Is Alcohol Allowed At the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar


The fact that an Islamic nation such as Qatar reflects in the country's legislation and traditions. As a visitor to the country, you are expected to show the utmost respect for the local traditions, laws, and faiths at all times. Additionally, you should be conscious of your activities to ensure that they do not offend locals of Qatar alcohol policy while you are there. There is also a possibility of facing severe fines if you are found guilty of anything that may not be against the Qatar alcohol law in your own country but in Qatar.

Is Alcohol Allowed At the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

Qatar Alcohol Law

It is good to know that consuming alcohol in Qatar violates the law or is visibly intoxicating in public places. In general, alcoholic beverages can only be purchased at licensed hotel restaurants and bars. Travelers currently residing in Qatar are eligible for a license that will allow them to purchase alcoholic beverages. Don’t bring alcoholic beverages with you anywhere you go (except to take them on the day of collection from the warehouse to your home). The minimum age to purchase alcohol in Qatar is 21, and customers must present an authentic picture identification card before entering any place that sells alcoholic beverages.

Fans of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar tournament are strongly discouraged from attempting to bring their alcoholic beverages into the country to consume them while they are there. The tournament, which runs from November 20th to December 18th, is the first of its 22 editions in the Middle East and the final to feature 32 different countries.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Can fans drink in Qatar

Alcohol 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

To elaborate, alcoholic beverages are not outright banned in Qatar; yet, there is zero tolerance for drinking in public, and it is criminal to be visibly intoxicated in public.

Adults over 21 can purchase alcoholic beverages at the hotels' licensed restaurants and bars selling alcohol. There is also a single off-license overseen by the state, but any traveling fan should be informed that to purchase alcohol from it, they will need a permit beforehand.

During the World Cup, the rules are expected to be somewhat modified because the organizers are working on a deal to make it easier to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Can you drink in Qatar FIFA

Although Qatar may have softened its stance on alcohol consumption, the country has not changed its position on using illegal narcotics and there are no exceptions for visitors from other countries. Fans risk the death penalty if caught attempting to bring cocaine into the nation illegally.

Those fans who try to sneak cocaine into Qatar for the World Cup run the risk of being apprehended and sentenced to prison, but they also face the very real possibility of being put to death as a result of their actions.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Where can Fans buy Alcohol in Qatar during the World Cup

Alcohol 2022 FIFA Qatar

Since 2.5 million tickets have already been sold, many spectators will be expected to go to Qatar to watch the sport. However, the World Cup will also have the most stringent laws over the use of alcohol at any event to date, with fines and possible jail time being conceivable for anyone who violates the rules. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, spectators can purchase alcoholic beverages at the event's major Fan Fest and in hotels and restaurants that have been granted alcohol licenses. At the Fan Fest in Doha's Al Bidda Park, however, attendees will not be able to purchase alcoholic beverages until the local hour of 18:30. The fan zone in the nation's capital will have space for forty thousand fans, and those who have purchased match tickets will have access to several refreshment options within the stadium's perimeter. However, you won't be able to purchase these items inside the stadiums; you'll only be allowed to do so before the game starts and after the final whistle blows.

During the World Cup, Qatar's government will only permit the sale of non-alcoholic beverages inside the stadiums' bowls. However, this does signify an easing of the rules for the country, which anticipates approximately 1.2 million tourists for the duration of the tournament being held this year.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: How much will alcohol cost

Alcohol FIFA Qatar

Because sin taxes are levied on Qatar alcohol beverages, the cost of a pint of beer in Doha, where the group stage matches will be played, is approximately $15.

However, the organizers are also working on reducing the cost of alcoholic beverages and making them more accessible to spectators throughout the competition.

''Alcohol is not a part of our culture." According to Nasser al-Khater

According to Nasser al-Khater, the chief executive officer of the 2022 World Cup, who stated in 2019,

"Alcohol is not a part of our culture." "On the other hand, hospitality is.''- Nasser al-Khater

''Qatar alcohol is not as easily accessible here as in other parts of the world, however, for the World Cup, we want to make sure that it is available for fans who want a drink. As a result, we are attempting to find designated locations for fans to have alcohol, in addition to traditional places such as hotels and other similar establishments.''

"We recognize there is an issue with the price, and we are looking into it. We are looking at finding ways to reduce the price of alcohol."

With that out of the way, supporters should put their worries to rest because hospitality is one of the things that Qatar values the most.

Qatar Alcohol Price

EsballPH HaloWin Bet arranged the prices of some known drinks in Qatar below:

  • Heineken 330ml (Case with 24 bottles): 65 USD
  • Amstel Light (Case with 24 bottles): 65 USD
  • Whisky Chivas 12 Years (1-liter bottle): 113 USD
  • Aperol (700ml bottle): 44 USD
  • Gin Bombay Sapphire (1-liter bottle): 62 USD
  • Vodka Skyy (1-liter bottle): 44 USD

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Conclusion

Even though the government of Qatar and FIFA have taken measures to meet your requirements, EsballPH HaloWin Bet strongly recommended that you do not squander the opportunity offered to you for alcohol in Qatar. Have fun at the games, and be sure to cheer for your team in a manner that complies with all applicable regulations.

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