Calvin Abueva Salary - One of the Highest Paid PBA Player


Calvin Abueva is among the top-rated basketball players who have showcased his ultimate skill set and methods in the PBA. Calvin is currently playing for Magnolia Hotshots since 2021 and has been a key member of the squad. Despite his controversies and off-court practices, he is still among the highest-paid basketball players in the Philippines Basketball Association.

This blog will discuss Calvin Abueva salary, his contract details over the years in the PBA, career stats and performances in the PBA, and recent controversies he has been a part of as per the PBA news 2024.

Calvin Abueva Salary - One of the Highest Paid PBA Player

Calvin Abueva Salary (PHP 43 Million)

Calvin Abueva is a small forward for the Magnolia Hotshots in the PBA. He's tough and plays hard on offense and defense. He was chosen as the second overall pick by the Alaska Aces in the 2012 PBA Draft.

"The Beast" Abueva makes about $760,000 or a whopping P43 million every year according to PBA news 2024. Fans love him for his amazing dunks and intense passion. His strong defense and knack for getting into opponents' heads make him super important to the Magnolia Hotshots.

Quick Biography of Calvin Abueva
Full Name Calvin Abueva
Nickname "The Beast"
Date of Birth February 4, 1988
Place of Birth Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Position Small Forward / Power Forward
College San Sebastian College - Recoletos
PBA Draft 2012, 2nd overall pick by Alaska Aces
Professional Debut 2012
Current Team Magnolia Hotshots (as of 2024)
Jersey Number 8
Major Achievements
  • PBA Rookie of the Year (2013)
  • PBA Champion (2013, 2016, 2021)
  • PBA All-Star (multiple times)

Abueva Contracts Details in the PBA

Calvin Abueva, known as "The Beast," has had a notable career in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), playing for several teams and earning various contracts over the years.

Started PBA career with Alaska Aces

Abueva started his PBA career with the Alaska Aces in 2012. His rookie contract was modest, typical for new players, but he quickly proved his worth, helping the Aces win the 2013 Commissioner's Cup. By the end of his tenure with Alaska in 2018, Abueva had become one of the team's standout players. Calvin Abueva salary was likely around PHP 2 million per year during his peak with the Aces.

Abueva stint with Phoenix for PHP 5.6 Million

In 2018, Abueva was traded to the Phoenix Fuel Masters. His contract with Phoenix was a significant step up, reflecting his star status in the league. He reportedly signed a two-year deal worth approximately PHP 5.6 million annually. This period included a major setback when he was suspended for 16 months due to various infractions.

Calvin joined Magnolia in a Dramatic Trade

After his suspension was lifted in 2020, Abueva joined the Magnolia Hotshots. In December 2023, despite dealing with a calf injury, he secured a three-year contract extension with Magnolia where Calvin Abueva Salary was around PHP 7.5 million per year. This contract shows his value as a veteran player, even as he dealt with off-court issues and injuries.

Throughout his career, Abueva's earnings have given a clear stance about his performance and the impact he brings to his teams. Starting with lower rookie earnings, his contracts have grown gradually, and become one of the highest-paid players in the PBA. His ability to bag high-value contracts despite controversies and injuries highlights his significant role and reputation in Philippine basketball.

Calvin Abueva Salary - One of the Highest Paid PBA Player

Career Statistics of Calvin Abueva in the PBA

Here are the full forms of a few Legends used in the below tables discussing the career statistics of Calvin Abueva in the Philippines Basketball Association competitions.

  • GP Games played
  • MPG Minutes per game
  • FT% Free-throw percentage
  • RPG Rebounds per game
  • SPG Steals per game
  • FG% Field-goal percentage
  • 3P% 3-point field-goal percentage
  • BPG Blocks per game
  • APG Assists per game
  • PPG Points per game

Abueva's season-by-season Averages in the PBA

2012–13 Alaska 51 0.26 26.4 0.9 0.38 1.8 9.5 12.3 0.63 0.8
2013–14 Alaska 42 0.14 20.8 0.9 0.33 1.8 7.2 9.2 0.64 0.4
2014–15 Alaska 57 0.13 22.9 0.9 0.44 2.3 8.9 12.9 0.64 0.5
2015–16 Alaska 58 0.33 25.6 1.1 0.43 2.5 8.5 15.4 0.64 0.5
2016–17 Alaska 28 0.25 26.4 1.3 0.45 2.3 8.7 15.8 0.59 1.1
2017–18 Alaska 29 0.28 24.4 1.2 0.40 2.9 10.0 14.1 0.52 1.4
2019 Phoenix Pulse 19 0.26 27.9 1.3 0.33 3.3 11.7 14.8 0.62 0.8
2020 Phoenix Super LPG 12 0.29 35.0 1.7 0.45 5.2 11.3 15.4 0.71 0.7
2021 Magnolia 34 0.30 30.0 1.0 0.43 2.3 8.8 14.5 0.73 0.9
2022–23 Magnolia 47 0.23 27.0 1.1 0.43 2.8 7.6 12.5 0.71 0.8
2023–24 Magnolia 22 0.14 19.8 1.0 0.34 2.0 6.8 7.0 0.75 0.6
Career - 399 0.26 25.4 1.1 0.41 2.4 8.7 13.0 0.64 0.7

Calvin Abueva fined for inappropriate gestures toward fans

The PBA has taken action against Magnolia forward Abueva following his inappropriate behavior during their game against Barangay Ginebra. Abueva was caught on camera making an offensive gesture towards a fan during their Philippine Cup match on March 31.

As a consequence, PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial announced that Abueva would serve a one-game suspension and be fined P20,000 for his misconduct as per the PBA news 2024.

Just two months before this incident, the PBA imposed a significant fine of P100,000 on Abueva for mocking the visual impairment of San Miguel head coach Jorge Gallent during the Commissioner’s Cup finals in February.

Following this incident, Commissioner Marcial issued a warning to Abueva and told him about the consequences of his actions. Abueva has a history of on-court issues, which previously led to a 16-month suspension.

“I told him the next time it happens again, he should tell the referees, the technical committee, or me so we can talk to the fan. We can eject them,” said Marcial.