PBA Player Salary Cap System, Highest Earners & Current Comparison


PBA is among the most popular basketball leagues in Asia and the world. Players in this league get a handsome amount of salary for their participation and playing for various franchises.

This blog will discuss the PBA player salary system, salaries in different categories, PBA salary comparison with other Asian leagues, and top domestic and import earners in the PBA.

PBA Player Salary Cap System, Highest Earners & Current Comparison

How PBA Player Salary System Operates?

In the PBA, the salary system of the players works on certain principles and there are various conditions and circumstances that can impact the salary of the players in the competition. The basketball players in the PBA get paid based on their experience, skills, and how well they play.

Besides this, this competition follows a salary cap, which means teams can only spend a certain amount on player salaries. This particular limit of the PBA player salary cap is decided by the PBA management committee and each team is allowed to spend a certain limit of money on their players as the salary and this makes sure each team has a fair share of talent and players to make the competition more effective. This salary cap also depends on how much money the league makes overall.

Players in the PBA are divided into three groups: A, B, and C. Category A players are the big stars, super experienced, and really good at the game. They get paid the most. Category B players are also good but not quite at the superstar level, so they get paid a bit less. Category C players are newer to the game and the league, so they get the smallest salaries.

PBA Player Salary Cap and Ranges

According to the PBA news 2024 , each team has a salary cap of P50 million per season. This means they can't spend more than that on player salaries throughout the year. While there's a salary cap, individual player salaries are also capped at P420,000 a month. However, what a player actually earns depends on factors like their experience, skills, and how popular they are.

For rookies, who are new to the league, they can only earn up to P200,000 a month in their first year. After that, their earnings can increase based on their performance and standing in the league.

As we already discussed, in the PBA, how much players earn depends on their category and experience.

  • Category A players, who are the most skilled and experienced, can make up to PHP 420,000 ($8,500) each month or PHP 5,040,000 ($102,000) per year.
  • Category B players, who are also good but not at the top level, can earn up to PHP 255,000 ($5,200) monthly or PHP 3,060,000 ($62,000) annually.
  • Category C players, who are newer and less experienced, can make up to PHP 150,000 ($3,000) monthly or PHP 1,800,000 ($36,000) annually.

It's important to know that these salary ranges can change. Each year the categories of the players are changed depending on their performances in the previous season. Therefore, a player might earn more or less in the next year's competition as per his performance. Players who play really well might negotiate for higher pay, while those who don't perform as well could earn less.

PBA Player Salary of Highest Earners:

This list discusses the domestic players who are the highest earners of the PBA as per the recentPBA news 2024  along with their achievement in the competition over the years.

Player Name Team Salary Awards
June Mar Fajardo San Miguel Beermen P60 million 6 MVP awards, 4 Best Player of the Conference awards, 4 championships
Greg Slaughter NorthPort Batang Pier P45 million 1 MVP award, 1 championship
Calvin Abueva Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters P35 million 2 Best Player of the Conference awards, 1 championship
Asi Taulava Meralco Bolts P30 million 3 MVP awards, 4 championships
Arwind Santos San Miguel Beermen P25 million 1 MVP award, 3 championships
Stanley Pringle TNT Tropang Giga P20 million 2 Best Player of the Conference awards, 2 championships
Terrence Romeo TNT Tropang Giga P18 million 2 Best Player of the Conference awards, 1 championship
Jayson Castro TNT Tropang Giga P16 million 2 MVP awards, 4 Best Player of the Conference awards, 6 championships
Marcio Lassiter San Miguel Beermen P15 million 1 Best Player of the Conference award, 2 championships
Christian Standhardinger NorthPort Batang Pier P12 million x


PBA Player Salary Cap System, Highest Earners & Current Comparison

PBA Imports Salary

Here is the list of the import players who make the most money in the PBA through their official salaries.

Player Name Team Age Salary Stats (Pts/Reb/Ast/Stl/Blk per game)
Terrence Jones TNT Tropang Giga 31 $70,000/month 38.2/16.1/5.4/3.0/3.3
KJ McDaniels TNT Tropang Giga 30 $70,000/month 29.9/11.5/3.8/2.3/2.0
Justin Brownlee Barangay Ginebra San Miguel 35 Not provided 27.1/10.2/5.1/1.7
Allen Durham Meralco Bolts 35 Not provided 25.5/10.3/5.3
Michael Craig Not provided 32 Not provided 26.8/11.3/

PBA Salary vs. Other Basketball Leagues

In comparison to other basketball leagues in Asia, the salaries in the PBA are quite competitive. When we compare the PBA with the Chinese League, in China's top league, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), the elite club players can make as much as $3 million a year which is significantly higher than the PBA Salaries.

In Japan's B.League, top players can earn up to $1.5 million annually. This salary package is quite comparable with the PBA but one thing that you must take note of is that the PBA player salary system is structured and fair. It is clear from the PBA news 2024 that the salaries in the PBA are not as high as in other leagues, PBA players are still among the highest-paid athletes in the Philippines.

Apart from the PBA player salary, PBA players also get bonuses for achievements like winning games, qualifying for the playoffs, or winning the League and other competitions. Besides this, players also receive extra benefits like housing allowances, medical insurance, and retirement plans.