Navarrete BoxRec Boxing Records & Career Statistics


Emanuel Navarrete is a professional boxer who hails from Mexico and fights in the Lightweight boxing division. The 29-year-old boxer boasts a professional record of 38 wins out of which 31 are by knockouts. This blog discusses the Navarrete BoxRec boxing record, a short description of the Boxrec platform, the career stats of Emanuel Navarrete, and his world championships.

Navarrete BoxRec Boxing Records & Stats of Professional Career

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Emanuel Navarrete Martinez Boxing Career Stats:

Here is a description of Navarrete’s boxing career stats alongside his personal physical stats.

  • Boxing Record: 38-2-1
  • Total Fights: 41
  • Knockout Victories: 31
  • Weight Divisions: Lightweight
  • Alias: Vaquero
  • Stance: orthodox
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Reach: 72 Inches (182 cm)
  • Championship:
    WBO Junior Featherweight title
    WBO Featherweight title
    WBO Junior Lightweight title

Emanuel Navarrete Boxing World Championships

As per the Navarrete BoxRec records, he has won multiple championships like;

  • WBO World Super Bantamweight
  • WBO World Featherweight Championship
  • WBO World Super Featherweight Title

On December 8, 2018, Navarrete made headlines by winning the WBO World Super Bantamweight title. He achieved this by defeating African boxer Isaac 'Royal Storm' Dogboe by unanimous decision after 12 rounds in New York.

The judges scored the fight in Navarrete's favor with scores of 115-113 and 116-112 (twice), crowning him as the world champion.

On October 9, 2020, Emanuel Navarrete became a double world champion. He won the WBO Featherweight title by defeating the undefeated American boxer Rubén Villa where his Boxing Online Betting odds were clearly in his favor.

In February 2023, Navarrete claimed the WBO World Super Featherweight title by defeating Liam Wilson, who fought for the vacant belt. Navarrete, known as "Vaquero," then successfully defended his title against Oscar Valdez in August 2023. In November 2023, he tied with Robson Conceicao, allowing him to retain his title.

Navarrete BoxRec Boxing Record

Here is the detailed Navarrete BoxRec record in his professional career so far.

No. Opponent Result Round, time Type Location
41 Denys Berinchyk Defeat 12 SD San Diego, California, U.S.
40 Robson Conceicao Draw 12 MD Nevada, U.S.
39 Óscar Valdez Victory 12 UD Arizona, U.S.
38 Liam Wilson Victory 9 (12), 1:57 TKO Arizona, U.S.
37 Eduardo Baez Victory 6 (12), 1:05 KO San Diego, California, U.S.
36 Joet Gonzalez Victory 12 UD San Diego, California, U.S.
35 Christopher Díaz Victory 12 (12), 2:49 TKO Florida, U.S.
34 Ruben Villa Victory 12 UD Nevada, U.S.
33 Uriel López Victory 6 (10), 2:22 TKO Mexico City, Mexico
32 Jeo Santisima Victory 11 (12), 2:20 TKO Paradise, Nevada, U.S.
31 Francisco Horta Victory 4 (12), 2:09 KO Puebla, Mexico
30 Miguel Elorde Victory 4 (12), 0:26 TKO Nevada, U.S.
29 Francisco De Vaca Victory 3 (12), 1:54 KO Los Angeles, California, U.S.
28 Isaac Dogboe Victory 12 (12), 2:02 TKO Arizona, U.S.
27 Isaac Dogboe Victory 12 UD New York, U.S.
26 Jose Sanmartin Victory 12 (12), 0:46 KO Monterrey, Mexico
25 Breilor Teran Victory 4 (10), 2:31 TKO Tlalpan, Mexico
24 Glenn Porras Victory 2 (10), 1:37 TKO Tlalpan, Mexico
23 Danny Flores Victory 2 (10), 2:43 TKO Tlalpan, Mexico
22 Jhon Gemino Victory 5 (10), 2:20 TKO Tlalpan, Mexico
21 Luis Orozco Victory 2 (8), 2:28 TKO Guadalajara, Mexico
20 Salvador Sanchez Victory 1 (10), 2:48 TKO Palenque, Mexico
19 Dennis Contreras Victory 6 (10), 0:50 TKO Mexico City, Mexico
18 Martin Casillas Victory 10 UD Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
17 Eleazar Valenzuela Victory 8 UD Tijuana, Mexico
16 Roberto Pucheta Victory 2 (8), 2:55 TKO Los Reyes La Paz, Mexico
15 Oswaldo Castro Victory 5 (10), 1:55 TKO Mexico City, Mexico
14 Ricardo Roman Victory 3 (10), 2:59 KO Tequisquiapan, Mexico
13 Jonathan Ramos Victory 4 (8), 0:54 TKO Polanco, Mexico
12 Enrique Bernache Victory 6 (8), 1:21 TKO Hermosillo, Mexico
11 Marco Gonzalez Victory 2 (6), 3:00 RTD Zumpango, Mexico
10 Alberto Galicia Victory 8 UD Polanco, Mexico
9 Emmanuel Dominguez Victory 4 (4) TKO Polanco, Mexico
8 Antonio Gutierrez Victory 4 (8), 2:40 TKO Rio Bravo, Mexico
7 Ramon Pena Victory 2 (4), 1:01 TKO San Juan Zitlaltepec, Mexico
6 Daniel Argueta Defeat 4 UD Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico
5 Ismael Garnica Victory 1 (4) TKO Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico
4 Ivan Sanchez Victory 1 (4) TKO Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico
3 Ivan Donovan Victory 1 (4), 1:52 TKO Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico
2 Jonathan Rojas Victory 1 (4) TKO Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico
1 Misael Ramirez Victory 1 (4) TKO Zumpango, Mexico

Emanuel Navarrete's illustrious boxing career, marked by numerous championships and a strong record, is well-documented on the BoxRec platform. This comprehensive resource provides detailed, up-to-date information on boxers worldwide, making it invaluable for fans and bettors alike.

Navarrete has a chance to make history in both Mexican and world boxing. He currently holds three World Boxing Organization titles: Featherweight, Super Featherweight, and Super Bantamweight. If he wins a fourth championship, he will join the ranks of Mexican four-time champions like Canelo Alvarez and others. This would be a significant achievement in his boxing career.