Rolando Navarrete Boxer Philippines Career and Record


Rolando Navarrete is considered a boxing legend who represented his country, the Philippines at the Global Level and won various championships. It is heartening to see how this legendary boxer fell from fame and is nowhere discussed in the Filipino Boxing scene.

This blog will discuss the legacy of Navarrete Boxer Philippines, its impact on today’s boxing online betting, his famous fights, and how this legendary personality became an unknown name over the years.

Rolando Navarrete is a former Filipino boxer who fought in four different weight categories and was WBA Super Featherweight Champion. He was born on February 14, 1957, in General Santos and started playing professional boxing at the very young age of 16 in 1973.

Rolando Navarrete Boxer Philippines Career and Record

Navarrete Boxing Career Stats

Here is a description of Navarrete’s boxing career stats alongside his personal physical stats.

Navarrete Boxing Career Stats
Boxing Record 56-15-3
Total Fights 74
Knockout Wins 33
Weight Divisions
  • Bantamweight
  • Featherweight
  • Super Featherweight
  • Lightweight
Alias Bad Boy from Dadiangas
Stance Southpaw
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Reach 65 ½ Inches (166 cm)
Championship WBC Super Featherweight

Navarrete Boxer Philippines Boxing Record

No. Date Opponent Result Type Round
1 Feb 17, 1973 Eddie Clementos Win UD 4
2 Mar 24, 1973 Quirino Peligro Win UD 6
3 Apr 14, 1973 Cris Espinosa Win DQ 6
4 Jun 23, 1973 Abdul Maratan Win UD 6
5 Oct 13, 1973 Cris Espinosa Win UD 8
6 Nov 10, 1973 Jimmie Verongue Draw PTS 8
7 Nov 24, 1973 Ernie Sun Win TKO 2
8 Dec 22, 1973 Mar Belimac Win TKO 6
9 Jun 12, 1974 Julius Gonzaga Draw PTS 10
10 Jul 20, 1974 Roberto Cinco Loss MD 10
11 Oct 18, 1974 Willie Abenir Win UD 10
12 Nov 29, 1974 Dodo Quilario Win MD 10
13 Jan 24, 1975 Rene Cruz Jr. Win TKO 7
14 Feb 15, 1975 Conrado Vasquez Win UD 12
15 Mar 14, 1975 San Sacristan Win KO 4
16 Jun 14, 1975 Rey Naduma Jr. Win TKO 3
17 Aug 1, 1975 Go Mifune Win TKO 2
18 Aug 31, 1975 Danny Reyes Win TKO 6
19 Oct 1, 1975 Fernando Cabanela Loss UD 12
20 Jan 31, 1976 Bernabe Villacampo Win TKO 2
21 May 15, 1976 Dommy Marolena Win UD 10
22 Jun 26, 1976 Paul Ferreri Loss PTS 10
23 Jul 31, 1976 San Sacristan Win TKO 7
24 Aug 21, 1976 Pol Ladeza Win TKO 1
25 Sep 25, 1976 Renato Paulino Win KO 4
26 Nov 13, 1976 Yung-Shik Kim Win TKO 7
27 Jan 29, 1977 Mario Odias Win UD 10
28 Jun 16, 1977 Yung-Shik Kim Loss SD 12
29 Aug 12, 1977 Ric Quijano Win PTS 10
30 Sep 2, 1977 Thanomchit Sukhothai Loss TKO 9
31 Dec 31, 1977 Johnny Sato Loss TKO 8
32 May 27, 1978 Tony Jumao-As Win TKO 4
33 Jul 15, 1978 Nene Jun Win MD 10
34 Aug 19, 1978 Fernando Cabanela Win UD 12
35 Sep 30, 1978 Nene Jun Win UD 12
36 Jan 7, 1979 Pete Alferez Win TKO 2
37 Feb 16, 1979 Rey Tam Win KO 4
38 Mar 18, 1979 Thanomchit Sukhothai Draw PTS 10
39 Jun 19, 1979 Frankie Duarte Win UD 10
40 Jul 24, 1979 Jose Torres Win UD 10
41 Aug 28, 1979 Miguel Meza Win TKO 7
42 Oct 9, 1979 Blazer Okubo Win TKO 3
43 Dec 18, 1979 Abdul Bey Win TKO 7
44 Jan 18, 1980 Frank Ahumada Win UD 10
45 Apr 1, 1980 Jerome Artis Win TKO 7
46 Apr 27, 1980 Alexis Argüello Loss RTD 4
47 Jan 20, 1981 Rocky Ramon Win TKO 8
48 Mar 10, 1981 Hector Cortez Loss UD 10
49 Apr 7, 1981 Refugio Rojas Win UD 10
50 Apr 18, 1981 Arturo Leon Win UD 10
51 May 19, 1981 Johnny Sato Win UD 12
52 Jul 21, 1981 Blaine Dickson Win UD 10
53 Aug 29, 1981 Cornelius Boza-Edwards Win KO 5
54 Jan 16, 1982 Choi Chung-il Win KO 11
55 May 29, 1982 Rafael Limón Loss KO 12
56 Sep 10, 1982 Young-Se Oh Win TKO 8
57 Jan 28, 1983 Saul Mayren Win TKO 6
58 Jun 28, 1983 Ignacio Jimenez Win TKO 6
59 Aug 12, 1983 Dennis Talbot Win KO 2
60 Jun 23, 1984 Mario Martinez Loss TKO 5
61 May 6, 1988 Elmer Leonardo Win TKO 2
62 Jul 22, 1988 Muhammed Juhari Win UD 10
63 Sep 16, 1988 Bisenti Santoso Win TKO 2
64 Nov 5, 1988 Jin-Shik Choi Win TKO 6
65 Dec 23, 1988 Rafael Limón Win UD 10
66 Feb 18, 1989 Dawthong Chuvatana Win TKO 1
67 Apr 22, 1989 Ken Carter Win TKO 1
68 Jul 11, 1989 Thongberm Lukmatulee Win KO 3
69 Oct 13, 1989 Tae Jin Moon Loss KO 6
70 Feb 17, 1990 Ramon Marchena Jr. Loss TD 5
71 May 18, 1990 Ayuthaya Sithphakamron Win KO 7
72 Jul 20, 1990 Tae Jin Moon Loss TKO 9
73 Jun 8, 1991 Bernabe Aliping Loss UD 10
74 Jul 31, 1991 William Magahin Loss TKO 6 (10)

Famous 4 Fights of Navarrete Boxing Career

Here are the details of the 4 bouts that will describe the legacy of this legendary Filipino boxer.

Fight 1: Navarrete vs. Arguello (April 4, 1980)

In this fight, Rolando Navarrete faced off against the formidable Nicaraguan champion, Alexis Arguello, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Arguello was a force to reckon with as he was skilled with precise and powerful punches. In the 4th round, Arguello gradually broke through Navarrete's defense.

Before the start of the 5th round, Navarrete opted to quit because Argello did not seem to be slowing down as he kept on hitting Navarrete. Rolando lost the fight, but this was a wake-up call for him and later he worked hard and won his first championship.

Fight 2: Navarrete vs. Boza-Edwards (August 29, 1981)

Rolando Navarrete's match against Cornelius Boza-Edwards took place in Italy, where Boza-Edwards was the favored champion. Despite this, Navarrete displayed fearlessness and determination.

As the fight progressed, Navarrete was active enough to tackle Boza-Edwards' advantages in height and reach. Navarrette took benefit of each opportunity he got to hit Boza. In a major upset, Navarrete knocked down Boza-Edwards twice in the 4th round.

This was surely unbelievable for the fans to witness and Navarrete finally secured a knockout victory in the 5th round and won the WBC super-featherweight championship.

Navarrete vs. Boza-Edwards

Fight 3: Navarrete vs. Choi Chung-Il (January 16, 1982)

Navarrete's fight against Choi Chung-Il from South Korea at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in Manila for his first title defense was nothing short of a thriller. Choi dropped Navarrete in the 5th round, and this was a serious concern for Navarrete's supporters.

However, Navarrete Boxer Philippines came back strongly with a devastating body punch in the 11th round to secure a knockout victory. This comeback victory earned great respect and a fan following especially among Filipino fans. This fight also contributed to the reputation of Rolando worldwide and appreciated how he managed to defend his WBC Super Featherweight weight division.

Fight 4: Navarrete vs. Limon (May 29, 1982)

In another highlighted fight of his career, Navarrete faced Rafael Limon in Las Vegas for his second title defense. He was very confident to defend his title but made the mistake of underestimating Limon's skill set and punching power.

At the start, Navarrete was clearly dominating the fight and gave a tough time to Limon with his aggressive boxing skills and power. Limon, on the other hand, was not going to go away easily. In the final moments of the 12th round, Limon landed a decisive counter-attack that dropped the tired Navarrete. Unable to beat the count, Navarrete lost his world championship title. From this loss, his career saw a huge dip and he ultimately faded away from the limelight.

Rolando Navarrete Peronal Life & Challenges

Rolando Navarrete Boxer Philippines, once a celebrated boxing champion, now lives a simple life in General Santos, Philippines. His life has been miserable after his retirement. Navarrete has been in multiple relationships over the years and due to his bad habits, none of his relationships succeeded.

Navarrete is the father of seven children from his different wives. One of his sons, Rolando Jr., also known as Rolando Dy, is a professional mixed martial artist.

In 2008, he was hurt badly but survived after someone attacked him at his boarding house. There were also other incidents when the former boxer got hurt by neighbors and a security guard.

The Current Life of Rolando Navarrete

Rolando Navarrette was once a famous boxer in the Philippines, just like Manny Pacquaio who became famous due to his his strong punches and winning a big title. However, after he retired from the sport, he faced many critical problems in life.

After losing his WBC Superfeather weight championship, his career started to decline and meantime he started making some bad choices, like using drugs and getting into trouble with the law. His better half left her due to his poor financial conditions and he was once convicted of rape charges. This bad boy's image took away all his fame and popularity.

Currently, he lives a quiet life away from the spotlight. Navarrette's livelihood is solely dependent on the financial aid from the government. People remember him for both his success in boxing and the hard times he went through.

Rolando Navarrete & Impact on Filipino Boxing

Nowadays, Navarrete Boxer Philippines isn't a household name like Manny Pacquaio in the country, but before Manny, Navarrete influenced Filipino boxing to a great extent. Rolando's boxing legacy definitely has contributed to modern boxing popularity and boxing online betting in the Philippines.

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