Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup


PBA Commissioner's Cup is a league imported in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) seasons. Nevertheless, Season 47 of the PBA Commissioner's Cup begins on October 2nd and ends with the February 2023 Governor's Cup.

Note! The 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup is out of the way. Check out the PBA News! The headlines are all over the space. This season would be the tournament's return after a two-year absence due to a pandemic. Of course, we know you can't wait to have your favorite team play in the league.

Above board, this is also a great chance for all major PBA teams to take charge, especially for the first time in two years. Meanwhile, we've kept our fingers crossed to see the best team win the league. Let us introduce you to our favorite 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams.

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup

2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams #1: San Miguel Beermen

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup-San Miguel Beermen

San Miguel Beermen is second to none when it comes to the PBA Commissioner's Cup. Compared to other PBA teams, this franchise has won four Commissioner's Cup championships since its inception. Also, no other PBA team can contend with its position as the first runner in the entire league. In addition, the team is the champion of the previous PBA Commissioner's Cup.

Does it occur to you that Beermen always has new strategies every season? If not, why is it the winning team most seasons? Of course, you will agree that the team is full of impressive basketball players with exciting skills that help it maintain its position. One of the players is Fajardo Mar June, who has secured the PBA Most Valuable Player Award for six consecutive seasons.

Yet! San Miguel Beermen has not browed off since the beginning of the 47th season. Besides, it has lost only one out of the first nine-match played in the season. Moreover, since they had the 46th season of the Commissioners Cup championship, they won't want the 2022-23 championship to slip off their hands. Watch out!

2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams #2: Barangay Ginebra San Miguel

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup-Barangay Ginebra San Miguel

In all fairness, we know you want to know why Barangay Ginebra San Miguel takes the second spot. In our opinion, the answer is simple: Ginebra is worth it! Moreover, the franchise is not been outs of the sort since the start of the season. Come to think of it! The team has won the previous PBA Governor's Cup, has started well this season, and is steadily working towards winning the forthcoming 2022-23 Commissioners Cup.

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel was lucky to win their first PBA Commissioner's Cup in 2018 since 1997, with their player Scottie Thomson as the Finals MVP. Although that's the only Commissioner Cup the team won, the team has repeatedly won 4 PBA Governors Cup. As a result, the team has recorded a high success rate in PBA.

Whether or not the team had an encouraging Commissioner's Cup campaign last year, this season's performance will outshine other PBA teams. Also, their professional basketball player's motive is to win all the cups of the Filipino Conference. So stay tuned and look forward to the league.

2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams #3: TNT KaTropa

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup-TNT KaTropa

TNT KaTropa is also a great team among all PBA teams. But, since the team is packed with impressive basketball players, what do you expect? Check Commissioner's Cup PBA Trending; you'll always find TNT KaTropa on the top spots. Besides, the team was the first runner-up for the 2019 PBA Commissioner's Cup. But, wait! Do you think the position was a mistake? Think again!

The team has worked hard since the launch of the Commissioner's Cup in 2019. In addition, TNT KaTropa was also the first runner in the 2016-17 PBA Commissioner's Cup. Meanwhile, the franchise loses to San Miguel Beermen for two seasons. So, as you can imagine, this season's Commissioner Cup game will be tough.

Don't forget that TNT Tropang Giga has already played 11 games this season. Fortunately, they won 8 and lost three, which is still whipped up. With the support of Jayson Castro, Jeth Troy Rosario, and others, the team is coming strong in the Commissioner's Cup.

2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams #4: Blackwater Bossing

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup-Blackwater Bossing

It shouldn't be surprising that Blackwater made it to this list of our favorite teams. This team is arguably one of the greatest PBA teams ever. Owned by Ever Bilena Inc, Blackwater has been playing for the entire Philippine basketball team since 2015. As far as we know, the team is always preparing for all-season tournaments, and this year's league is not excluded.

Looking at the Governor's Cup last season's PBA highlights, you can see that black water is trending with just one Magnolia Hotshots win. Their excellent performance in the match is worthy of debate. Speaking of this season, the team has been consistently impressive.

Thanks to its squad, the team won 5 out of 7 games in the PBA Philippine Cup. Blackwater has had a great season so far. In the meantime, the Commissioner Cup is also a success with players like Mike Ayonayon, JVee Casio, Richard Escoto, James Sena, Paul Desiderio, and more.

2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup teams #5: Magnolia Hotspots

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner’s Cup-Magnolia Hotspots

You got it all wrong if you think we will end this list without discussing Magnolia Hotspots. Also, the choice of a team player is enough to convince you to love the team. With Jackson Corpuz, Russell Escoto, Calvin Abueva, Mike Harris, and Jerrick Ahanmisi as players Magnolia Hotspot will have an exciting time at the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup.

In the PBA team rankings, Magnolia Hotshots is ranked 5th on the list. In addition, the team has already played eight PBA games. Fortunately and unfortunately, they won 5 and lost three but are still fair enough. Note! The upcoming PBA Commissioner's Cup might end in their favor.

Our Favorite 5 Teams For the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup Conclusion

With this post, your search for the best team for the 2022-23 PBA Commissioner's Cup ends here. Note! The PBA teams included in this article are all big tickets. Besides, we still expect them to perform more this season. So, keep a tab on your favorite team to win the league as the Commissioner's Cup begins.

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