June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024, Investments & Stats in the PBA


June Mar Fajardo is currently the highest earner in the PBA competitions and that's totally worth it. There is no shadow of doubt in the fact that Fajardo has been the most significant and consistently performing player in the San Miguel Beermen franchise.

This blog will discuss June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024, his stats in various conferences last season, different income streams, and his contributions to the success of his team in the PBA.

June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024, Investments & Stats in the PBA

June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024 & Achievements

June Fajardo is currently the top-rated basketball player who plays for San Miguel Beermen in the PBA conferences. He has been instrumental in the San Miguel Beermen's success over recent seasons, guiding the team to multiple championships. Due to his outstanding performance, Fajardo is the highest-paid player in the PBA, who is earning ₱75 million in a year as per the PBA News 2024.

This makes him the top-earning player in the PBA and one of the wealthiest players in the Philippines. Fajardo's achievements on the court have solidified his status as a key figure in Philippine basketball and a top talent in the league.

He has led his team to various championships like the Governor Cup (2015), Philippine Cup (from 2014-15 to 2019 and in 2022), and Commissioner Cup (2017-18, 2019, 2023-24). Besides these championships, he has also won PBA All-Star competitions 9 times (2013–2019, 2023, 2024).

Fajardo's individual accolades are equally impressive. He has been named the PBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) six times (2014-2019), a record in the league's history, showcasing his consistent dominance and impact on the game. His presence in the paint, combined with his scoring and rebounding abilities, has made him a formidable opponent and a cornerstone of his team's strategy.

Beyond the court, Fajardo's influence extends into various endorsements and sponsorship deals, reflecting his status as a sports icon in the Philippines. Brands ranging from sports apparel to consumer goods have sought his endorsement, further boosting his income and solidifying his brand.

His journey to becoming a top player started early, with a notable college basketball career at the University of Cebu. His impressive performances there led to his selection as the first overall pick in the 2012 PBA Draft by the Petron Blaze Boosters (now San Miguel Beermen). Since then, he has grown from a promising young talent into a seasoned veteran and a leader both on and off the court.

In addition to his athletic prowess, Fajardo is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in various community outreach programs, using his platform to give back to the community and inspire young athletes to pursue their dreams. His dedication to the sport and his community has earned him admiration and respect from fans and peers alike.

As Fajardo continues his career, his legacy in Philippine basketball is already well-established. His contributions to the game, both in terms of performance and mentorship, ensure that he will be remembered as one of the greatest players in PBA history. With several more years potentially ahead in his career, fans eagerly anticipate more milestones and achievements from this basketball superstar.

Fajardo's Salary Growth over the Years in the PBA

June Mar Fajardo has seen significant growth in his salary from 2012 to 2024 from which you can take note of how he has dominated the league and his value to his team, the San Miguel Beermen.

Fajardo kickstarted his journey in the PBA in 2012 when he signed for the Petron team as a rookie. He was the first overall pick in the draft, and his starting salary was in line with the PBA's standard rookie contracts at the time. While specific figures from his initial contract were not publicly disclosed due to the PBA's privacy policies on salary details. However, in 2012, the rookie contracts typically ranged around a few hundred thousand pesos per month and this also depended subject to the league's salary cap and individual negotiations.

In 2015, he signed a deal with San Miguel Beermen. The team offered him the highest salary that a team can give a player which was P420,000 per month. So, that deal earned Fajardo P15 Million a year and from that day, Fajardo never looked back.

"Actually, the management of San Miguel and June Mar have already agreed in principle about the renewal of his contract for three years a few days ago, but we have to clear things up first with his parents [if they are okay with the deal]. Now that his parents have already given their blessings, June Mar is set to sign the contract anytime soon," said Estenzo, who helps chart the career of Fajardo even during his struggling days as a varsity of the University of Cebu Webmasters in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI).

Later on, San Miguel Beermen extended his contract and offered him another exciting contract. As per the latest PBA News 2024 and contract details, June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024 is around P75 Million a year. The graph of his income saw rapid growth over the years and Fajardo is truly worth each penny he is getting through his contract.

June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024, Investments & Stats in the PBA

Endorsements & Investments by June Fajardo

Alongside this P75 Million June Mar Fajardo Salary 2024, he also earns from various sponsorship deals, endorsements, and commercials. Summing up the collection, he is undoubtedly the highest-earning player in the Philippines Basketball Association.

As Fajardo has piled up great success in the PBA, he has built a great charisma and personality. Therefore, he is a household name and various brands and services approach him to promote them.

June Mar Fajardo is a brand ambassador for many companies in the Sportswear and consumer goods landscape. Fajardo has invested in various fields of life that include businesses like Real Estate, Food chains, and technology ventures.

However, in the latest PBA News 2024, the exact information regarding his investments in various businesses is still unknown. Such side ventures and business have further contributed to his net worth and income streams.

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Career Statistics of June Mar Fajardo in the PBA

Here are the full forms of a few Legends used in the below tables discussing the career statistics of Fajardo in the Phillippines Basketball Association competitions.

  • GP  Games played
  • MPG  Minutes per game
  • FT% Free-throw percentage
  • RPG  Rebounds per game
  • SPG  Steals per game
  • FG% Field-goal percentage
  • 3P%  3-point field-goal percentage
  • BPG Blocks per game
  • APG  Assists per game
  • PPG Points per game

Fajardo's season-by-season Averages in the  PBA

2012–13 Petron 45 26.9 0.5 0.564 0.6 9.3 12.1 0.586 1.3
2013–14 Petron / San Miguel 37 0.000 35.5 0.5 0.549 1.4 14.2 16.8 0.628 2.1
2014–15 San Miguel 54 0.167 35.0 0.4 0.589 1.3 12.9 17.4 0.703 1.7
2015–16 San Miguel 52 0.000 33.8 0.5 0.573 1.3 12.2 19.7 0.658 1.4
2016–17 San Miguel 56 0.250 32.6 0.4 0.612 1.6 11.3 17.2 0.695 2.0
2017–18 San Miguel 47 0.000 35.2 0.6 0.601 1.6 12.4 20.6 0.668 1.3
2019 San Miguel 61 0.250 33.3 0.6 0.572 1.9 13.0 18.9 0.706 1.5
2021 San Miguel 32 0.000 31.6 0.4 0.571 1.8 11.0 13.8 0.627 1.1
2022–23 San Miguel 46 0.500 35.4 0.7 0.595 2.9 13.5 17.7 0.678 1.3
Career 430 0.211 33.3 0.5 0.583 1.6 12.2 17.4 0.667 1.5