Where are the PBA Alaska Aces


Above board, PBA Alaska Ace is one of the favorite and second most successful teams of the PBA. Ace is owned by Alaska Milk Corporation and has been playing in the Philippine Cup since 1986. The team has won 14 prestigious PBA Cups, with the 2013 PBA Commissioner's Cup. Also, if you are familiar with the PBA team, you will agree that Alaska Ace is not fit to hold a candle.

However, if you notice from the beginning of the PBA season 47, you'll see that Alaska Ace isn't participating. As you can imagine, there is a lot of controversy among thousands of Alaska Ace fans worldwide. There's also no doubt that you're also here to find out what happened to Alaska Ace and why they didn't make it to the 2022 Philippine Cup. So, keep reading! This post answers your questions!

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Alaska Aces have been sold! If you often keep up with PBA news and PBA trending updates before the 2022 Philippine Cup began, there was news on the internet that the team wouldn't play in the 47th season. So basically, on Wednesday, February 16, Alaska Ace announced it would pull out from the PBA after 35 seasons.

The team left PBA on March 20, 2022, after losing to the NLEX Road Warriors in the quarterfinals. A brief farewell ceremony was held on a Thursday night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City in respect of the team.

However, it's essential to know that former ace coach Tim Coner had already switched to Magnolia when the team defeated Barangay Ginebra in the Top 5 Grand Finals to win the 2013 PBA Commissioner's Cup. It was the first Alaska Championship in history without their impressive trainer. But, they later had a new head Coach, Jeffrey Cariaso.

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

At this point, you probably want to know why Alaska Ace wants to let go of their franchise. In our opinion, the answer we think is simple. The decision was made under the policies of a company controlled by the Royal State of Fries land Campina. So far, the team's last league was the 2021 PBA Governors' Cup.

Let's think this way! Alaska Aces have left an incredible legacy to PBA since its inception over the last three decades. Therefore, there is no doubt that it will leave a significant gap in the next league of Filipino basketball. That's because this will be the first PBA Philippines League without them.

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Meanwhile, the Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) Chairman, Fred Uytengsu, gave an official statement: "We take great pride in our participation and success all these years and know we won with integrity. I also want to thank the PBA for our many years of partnership and wish the league continued success in the years to come". So there is no doubt that Ace has announced its departure with a heavy heart.

Needless to say, Aces Alaska was to be sold to a new group. But Aces hope that the new team probably understands and sees the basketball team differently. According to Cariaso, "I hope they see the team that we're starting to build...I hope they see that this team (Alaska Aces) is competitive".

Who bought Alaska Aces

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Several companies showed interest in purchasing their License immediately after the owner made the PBA auction public. It was as if they were waiting for the team to leave PBA. But since Alaska Ace is part of the PBA Super Team, a more modest company like ConvergeICT and Universal Canning, Inc must step in.

However, the promising companies are to retain all Alaska professional players only if they purchase a permit before the end of the season. However, if the deadline is not met, the PBA has no choice but to place players on the dispersal draft.

Fortunately for Ace coaches and players, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. acquired the team and was announced immediately by the PBA on March 23, 2022. But, we need to point out that the declaration was made without the unified approval by the PBA conference Board of Directors. Instead, Alaska Aces were sold on the approval of its co-founder and CEO, Dennis Anthony H., and Aces owner Fred Uytengsu.

Will Converge ICT retain Alaska Aces Legacy

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Since Converge ICT purchased Alaska Aces, thousands of questions have come in from Aces fans. However, the company's management has vowed to create a profitable and competitive roster for the PBA. Also, the line-up will be challenging for other PBA teams to compete with.

Converge Governor Chito Salud stated in response to fan requests at a press conference with Alaska Governor Dicky Buckman. He said, "Converge will be a strong and active member of the PBA. With full management support and continuous recalibration, we'll be competing at a high level, and we'll be bringing top-notch basketball to Filipino fans...Our brand of basketball will be reflective of the core values of hard work, discipline, creativity, grit, and excellence,"

Where are the PBA Alaska Aces

Nevertheless, since the Converge ICT Solution ICTA bought the Aces Franchise during the ongoing season, the company was given a chance to retain the previous players and their coach as promised. Besides, this is of great advantage to the new owners. However, the amount the firm bought Alaska Aces was never disclosed but was estimated to be an average of P100 million. That's incredible. So, take note! Converge ICT is no joke.

Speaking of the PBA Philippine Cup 2022, the Converge ICT, founded in 2022 and named Converge Fiberxers, has only three months to prepare for the game. But unfortunately, so far, they have won two out of four games under the supervision of head coach Jeffrey Cariaso. They beat Magnolia on PBA scores of 89-82 and Colombian Diyp 97-82.

Nevertheless, Converge Fiberxer's performance in this season's PBA game cannot be judged based on the first PBA matches. All you have to do is keep an eye on the PBA Season 47 League and see how the newly formed team pays the fare.

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