get 10%, Bonus Up to ₱1,000 (Maya/Grab/Bank/USDT)".

JILI Bonus Hunter Slot Machine, Play Slot Game For Free!

Embark on a winning journey with the captivating Hot JILI Bonus Hunter Slot Machine Game Online! Triumph with every win, earning a +1 multiplier that persists until the round concludes. The excitement builds as your free game extends, potentially increasing all the way until the game's conclusion, with the highest multiplier reaching an incredible 2000X! Unleash the wild symbol by eliminating the golden frame in the Hot JILI Bonus Hunter slot. Keep eliminating, keep claiming bonuses, and witness the multiplier consistently soar. Join us and indulge in the invigorating thrill of victory!

Hunt your way to profit with our comprehensive guide below.

How to Play Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine

special features with:

  • 4x5 board, 1024Ways
  • The golden frame symbol turns into a wild after being eliminated
  • Multiplier of winning points for each successful elimination +1
  • Gold frame symbols are guaranteed in the third reel un the free games

How to Play Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine Paytable

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine paytable and symbols are as below:

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine Paytable

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine Free Play

There can only be one scatter on each wheel at a time. When there are 3 of them on board, you start a free game.Basic free game is 10 rounds, each additional scatter means the player can play +2 rounds, with no maximum limit.

  • In a free game, the third round is always a golden symbol!
  • Every time you get a match, the multiplier +1! The next time you get a match, the prize is multiplied by that multiplier.
  • While in a free game, the multiplier doesn't reset and it keeps stacking until the free game is over.
  • In a free game, when you get 3 scatter, you get +10 extra rounds, and +2 more rounds for each additional scatter.

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Golden Frame

  • This only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel.
  • After elimination will transform into Wild.

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Wild Card

  • WILDs count as any other symbols (except scatter).
  • WILDs don't just show up. You have to convert golden symbols into WILDs.

Jili Bonus Hunter Slot Machine Game Rules

  • Starting from the left, you have to get consecutive symbols from left to right to score a prize.
  • Total Winning = Odds x Bets /20
  • There are a total of 1024 bingos.
  • This only pays the highest amount of each line.
  • When a game cannot be determined due to any errors, that game doesn't count!

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