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Downline Referral Commission

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Downline Referral Commission

How to Make Money Downline Referral Commission

​​Target:HaloWin All Members.

​​Event Time:Staring Now.

Event Details:Best Referral Programs to Make Money.

Active members : Deposit at least ₱200

Is it hard to earn bonus online? No, Halo Win Casino offers a downline referral commission program that allows you to easily earn 40% commission. It's not too late, so bring your friends and family to Halo Win Casino!

How to make money Downline Referral Commission 40%

How to make money Downline Referral Commission 40%

How to make money Downline Referral Commission 40%

How to make money Commission Table

Active Member(s) Your Friend Friend of Your Friend Friend of Your Friend's Friend
1 30% 3% 0.3%
10 35% 3.5% 0.35%
50 40% 4% 0.4%
  1. We will settle the shuffling and dividends every week according to the effective betting amount and profit of your offline members for the week.
  2. The deta reset eveyweek.
  3. In order to celebrate for our grand opening (Starting from 2022/08/07~), commission calculation during the opening period will exclude Service Charges, but will include Welcome bonus fees. The corresponding fees include various bonus claim by members, withdrawal, and deposit related fees or charges.
  4. There is no risk, you only need to develop customer sources. If your friends around you like gambling games and have a certain number of customers and good interpersonal relationships, you can join our code washing agent immediately.You can generate corresponding code rebates and high profits by betting your members.
  5. A steady stream of income.Towards financial freedom.

Make Money Referral Rules & Regulation

  1. This promotion is only available for the same member, the same computer, the same address and IP address.
  2. Halowin has the right to review its status and cancel the commission for illegal betting behaviors of individuals or groups on Halowin, threats and abuse of Halowin offers.
  3. HaloWin reserves the right to amend, cancel and reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretions.
  4. HaloWin reserves the right to withhold all winnings and winnings if fraudulent activity is suspected.

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