FIBA Asia Cup 2022: Gilas Pilipinas Scores 5 Game Coming Hot Winning


Throughout the coverage of the FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Qualifiers, EsballPH HaloWin Bet has covered Gilas Pilipinas on their way to an undefeated record throughout window five. In group E, Gilas Pilipinas has proved that they are a team that should not be taken lightly. They are now advancing to the second part of round two in the qualifiers for the World Cup undefeated that is upcoming in August of 2023. The next games in round two will not take place until February of 2023 where 12 teams will advance out of this first round of 16 teams.

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Gilas Pilipinas score 5 winning games proving that they will be a force in the next games of the second round coming up with Bobby Ray Parks playing this well. It wrapped up an undefeated first five games of round two for the team. They beat the Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team for the second time. This time they won by 38 points in August.

In this game, Gilas Pilipinas won by 13, 76-63. Most of their games were not that close either. There were a ton of players that showed that they can be real contributors to a solid World Cup team. Not many were counting on Gilas Pilipinas to be one of the favorites when that time comes, but after this performance, it could change some people's minds pretty quickly.

FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Gilas Pilipinas Score 5 Game Coming Hot

This Game was Tied After the First Quarter

In the first quarter, this game was extremely close. It looked like a different Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team than the team that lost to Gilas Pilipinas by 38 in their last matchup. They came out strong and held Gilas Pilipinas to 16 points as they scored 16 themselves in the first quarter led by Mathna Almarwani.

Gilas Pilipinas started the game out with a slight lead that was built by their star players Scottie Thompson and Bobby Ray Parks. EsballPH HaloWin Bet was impressed with how Thompson played a distributor role in these qualifying games while Parks was a solid scorer and veteran for the team.

As they helped the team get off to a solid start, the Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team was able to take the lead in this first period. They led over Gilas Pilipinas in the first quarter 16-12 after Gilas Pilipinas took a quick 9-4 lead in the game behind Bobby Ray Parks.

FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Gilas Pilipinas Score 5 Game Coming Hot

The Second Half Proved to be the Big Difference for Gilas Pilipinas

After being tied following the first quarter, Gilas Pilipinas started their run towards the end of the second quarter. By halftime, they were up by six points. They were hot and the Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team was happy to see the halftime buzzer go off so they could collect themselves to try to get back on track.

It didn't work out for them though as Gilas Pilipinas came out even stronger in the third quarter to build up a lead that would prove to hold for the rest of the game. Again their star players Scottie Thompson and Bobby Ray Parks helped them build up this big lead.

It was a 12-0 run in the third quarter that sealed the game for Gilas Pilipinas. Scottie Thompson had the second-biggest plus/minus on the team with a plus 18. The player with the highest plus-minus was the youngest player on the team, Kai Zachary Sotto, who had another really impressive outing. This team looks poised to be a favorite in the next round of qualifiers.

FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Gilas Pilipinas Score 5 Game Coming Hot

The Saudi Arabia National Team Advances Behind Mathna Almarwani

It wasn't the best showing for the Saudi Arabia National Team in this round but they were able to be competitive enough to give themselves a chance in the second part of round two which takes place in February of 2023. After losing the first two games of this round they beat India by 31 points before they lost this game to Gilas Pilipinas.

A reason that EsballPH HaloWin Bet believes they were able to stay competitive in this game was that Mathna Almarwani was playing some inspired basketball. He scored 19 points in this game and made five three-pointers.

That was the most of this round for the Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team in a single game. He also is averaging 13 points per game overall. Mathna Almarwani was almost able to pull an upset in this game over Gilas Pilipinas if not for their run in the third quarter.

FIBA Asia Cup 2022 Gilas Pilipinas Score 5 Game Coming Hot

Scottie Thompson was the MVP for Gilas Pilipinas this Round

Gilas Pilipinas doesn't have a true point guard on the team. Point guard is obviously one of the most important positions on the basketball court as they are commonly the team leader, help get the offense flowing, and control the pace of the game. Scottie Thompson took it upon himself as a veteran on this team to fill some of those normal point guard duties for this team.

Against the Saudi Arabia National Basketball Team Thompson was one of the best on the court from both teams. He controlled the pace of the game and scored enough to be effective while setting up his teammates as well. At EsballPH HaloWin Bet, he was deemed the MVP of this game and the entire round so far. It was an inspired performance from him and Gilas Pilipinas.

What is Next for the Philippines National Basketball Team?

Gilas Pilipinas got off to a terrific start in the second round of the FIBA Asia cup 2022. EsballPH HaloWin Bet now has them as one of the favorites to move on to round three after they were able to win all five of their games in the past few months. Scottie Thompson and Bobby Ray Parks are making a nice veteran duo for this team which is working well for them so far.

They will now have to wait until February of 2023 to play in the next game of the second round for FIBA Asia cup 2022. It is a long way away but this team has been so good so far. The next two games of the second round for Gilas Pilipinas will come against Lebanon and then Jordan.

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